Victoria enjoy Knockout Cup success and county Turnbull Cup victory

Banwell Bowls Club.

Banwell Bowls Club. - Credit: Archant

Victoria bowlers enjoyed victories in the Turnbull Cup and the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup to move into the next round in both competitions.

Victoria enjoyed a double cup success with wins in both the Turnbull Cup and Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup.

Victoria had an emphatic home win against Bridgwater in the fourth round of the Turnbull Cup, winning all four rinks comfortably and the match by 51 shots.

The Saxons were also at home in the quarter-final of the Over-60s Cup against Wedmore and although the rink wins were shared, 20-shot victories on the rinks skipped by Colin Heal and Mike Cooper sealed an excellent win for the Saxons.

The Saxons were in league action against Burnham and lost just their second game of the season, but collected a consolation four points from the rink wins skipped by Mike Cooper and Mike Stocker.

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The Vikings were also defeated in the Over-60s League by just nine shots, winning two rinks and banking four points with top rink of the day led by John Codrington with Graham Hodge and skip Graham Richards winning by 14 shots.

The friendly at Banwell was abandoned after 15 ends due to adverse weather with victory going to Victoria, helped by an excellent rink win of 14 shots by Nigel Robbins, Mike Milliner, Derek Jones and Brian Pocock.

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In the County League, the A team were well beaten away to Clevedon A, the B side also lost but earned two points for a rink win, the C team won two rinks and four points against Clarence B, but lost the match and confirmed Victoria’s disappointing league results.

Victoria 104, Bridgwater 53: P Coumis, J Newman, S Davies, P Leadbeater 28-15; R Bromet, D Fairhurst, P Fisher, C Heal 27-10; S Stocker, H Gibbs, A Yates, M Cooper 30-12; P Wyatt, M Campbell, L Stocker, M Stocker 19-16.

Victoria Saxons 114, Wedmore 71: R Bromet, D Williams, M Stocker 12-24; B Pocock, D Sealey, A Yates 26-8; H Whyte, D Wheatley, C Heal 27-7; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 24-4; M Campbell, S Evans, K Harvey 13-14; M Milliner, J Newman, K Holland 12-14.

Victoria Saxons 94 (4), Burnham 100 (16): R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 17-10; R Bromet, D Williams, M Stocker 24-17; B Pocock, S Evans, A Yates 14-18; M Milliner, J Newman, K Holland 13-25; H Whyte, J Langridge, C Heal 12-13; P Lunn, D Jones, K Harvey 14-17.

Victoria Vikings 91 (4), Mark Moor 100 (16): Carmine, A Waygood, D Jones 7-16; G Robbins, W Nicholls, M Manning 10-25; A Hollier, T Gatehouse, B Saward 22-12; L Kelly, J Turton, J Langridge 11-14; J Codrington, G Hodge, G Richards 26-12; N Robbins, G Frost, J Smart 15-21.

Victoria 60, Banwell 42: W Nicholls, G Hodge, R Bromet, P Fisher 15-10; A Hollier, D Hubbard, T Gatehouse, P Leadbeater 19-9; L Kelly, E Sage, G Richards, A Shattock 6-17; N Robbins, M Milliner, D Jones, B Pocock 20-6.

Victoria A 40 (0), Clevedon A 65 (12).

Victoria B 62 (2), West Backwell 68 (10).

Victoria C 54 (4), Clarence B 64 (8).

St Andrews completed their third successive victory over a Clarence team this season when they won by six away to the Blues in the Weston & District Over-60s League.

The match was close throughout, with Saints holding a lead in double-figures at the halfway point. However, by 15 ends, Clarence were just one shot behind and, with one rink still to finish, the visitors led by three.

That rink, Tony Lay, Jim Keay and Brian Reeves, picked up a three on their last end to win by 10 and make sure of victory. Geoff Sims, Ken Curtis and Gordon Wride, 9-13 behind after 11 ends, did not allow their opponents another shot as they won by five.

