Victoria in full swing

The bowling season is in full swing at Victoria with a packed programme of matches keeping all the members occupied.

THE bowling season is in full swing at Victoria with a packed programme of matches keeping all the members occupied and testing the strength of the membership.

The Somerset County League has started with a flourish with all four Victoria teams already having played two games. The A team have opened their campaign with two defeats. A visit to Clevedon A resulted in just two points, courtesy of the rink skipped by Will Harrison.

A better performance was displayed home to Yeovil winning two rinks, but a heavy loss by the rink skipped by Harrison ensured Yeovil took the honours.

The B team brought back just two points from St Andrews A with its sole winning rink of Terry Gilbert, Ray Fenwick, Nick Sell and skip Derek Hurst. Away to Ashcombe B, Victoria again only won one rink, skipped by Stuart Evans supported by Pete Lunn, Joe Loughlin and Tony Barnes, but its winning margin of 15 shots swung the game to earn Victoria eight points.

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The C team travelled twice to play Clevedon Prom, against the B team. Victoria won two rinks, but a heavy defeat on one rink left the team just nursing four points. Revenge was exacted against the C team with Victoria gaining a clean sweep and 12 points, top rink was skipped by Eric Sage and included team captain Derek Jones.

The D team hosted St Andrews B and took hospitality to the limit by losing all three rinks and the game by 43 shots. The team followed up with a 12 point walkover win over Bristol D, who found they were unable to field a team.

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In the National Double Rink competition, Victoria defeated Nor West 45-34 with the rink of Malcolm Campbell, Joe Loughlin, Ken Harvey and skip Derek Hurst excelling with a 13 shot win.

However, Victoria met their match at Winscombe losing the North Somerset Knockout Cup heavily by 23 shots. The only winning rink was skipped by club president Dave Williams with Derek Jones, Paul Leadbetter and John Howell.

Victoria A 43, Clevedon A 60: M Campbell, P Leadbeater, K Harvey, W Harrison 25-7; H Whyte, T Uccellini, M Cooper, C Gazzard 11-25; J Newman, K Curtis, D Williams, M Stocker 7-28.

Victoria B 42, St Andrews A 71: T Gilbert, R Fenwick, N Sell, D Hurst 20-12; T Gatehouse, D Sealey, A Fealey, J Howell 10-38; P Lunn, J Loughlin, A Barnes, S Evans 12-21.

Victoria C 56, Clevedon Prom B 73: J Mingo-West, A Shattock, A Waygood, P Fisher 25-21; J Codrington, R Austin, E Sage 17-16; D Beard, M Willetts, C Chudley, D Jones 14-36.

Victoria D 32, St Andrews B 75: P Wyatt, B Nicholls, R Jacobs, J Griffiths 11-18; S Thynne, I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 8-28; T Webb, M Milliner, R Sleep, J Kerr 13-29.

Victoria A 54, Yeovil A 62: J Newman, T Uccellini, D Williams, M Stocker 21-20; M Campbell, P Leadbeater, K Harvey, W Harrison 8-30; H Whyte, K Curtis, M Cooper, C Gazzard 25-12.

Victoria B 60, Ashcombe B 54: J Dyet, P Fisher, J Howell, D Hurst 17-21; T Gatehouse, N Sell, A Fealey, M Manning 14-19; P Lunn, J Loughlin, A Barnes, S Evans 29-14.

Victoria C 76, Clevedon Prom C 42: D Beard, A Shattock, R Austin, D Jones 26-13; T Gilbert, M Willetts, J Mingo-West, E Sage 24-11; J Codrington, B Nicholls, A Waygood, G Richards 26-18.

Victoria 45, Nor West 34 (National Double Rink): H Whyte, N Sell, K Curtis, D Williams 16-18; M Campbell, J Loughlin, K Harvey, D Hurst 29-16.

Victoria 78, Winscombe 101 (North Somerset Knockout Cup): P Fisher, T Uccellini, A Fealey, M Stocker 14-27; P Lunn, J Loughlin, K Harvey, D Hurst 14-20; J Newman, N Sell, M Manning, C Gazzard 15-24; M Campbell, A Barnes, K Curtis, M Cooper 12-16; D Jones, P Leadbeater, J Howell, D Williams 23-14.

Saxons 114, Ashcombe Knights 93 (Over-60s League): R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 24-13; H Whyte, T Gatehouse, M Stocker 19-20; J Mingo-West, M Taylor, D Williams 17-14; G Hodge, D Sealey, T Uccellini 10-17; P Lunn, A Barnes, K Harvey 29-10; J Newman, K Curtis, J Howell 15-19.