Don Bailey skipped the third victorious Saints’ triple, as they picked up 14 points to the Blues’ six

Clarence Blues 92 (6), St Andrews 98 (14): T Lay, J Keay, B Reeves 24-14; B Rogers, G Webber, B Forse 15-18; M Willetts, T Ware, D Favis 13-21; D Reynolds, B McLeod, B May 12-13; J Ling, R Brereton, D Bailey 16-13; G Sims, K Curtis, G Wride 18-13.

St Andrews should have beaten visitors Chew Stoke A in the County League, but a 19-shot hammering for one home rink meant that Saints lost by three.

They were kept in with a real chance of victory by Ken Uglow, George Cooper, Andy McMillan and Barry Forse, who won 15 of the 21 ends to finish 21 shots up.

Gordon Wride’s rink, at one point nine shots adrift, battled well to finish only five behind. Don Bailey’s quartet would have won the match for Saints if they had scored two on the last end, but they dropped two instead. The two rink points gained by Forse’s rink were of little consolation.

St Andrews 51 (2), Chew Stoke A 54 (10): L Yeates, N Bassett, K Curtis, G Wride 13-18; M Goddard, J Keay, G Webber, D Bailey 11-30; K Uglow, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 27-6.

Ken Uglow organised an afternoon of fun bowls and a cream tea, which was well attended. Mike Willetts won the men’s prize in the triples, while Audrey Powell was the ladies’ winner. Brenda Goddard and helpers provided a delicious tea.

With rink honours even, Clarence Blues lost their Over-60s League match with a six-shot deficit, giving them six of the available 20 points.

The tightest rink of the day goes to John Loveridge and Tony Mannion skipped by Maurice Phillips, who were behind all the way until the 14th end where they picked up a four putting them one ahead. It was all square after 17 with the Blues picking up one on the final end giving them the victory.

Clarence Blues 92, St Andrews 98: T Ward, J Rogers, B Ballinger 14-24; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 18-15; M Adams, D Grier, M Edlin 21-13; R Rossiter, B Sweet, D Stott 13-18; R Flicker, M Cerasoli, R Crawford 13-16; J Loveridge, T Mannion, M Phillips 13-12.

With three rinks winning narrowly and heavy losses on the remaining three, the Golds only took six of the available 20 Over-60s League points. Rink of the day goes to Alan Bishop and Ken Marshall skipped by Chris Read.

Clarence Golds 83, Portishead 114: J Edwards, M Davies, A Cord 16-13; A Bishop, K Marshall, C Read 22-16; G Andrews, D Weston, N Martin 8-22; M Harryman, M Turnbull, J Atkins 17-14; N Buckley, A Newland, M Scoins 8-24; C Tippet, B Coleman, J Hayes 12-25.

Ashcombe had two of their teams competing in the Somerset Bowls League and both finished with well-deserved wins.

The A team were away to Portishead A, taking two out of the three rinks and winning 65-49 on shots. This win sees them hold on to their second position in the North Division 2.

Ashcombe C team were home to Yatton B, again taking two out of the three rinks and winning 61-53 on shots, and moving up from eighth to fifth in North Division 3.

Unfortunately, Ashcombe’s winning streak did not carry over into the Weston and District Over-60s League, where the Knights lost to Portishead in their league match and to Winscombe in the Knockout Cup.

Ashcombe A 65, Portishead 49: D Cooper, R Powell, K Wheeler, J Taylor 19-15; G Sansam, S Hedges, M West, J Creasey 16-21; W Kolasinski, G Fews, L Day, T Bass 30-13.

Ashcombe C 61, Yatton B 53: G Tucker, P Barnes, C Vardon, A Tucker 10-20; M Griffiths, C Gerlach, R Stokes, G Pople 24-17; J McKenzie, C Harris, R Smith, D Williams 27-16.

Ashcombe Knights 72, Portishead 106: B Jones, R Counsell, R Tasker 6-24; B Bishop, G Mills, E Hopkins 12-22; D Barnes, E Roberts, A Dawes 20-12; B Alden, M Bass, T Morgan 12-15; J McKenzie, J Hornett, K Powell 9-19; M Field, A Tucker, M Paterson 13-14.

Ashcombe Knights 77, Winscombe 122: B Alden, M Bass, T Morgan 18-13; B Jones, R Counsell, R Tasker 12-20; K Davies, G Mills, E Hopkins 11-22; J McKenzie, D Barnes, J Hornett 14-12; M Field, D Williams, M Paterson 11-30; G Pople, D Bleasdale, A Dawes 11-25.

It has been an up and down week for Banwell, with one game abandoned because of rain, a league win and a league loss, but a successful Charity Day.

It looks like the rain came to Banwell’s rescue in the friendly against Victori, as they were being beaten on three rinks, Mike Amos and his rink being the only winning rink.

Banwell 42, Victoria 60 (game abandoned after 15 ends): J Evans, G Hollier, T Garfield, M Amos 17-6; D Mabbutt, T Brice, J Amos, K Burgess 6-20; T Hyde, G Bean, P Wifan, P Aldus 10-15; S White, M Finch, C Coffin, M Laycock 9-19.

It was always going to be a tough match for the A team away to Ilminster in the Premier 1 County League and so it proved with Banwell being beaten on all three rinks.

Banwell A 44 (0), Ilminster A 66 (12): G Millard, V McArdell, P Aldus, C Wilson 14-17; T Burnett, A Vickery, M Amos, D Johnston 18-21; T Hyde, H Woodards, M Davies, J Davies 12-28.

The B team playing in the North 2 League had a much better day, winning on all three

rinks against Wrington and picking up 12 much-needed points.

Banwell B 88 (12), Wrington 45 (0): P Wilfan, G Bean, J Amos, K Burgess 27-18; S White, T Brice, T Garfield, J Rickery 33-8; D Mabbutt, N Finch, C Coffin, M Laycock 28-19.

Six visiting teams from surrounding Somerset clubs, along with six Banwell teams played a round-robin contest, all day for the Tony Johnston Charity Shield and to raise money for charity. In the end it was the Banwell Crusaders who took the trophy.

Winscombe’s week started with their annual fixture against the Madeira Club from Exmouth.

This fixture has been played every year since 1950 (except for some unknown reason, in 1964) having been organized by Ernest Stewart, a former Winscombe captain who moved to Exmouth.

The focus of this game is on friendship, but is nevertheless competitive, being played for a beautiful inkstand known as the Marjorie Stewart Trophy after the wife of the two clubs’ former member.

It is a 21-end triples match and matches are played home and away on alternate years. For a number of years Madeira have been the winners, so it was time Winscombe regained the initiative.

With one end to play on the final rink the score was showing as 118-116 in Winscombe’s favour so the skip, Mike Adams, and his team knew that if they could keep their opponents to winning by just one shot (at the worst) then the trophy would be Winscombe’s.

As it happened, Mike’s team came away with a three-shot win on their last end to give Winscombe an overall win by five shots - or so everyone thought. In fact, one rink had failed to record the score on the final end of their game, an end which Madeira had won by four shots.

As a result, once this had been corrected then, whiet Winscombe still came away as the winners, it was now only by the smallest possible margin with a match score of 121-120. This brings the tally over the years to 35 games to Madeira and 32 to Winscombe.

Winscombe 121, Madeira Exmouth120: M Fletcher, L Collier, W Ainsworth 27-20; N Hansford, K Whatling, M Adams 23-9; P Hopes, S Easterby, M Dorrington 25-18; M Newing, B Andrews, M Nash 25-6; J Mingo-West, C Westlake, R Lacy 9-36; P John, B Paul, T Ellis 12-31.

The week also saw the club play in two Weston and District Over-60 matches, a league match against Yatton and a knockout cup match against Ashcombe. In both games the club managed to gain handsome victories which saw them move to the top of the league and into the quarter-finals of the cup.

Winscombe 152 (20), Yatton 76: M Fletcher, W Andrews, R Lacy 25-12; M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff (R Kibble) 21-19; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 23-22; D Brown, B Paul, T Ellis 35-6; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 21-9; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 27-8.