Saxons 104, Burnham 110: J Newman, K Curtis, M Manning 20-17; H Whyte, J Smart, M Stocker 19-21; R Fenwick, M Campbell, D Hurst 11-24; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 20-10; J Mingo-West, D Sealey, T Uccellini 23-11; P Lunn, R Jacobs, D Williams 11-27.

Vikings 80, Wedmore 120: A Shattock, D Roberts, J Griffiths 9-17; S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 22-9; B Nicholls, R Sparkes, G Frost 11-30; R Jacobs, G Richards, E Sage 11-27; J Turton, P Newport, C Chudley 17-20; T Gilbert, A Waygood, J Smart 10-17.

Vikings 82, Clarence Golds 107: B Nicholls, T Gilbert, G Frost 10-23; G Jones, A Waygood, S Evans 14-10; E Longworth, S Thynne, D Jones 17-12; J Turton, R Sleep, C Chudley 8-29; R Jacobs, C York, D Avery 23-11; A Shattock, J Codrington, J Griffiths 10-22.

Vikings 103, Nailsea 120: A Shattock, J Mingo-West, J Griffiths 21-19; I Linham, S Thynne, D Jones 17-27; B Nicholls, B Saward, G Frost 21-17; R Jacobs, G Richards, E Sage 21-12; J Turton, C York, C Chudley 9-22; A Waygood, R Sparkes, J Smart 14-23.

Victoria 79, Banwell Drew 79 (friendly): M Willetts, L Kelly, M Campbell, M Cooper 19-14; R Austin, J Mingo-West, P Fisher, S Evans 25-22; D Beard, G Richards, P Leadbeater, D Hurst 22-21; H Whyte, R Sleep, R Rockett, D Jones 13-22.

Victoria 138, Somerset Masonic 59 (friendly): H Whyte, B Nicholls, T Uccellini, M Stocker 32-13; A Waygood, E Sage, M Campbell, D Jones 26-9; J Mingo-West, T Gilbert, R Sleep, A Fealey 15-16; J Newman, J Griffiths, A Barnes, K Harvey 43-8; J Codrington, M Milliner, J Smart, N Sell 22-13.

Victoria 80, Bridgwater 72 (friendly): R Rockett, J Smart, P Leadbeater, M Manning 20-17; B Nicholls, H Whyte, G Richards, D Sealey 12-32; J Codrington, G Jones, E Sage, M Campbell 27-11; J Mingo-West, M Milliner, D Jones, J Newman 21-12.

Victoria 96, Troedyrhiw 101 (mixed friendly): M Angove, B Johnson, A Holland, M Stocker 13-21; D Owen, R Sleep, R Bailey, J Newman 13-22; D Beard, E Newport, P Fisher, C Gazzard 13-16; S Newman, R Austin, D Jones, M Taylor 21-5; A Austin, M Milliner, M Hillman, M Cooper 18-16; M Willetts, R Cleeves, C Chudley, M Campbell 18-21.

Victoria 108, Mountain Ash 125 (mixed friendly): S Newman, M Milliner, R Fenwick, M Hillman 21-18; J Mills, M Willetts, E Sage, C Gazzard 28-12; T Gilbert, R Cleeves, A Holland, M Stocker 17-19; D Beard, E Newport, D Hurst, K Harvey 12-22; J Turton, R Bailey, A Barnes, M Campbell 16-32; C Sage, B Nicholls, J Newman, M Taylor 14-22.

Victoria 114, GB Britton 112 (mixed friendly): B Nicholls, C Willetts, J Newman, S Cooper 18-22; D Owen, M Milliner, C Chudley, A Holland 23-16; S Milliner, R Bailey, J Griffiths, E Sage 15-24; D Beard, C Sage, M Chudley, M Cooper 16-19; M Willetts, A Austin, T Gatehouse, C Gazzard 25-10; M Angove, R Austin, S Newman, M Stocker 17-21.

FOR the second Saturday running, the rink skipped by club champion Don Towie came up with the goods at the death to save Clarence A from defeat in the Somerset County League.

On the previous Saturday, they had scored four on the last end to earn their side a one-shot victory at Bristol. This time, with the other two Clarence rinks having finished a total of 15 shots ahead at home to West Backwell, Towie, Bob Rossiter, George Cooper and Pete Palmer were 19 shots behind going into the last end, meaning their team needed four to draw.

An excellent wood by Palmer earned them three on the penultimate end, then the same player set up a match-winning three-shot position on the last, only for the visitors’ skip to get second wood, making the match a draw.

Captain Roger Burrough’s rink came back from 14-6 down to pick up 17 shots on the last eight ends.

Clarence A 57, West Backwell A 57: R Rossiter, G Cooper, P Palmer, D Towie 12-27; R Flicker, T Mannion, R Crawford, R Burrough 23-14.