Winscombe 122, Ashcombe Knights 77: P Hopes, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 13-18; G Lloyd, L Collier, W Ainsworth 20-12; J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 22 -11; M Fletcher, P Cast, R Lacy 12 -14; D Brown, W Andrews, T Ellis 29-11; P John, G Coombe, G Neville 25-11.

The other game played during the week saw four rinks of men and two rinks of ladies face the might of the Somerset County Juniors (under-25s) in what has become a regular friendly fixture.

These juniors may not have the experience of many of the club’s stalwart members, but there is no doubting the talent that they possess and they showed this in spades winning by 65-26 (ladies) and 82-72 (men).

It was great to see two of Winscombe’s younger players Adam Trenchard and Sam Easterby playing for the Somerset juniors although the club were somewhat less ecstatic about this when Sam, playing at three against his own club captain’s rink, managed to trail the jack back to the ditch side with his last wood to change a three-shot deficit into a four-shot lead.

The position was capitalised on by his skip (the manager of the county junior team – James Bransfield) who took the jack back the last few inches to put it in the ditch and give them five shots (an eight-shot turnaround with those last three woods).

Winscombe 98, Somerset Juniors 151: L Fredersdorff, S Nash, M Adams, A Ainsworth 10-42; C Hopes, P Pow, P Heal, W Weller 16-23; D Johnson, B Paul, P Hopes, R Lacy 16-25; D Brown, M Trenchard, W Ainsworth, M Dorrington 21-24; M Newing, D Phillips, M Nash, G Neville 12-21; N Handsford, L Collier, G Coombe, M Adams 23-16.

Both the men’s A and B teams in action against Burnham (away) and Wedmore (home) respectively. The A team suffered a significant loss only taking one point out of the 12 points on offer by drawing on one rink and losing on the other two. This will probably see the team drop to third place in Division 1 North.

The B team, on the other hand, continued their march for promotion from Division 3 North by winning 10 out of the 12 points on offer which keeps them firmly at the top of their division

Winscombe A 59, Burnham 69: G Lloyd, K Whatling, S Easterby, M Adams 23-23; D Brown, J Mingo-West, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 14-21; D Fletcher, L Collier, M Dorrington , R Lacy 22-25.

Winscombe B 82, Wedmore C 43: P John, R Fisher, G Coombe, G Neville 37-14; P Hopes, W Andrews, P Cast, M Nash 17-21; N Handsford, D Johnson, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff 28-8.

Congresbury 69, Bristol Arrow 95 (mixed friendly): M Craig, J Lewis, E Stenner, F Horton 4-26; D Norman, J Craig, R Jones, R Horton 10-14; C Lewis, M Hopkins, A Page, D Byett 31-12; H Tranmer, A Lewis, J Byett, L Beck 8-21; J Freemantle, A Harris, A Purnell, G Stenner 16-22.

Congresbury 78, Clevedon 93 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): R Jones, M Hopkins, R Archer, B Herbison 17-16; B Baker, R Anniuk, R Becker, D Byett 16-11; D Manning, G Stenner, R King, S Eastment 16-19; M Kimmings, A Fisher, M Wear, L Beck 15-22; G Wilcock, P Reay, T Lewis, C Shipway 14-25.

Congresbury 90, Long Ashton 106 (C&D Over-60s League): A Collins, D Gosling, R Kirkham 15-16; D Folds, J Freemantle, A Fisher 7-24; I Beveridge, G Stenner, F Horton 24-14; R Stewart, M Kimmings, R Archer 13-16; D Norman, P Dawes, T Yearsley 10-19; G Andrews, R Jones, D Byett 21-17.

Congresbury 93, Clevedon 80 (North Somerset Knockout Cup): B Baker, R Anniuk, R Archer, D Byett 11-21; G Wilcock, I Morton, T Lewis, C Shipway 22-15; R Jones, P Reay, R Kirkham, B Herbison 23-17; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 20-13; D Manning, J Freemantle, R King, R Becker 17-14.

Congresbury A 47, Yatton 61 (Somerset League Division 1 North): D Manning, P Reay, D Byett, S Eastment 11-26; B Baker, M Hopkins, T Lewis, C Shipway 21-20; M Kimmings, R King, R Becker, B Herbison 15-15.

Congresbury B 60, Nailsea B 53 (Somerset League Division 2 North): D Folds, R Jones, M Huggett, R Archer 23-19; P Dawes, R Stewart, I Morton, R Kirkham 23-9; A Collins, J Freemantle, G Stenner, A Fisher 14-25.

Congresbury Ladies 82, Victoria Whites 29 (Mendip League): V Harding, J Byett, A Jones 33-7; C Wilcock, W Manning, C Andrews 29-11; L Storey, C Lewis, P Baker 20-11.

Congresbury Ladies 45 Victoria 58 (Weston & District League): C Lewis, D Harrison, B Huggett 14-26; L Storey, A King, C Andrews 17-14; J Byett, R Horton, P Baker 14-18.

Congresbury Ladies 56, Long Ashton 60 (Fear Plate): C Wilcock, R Horton, D Harrison, K Herbison 17-22; H Tranmer, J Byett, P Baker, A Jones 9-28; V Harding, C Lewis, A King, C Andrews 30-10.

Congresbury Ladies 59, Burnham 35 (Weston & District League): H Tranmer, P Baker, D Harrison 18-12; C Wilcock, J Byett, B Huggett 14-16; V Harding, A King, K Herbison 27-7.

In the Wedmore men’s three county league games, the wheels came off as all were losses.

The A team visited Keynsham and came a cropper, losing on all three rinks and overall by 49 shots to 67. Ron Barron’s chaps did well in the first half and went on to run up a comfortable 13-shot lead, but eventually lost 22-24.

Dave Nicholls’ lads were on terms over the first six ends, but the other side ran up 11 shots in the next five, which proved too much for the home side who lost 13-20. Eddie Payne’s fellows found Keynsham’s scoring rate too hot to handle and while winning 10 ends still lost 14-23.

Wedmore 49, Keynsham 67: T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Barron 22-24; D Collins, K Burt, C Moss, D Nicholls 13-20; A Birch, D Wederell, K Pettit, E Payne 14-23.

The B team played away against Bristol and fared no better, also losing on all three rinks albeit with small scores against them, but an overall score of 50 shots to 61.

Roy Thurkettle’s men had their share of the scoring and the lead in a close contest, but Bristol went on to win 14-15. Clive Wheller’s boys started slowly but caught up on end 11 only to see the home side outscore them in the second half to lose 18-22.

Dennis Stansfield’s chaps were in a tight game, but once Bristol caught them on end eight it was virtually game over as they kept the lead to the end, winning 18 shots to 24.

Wedmore 50, Bristol 61: T Collingwood, B Back, R Bull, R Thurkettle 14-15; V Matthews, I Faulkner, J Runciman, C Wheller 18-22; S Wilkinson, T Counsell, D Trow, D Stansfield 18-24.

The C team managed to pick up a couple of points but lost one-two on rinks and 41-57 overall at home to Clevedon Prom.

After taking the lead for a second time, Terry Simpson’s merry men seized a lead of 11 shots, going on to win 24-11. Brendon Cottrell’s gents got stuck in second gear, their 15 shots had to be adjusted downwards by 25 per cent as Wedmore played with a man short so the official tally was 11-18.

Jim White’s rink opened the scoring at the first end, but then had a barren period until end 13 by which time the score was 3-17. Prom kept up the pressure to win 6-28.

Wedmore 41, Clevedon Prom 57: M Batchelor, T Bullock, D Skelton, T Simpson 24-11; B Dearden, D Luke, B Cottrell 11-18; T Shepherd, M Davis, R Norris, J White 6-28.

In a Weston & District Triples League match at home to Portishead, the men had some joy by winning five rinks to one and 98-77 on overall shots.