Clarence put up a great fight at home to powerful Bristol on Sunday evening in the National Top Club competition, losing by 3-2 on the final end of the fours.

Towie gave Clarence a terrific start by winning the four-wood singles and, though Reg Flicker lost narrowly in the two-wood singles, club captain Roger Burrough and Bob Rossiter played superbly to take the pairs 20-16.

With Bristol, who fielded several Middleton Cup players, winning the triples, it was all down to the fours, last match to finish. It was close all the way through, but Bristol just edged it at the death.

Clarence 2, Bristol B -four-wood singles: D Towie 22-11; two-wood singles: R Flicker 12-14; pairs: B Rossiter/R Burrough 20-16; triples: M Edlin, P Palmer, M Clay 14-25; fours: M Adams, R Crawford, D Stott, P Tubb 18-23.

Clarence made their exit from the National Two-Rink competition, going down by five shots at home to Clevedon Prom. This was despite an 11-shot win by Paul Tubb’s rink.

Clarence 39, Clevedon Prom 44: R Flicker, M Edlin, R Crawford, R Burrough 12-28; B Rossiter, M Clay, D Towie, P Tubb 27-16.

Clarence B began their County League season with a five-shot home defeat against Nailsea B. John Hawkins, John Edwards, Jim Keay and team captain Mike Clay ran out 13-shot winners, but the other two home rinks went down, one heavily.

Clarence B 51, Nailsea B 56: A Bishop, M Skyrme, J Burgess, T Ward 11-28; J Hawkins, J Edwards, J Keay, M Clay 25-13; D Grier, M Scoins, D Jackman, G Barlow 15-16.

Clarence Golds, who beat Victoria Vikings in their first match of the season, completed a double over them, winning by 25 shots at Victoria.

Second-year bowlers John Hayes and Ivan Phipps helped team captain Mike Clay to a 13-shot rink victory, while Doug Grier, another who started last year, Jim Hicks and Mike Davies won by 21.

Victoria Vikings 82, Clarence Golds 107: J Hayes, I Phipps, M Clay 23-10; J Larvin, M Scoins, B Duffy 10-14; D Grier, J Hicks, M Davies 29-8; A Taylor, B Cheffers, G Cooper 11-23; J Hawkins, E Turner, J Edwards 22-10; C Tippett, J Norris, D Jackman 12-17.

The Golds found visitors Portishead RBL a different proposition the next day, with a 32-shot defeat on one rink sending them to only their second defeat of the season.

John Larvin, Mike Scoins and Mike Davies had a 13-shot victory, while Golds’ other winning rink was skipped by George Cooper, who finished six shots ahead.

Clarence Golds 93, Portishead RBL 127: A Taylor, M Peters, J Edwards 8-40; J Norris, D Grier, D Jackman 11-19; L Smith, H Dunn, B Duffy 16-19; C Tippett, I Phipps, M Clay 11-21; J Larvin, M Scoins, M Davies 21-8; F Al-Hinai, B Hanks, G Cooper 26-20.

Clarence Blues were given a walkover by St Andrews Trojans because the home side were a rink short for their Over-60s Knockout Cup tie.

However, the teams played a five-rink friendly, with Clarence winning comfortably. Tony Hooper, John Burgess and skip Paul Tubb were outstanding with a 22-shot victory.

St Andrews Trojans 58, Clarence Blues 92: A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 17-13; J Rogers, B Rossiter, T Ward 19-12; M Edlin, T Mannion, G Barlow 15-17; R Flicker, M Adams, P Palmer 17-14; T Hooper, J Burgess, P Tubb 24-2.

ASHCOMBE 105 (17), Yatton 61 (1) (Over-60s Triples): A Morgan, J Whitton, J Creasey 16-14; P Sheppard, A Little, J Whitlow 24-7; D Bleasdale, G Finnegan, J Taylor 27-14; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 22-10; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 16-16.

Ashcombe 94 (6), Isle of Wedmore 102 (14) (Over-60s Triples): D Andrews, T Millward, L Cox 12-22; M Unwin, N Coombes, T Cottrell 15-14; T Bull, R Tasker, R Smith 12-24; G Tucker, M Tripp, P Gaulton 23-21; A Lewis, F Bertram, M Bass 11-15; B Benstead, V Bragg, K Hallett 21-6.

Ashcombe 98 (15), Winscombe 87 (5) (Over-60s Triples): R Cole, A Freke, I Shannon 24-7; A Cracknell, J Main, E Hooper 16-13; R Counsell, G Kinsey, T Bass 13-17; G Mills, M Parry, W Spring 16-16; D Underhay, B Underhay, E Hopkins 21-12; B Jones, M Badman, R Simmons 8-21.