After a bumpy opening period, Keith Burt’s crew got down to brass tacks and did well with a 22-9 shots victory. Ray Newell’s side changed the lead a couple of times, but a strong finish gave a 19-12 win.

Brian Aston’s group had a tussle in the opening exchanges, but from end seven consistently built up their lead to win 16-10. Ron Barron and co led from the start, resisted a late surge and won 16-11.

Keith Pettit’s people looked comfortable with a lead of 11 shots by end seven, but the other side came back to just one behind at end 13. Wedmore narrowly outscored them over the last four ends to win 17-15. On David Wederell’s rink, the home side lost touch with their opponents after the first few ends and lost 8-20.

Wedmore 98, Portishead 77: V Matthews, I Faulkner, K Burt 22-9; R Bull, J Runciman, R Newell 19-12; A Birch, D Collins, B Aston 16-10; B Dearden, P Smith, R Barron 16-11; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 17-15; T Shepherd, P Moxy, D Wederell 8-20.

North Petherton put paid to the men’s hopes in the Turnbull Cup when Wedmore only won of four rinks and lost 65 shots to 78 overall.

Eddie Payne and pals lost the lead on end nine, took it back three rinks later and motored on to win 25-16. Dave Nicholls’ lot prevented North Petherton from scoring for the first seven ends by which time their lead was nine shots.

That evaporated until the lead changed hands at end 16 to finish 16-19. Colin Moss and side kicks were in contention for the first seven ends, but the opposition got the bit between the teeth and romped home 14-20. Ron Barron’s foursome never recovered from a poor start and lost 10-23.

Wedmore 65, North Petherton 78: A Birch, D Stansfield, K Pettit, E Payne 25-16; C Wheller, D Collins, D Wederell, D Nicholls 16-19; V Matthews, J Runciman, K Burt, C Moss 14-20; T Brown, I Gallop, R Newell, R Barron 10-23.

The ladies did well to win a match of small margins at home to Winscombe in the Wessex Ladies League, 67 shots to 64 and two-one on rinks.

Pam Beard’s ladies were in a close contest and scoring five on end nine became a good platform to build on, although they probably would have preferred not to give away four shots on the last end, but nonetheless gained a 25-23 win.

Carole Pettit and friends gave Winscombe a six-shot start, had caught up by end seven, briefly leading as the opposition led for most of the second half, but a well timed five score on end 20 was enough to win the game 21-19.

At end 12, Marie Trow’s team were eight shots behind but stuck to the job and were level on end 18. Unhappily for them, they were outscored by one shot on the last three ends to lose 21-22.

Wedmore Ladies 67, Winscombe 64: J Collins, J Hunt, M Fisher, P Beard 25-23; P Jenkins, D Gallop, B Disbrey, C Pettit 21-19; M Green, A Birch, J Collingwood, M Trow 21-22.

Winscombe Ladies played at Isle of Wedmore in the Wessex League and went down by just three shots.

A closely-contested game with Winscombe winning on one rink by just one shot, but losing the other rinks by two and three shots respectively. Mary Palmer had a good game playing in her first match for Winscombe.

Winscombe Ladies 64, Wedmore 67: C Hopes, M Palmer, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 22-21; P Pow, A Bougourd, S Lowis, A Ainsworth 19-21; M Sprouting, L Parfitt, C Bryant, M Adams 23-25.

In the rearranged fourth round Fear Plate match, the ladies were at home to Wessex. They won on the rink skipped by the experienced Mavis Adams, but lost on the other two rinks.

Winscombe Ladies 51, Wessex 83: M Sprouting, M Palmer, C Bryant, M Adams 27-15; C Hopes, M Howell, S Lowis, W Weller 16-28; T Darkin, L Coombe, S Nash, L Fredersdorff 8-40.

Despite losing on two rinks, Ashcombe Ladies secured a 12-shot win home versus Burnham.

The winning rink skipped by Averill Goacher, was in great form having a 26-shot victory, 15 shots being won on the last six ends. The standard of play for both teams was very high and enjoyable to watch.

Ashcombe Ladies 70, Burnham 58: M Main, J Hughes, J Wilkinson, J McInally 18-23; P Wynne, M Tucker, N Counsell, A Goacher 36-10; L Paterson, J Sansam, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-25

Ashcombe Ladies 52 (4), Clevedon Prom 52 (6) (NS League): P Wynne, M Tucker, A Goacher 18-20; M Main, N Counsell, J Wilkinson 16-17; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 18-15. Friendly rink: J Field, D Norville, C Hedges 15-08.

Mayor Cllr Jos Holder and Mayoress Cllr Roz White joined past, present and life members, guests from local bowling clubs and friends at the club’s 90th celebration day and tea, hosted by vice-president Averill Goacher and captain Lesley Paterson.

After photographs, the playing members and guests had target games, indoor entertainment and games for the non-players followed by an afternoon tea.

Thanks to all helpers and the men members for their help, was given by Averill and Lesley.

Fear Cup holders St Andrews Ladies were given a real fright by local rivals Victoria Ladies before progressing to the semi-finals.

Playing at home, Saints raced into an 18-shot lead after five ends. However, as the visitors adjusted to the green, they clawed back the lead gradually and, with six ends left, St Andrews led by just one.

From that point, it was nip-and-tuck on all three rinks and, going into the last end, the home team led by two. At one point during that tense final end, they were down across all three rinks but Meg Favis’s quartet picked up a two and Jackie Ware’s team one to see Saints over the line.

They finished up on only one rink, skipped by Ann Campbell, who, having been 10-0 up after five ends, 13-2 after ten and 19-3 after 15, rarely slackened their grip to finish as match-winners.

In the semi-final on September 3, St Andrews will play Yeovil on a neutral green at Frome Selwood.

St Andrews Ladies 58, Victoria 54: C Venn, M McMillan, M Bailey, M Favis 18-19; R McMillan, A Powell, M Pattenden, J Ware 14-27; I Cracknell, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 26-8.

By contrast, the ladies were on the receiving end of a narrow defeat at home to Long Ashton in the DRT League, despite having finished up on two of the three rinks.

Meg Favis’ four were behind until the 16th of the 18 ends, but picked up a four to win eventually by one. Jackie Ware skipped her rink to a two-shot victory. But neither of these successes was quite enough to compensate for a five-shot defeat on the other rink.

St Andrews Ladies 51 (4), Long Ashton 53 (6): J Forse, D Baker, J Pitman, A Campbell 17-22; I Cracknell, B Goddard, M Bailey, J Ware 17-15; C Venn, S Sinclair, A Powell, M Favis 17-16.

Saints Ladies were well beaten at home by their Clarence counterparts. The visitors won by a total of 26 on two rinks and edged the other by four, having been 15-15 with three ends left.

St Andrews Ladies 35, Clarence 65: J Forse, M Barnes, D Johnson, M Pattenden 11-26; J Webb, M Wride, D Baker, I Cracknell 15-19; C Venn, A Greenwood, S Priory, M Bailey 9-20.

Victoria Ladies were in action in the Fear Cup, winning the game against Clarence in a match disrupted by weather and played over two days with substitutions being necessary.

The win took Victoria to meet St Andrews away in the quarter-final in a tense and close game, with St Andrews winning the match on the final end, even with Victoria winning on the rinks skipped by Sue Cooper and Sue Newman.

Victoria Blues were dominant in the Mendip Triples League against Nailsea, winning all three rinks with the triple of Hannah Frye, Barbara Mangan and Annie Holland winning by 23 shots.

Victoria Whites met a strong Congresbury team in the Mendip Triples League, coming away pointless from the game.

The ladies played Congresbury in the Weston & District League, gaining revenge with an excellent win of 13 shots, securing eight points and closing the gap to the league leaders Congresbury.

Victoria Ladies 63, Clarence 51: B Williams, C Sage, (S Sokol) S Newman, M Hillman 25-19; H Frye, C Stevens, (B Mangan) S Harrison, (C Stevens) S Harrison, (C Stevens) 22-12; S Cooper, K Wilson, R Cleeves, M Chudley 16-20.

Victoria Ladies 55, St Andrews 58: H Frye, S Sokol, C Stevens, S Cooper 27-14; B Williams, K Wilson, R Cleeves, S Newman 20-18; M Kelly, B Mangan, M Chudley, A Holland 8-26.

Victoria Blues 76 (10), Nailsea 29 (0): L Richards, E Newport, S Cooper 28-8; M Kelly, R Cleeves, M Chudley 17-13; H Frye, B Mangan, A Holland 31-8.

Victoria Whites 29 (0), Congresbury 82 (10): V Worthington, S Sokol, C Stevens 11-29; H Chesters, N Whyte, K Wilson 11-20; M Slavin, R Bailey, S Pocock 7-33.

Victoria 58 (8), Congresbury 45 (2): B Williams, S Newman, S Cooper 18-14; F Waters, K Wilson, M Chudley 14-17; H Frye, S Harrison, A Holland 26-14.

Clarence Ladies defeated Portishead in the North Somerset Triples League, taking all three rinks and the 10 points on offer.

Rink of the day is difficult, but for the tightest match with Pam Fowler and Pam Hawkins, skipped by Mary Davison, was a nail-biting one-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 58, Portishead 48: P Fowler, P Hawkins, M Davison 17-16; A Ballinger, J Mannion, C Edlin 19-16; S Scoins, R Jones, V Collicott 22-16.

It was good end to a good week for the ladies with an away win at Burnham in the Weston & District League, taking all three rinks and the points.

Rink of the day goes to Sarie Pritchard and Ronnie Jones skipped by Mary Davison as they were all square after 17. The tension ran high as the ladies snatched the last end by one shot giving them a well-deserved victory.

Clarence Ladies 51, Burnham 38: S Pritchard, R Jones, M Davison 15-14; C Hooper, V Collicott, S Searle 20-10; P Fowler, P Phillips, J Mannion 16-14.

Clarence crashed out of the Fear Cup, losing to Victoria by 12 shots. The game was abandoned after the 11th end due to weather conditions with the score 31-21 to Clarence.

Four days later the match was finished in the sunshine, clearly the ladies preferred the rain. Only winning rink of the day goes to Pam Fowler, Carol Marshall and Jo Mannion, skipped by Carol Edlin with a four-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 51, Victoria 63: P Fowler, C Marshall, J Mannion, C Edlin 20-16; C Hooper, A Ballinger, P Burrough, M Davison 12-22; S Scoins, P Phillips, R Jones, V Collicott 19-25.

There was a clean sweep of wins on all three rinks by Clarence in this friendly match against St Andrews. The largest winning rink was Carol Marshall, Carol Cromey (half game), Pauline Dunn (half game) and Ronnie Jones, skipped by Shirley Searle.

Clarence Ladies 65, St Andrews 35: C Marshall, C Cromey, P Dunn, V Jones, S Searle 26-11; A Ballinger, J Anning, S Pritchard, P Fowler 19-15; S Ellis, B Deacon, Philips, C Edlin 20-9.

Wessex Ladies played Ashcombe in the quarter-final of the Fear Cup Plate, following a very good win against Winscombe.

The match versus Ashcombe will be played at Clarence Park tomorrow (Friday) at 2.30pm.

Wessex Ladies 83, Winscombe 51: C Peart, M Hawkins, B Jones, A Fewings 15-27; V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 40-8; P Turner, D Welfare, E Williams, P Taylor 28-16.

Wessex Ladies 40 (2), Burnham 52 (8) (league): J Allard, C Peart, M Hawkins 18-8; D Welfare, P Dunn, A Ward 9-28; B Hayes, P Turner, E Williams 13-16.

Wessex lost in all disciplines when they played Victoria in the Southey Trophy. However, the triples only lost by a close margin after dropping a four on the last end.

Results - singles: A. Fewings 16-21; pairs: P Turner, P Taylor 14-22; triples: C Peart, E Williams, B Jones 12-13; fours: V Edwards, J Davis, M Davis, J Duffy 15-21.

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