Ashcombe 54 (4), Victoria B 60 (8) (Somerset League): P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, T Bass, J Taylor 21-17; K Hallett, M Parry, E Hooper, J Whitlow 14-29; J Price, J Main, R Powell, A Yates 19-14.

Ashcombe 81, Bristol 68 (friendly): G Fews, D Norville, A Morgan, G Wilkinson 18-23; D Andrews, R Lewis, M Parry, L Cox 25-15; G Tucker, R Tasker, M Badman, J Whitlow 14-18; B Noyes, B Benstead, I Baker, T Bass 24-12.

Ashcombe 115 (14), Clevedon 99 (6) (Over-60s Triples): A Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 20-14; P Sheppard, A Little, J Whitlow 21-13; B Benstead, G Finnegan, J Taylor 17-19; B Underhay, L Day, R Hadley 16-22; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 13-19; R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 28-12.

Ashcombe 65, Winscombe 93 (friendly): D Andrews, A Cracknell, A Freke 18-13; G Tucker, M Parry, I Shannon 9-24; R Counsell, B Cracknell, T Bass 24-14; R Tasker, D Underhay, P Sheppard 8-18; F Ham, G Sansam, J Main 6-24.

Ashcombe C 61 (3), Yatton 64 (9) (Somerset League): D Underhay, F Ham, R Tasker, A Freke 25-17; N Coombes, G Tucker, R Simmons, M Brummell 13-24; J Marlow, G Sansam, L Cox, I Baker 23-23.

Ashcombe B 54 (10), Victoria 60 (2) (Somerset League): P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, T Bass, J Taylor 21-17; K Hallett, M Parry, E Hooper, J Whitlow 14-29; W Spring, J Main, R Powell, A Yates 19-14.

Ashcombe A 59 (3), Burnham 66 (9) (Somerset League): D Stanton, B Underhay, L Day, J Whitton 21-15; A Morgan, A Cracknell, T Cottrell, J Creasey 25-25; G Fews, A Little, G Wilkinson, B Webber 13-26.

Ashcombe 60, Isle of Wedmore 91 (mixed friendly): M Palmer, S Davies, R Simmons, J Whitlow 14-18; S Noyes, G Sansam, M Parry, S Weaden 8-34; B Noyes, B Benstead, J Sansam, A Goacher 8-20; G Fews, B Groves, P Sheppard, B Macgregor 30-19.

CONGRESBURY 97, Clevedon Prom 90 (C&D Over-60s League): G Andrews, R Archer, G Stenner 18-19; F Horton, D Byett, M Huggett 16-12; M Hopkins, C Blagden, L Beck 18-11; A Edwards, D Gosling, R Kirkham 16-16; J Churchward, D Rivers, M Wear 12-16; J Freemantle, C Edwards, J Stone 19-16.

Congresbury 96, Clevedon 89 (Cooperative Funeralcare Evening League): J Freemantle, D Byett, C Shipway, R Becker 13-17; P Reay, M Huggett, G Stenner, L Beck 20-19; S Pook, J Churchward, R Archer, J Stone 30-14; D Manning, D Gosling, M Wear, R Kirkham 13-17; R Baker, D Rivers, F Horton, B Herbison 21-22.

Congresbury 97 West Backwell 112 (C&D Over-60s League): J Freemantle, R Archer, R Kirkham 12-24; J Churchward, C Edwards, T Yearsley 12-18; R Baker, M Hopkins, L Beck 18-18; P Dawes, D Rivers, J Stone 29-11; D Byett, D Gosling, M Huggett 7-22; M Kimmings, G Stenner, M Wear 19-19.

Congresbury 1, Bath 4 (National Top Club).

Congresbury B 54, Burnham B 73 (Somerset League): J Churchward, R Jones, D Gosling, R Stewart 14-36; P Reay, D Rivers, M Huggett, R Becker 18-14; M Kimmings, C Edwards, R Archer, J Stone 22-23.

YATTON 74, Ashcombe Crusaders 116 (Weston Triples League): G Walford, D Goddard, D Blundell 16-16; A George, J Parker, T Storm 7-24; R Adams, P Creber, B Foster 14-16; M Musgrove, P Osborne, B Hardwick 10-22; A Turley, G Price, B Topham 13-11; G Dodd, J Knight, E Reynolds 14-27.

Yatton 68, Portishead 62 (Clevedon and District Evening League): A Churchill, E Butt, N Robinson, D Sweet 15-15; R Mills, J Knight, J Hook, C Parsons 17-17; J Parker, M Musgrove, P Osborne, M Withyman 22-7; L Howe, R Adams, T Storm, W Casey 14-23.

Yatton 85, St Andrews Trojans 77 (Weston Triples League): J Knight, P Creber, B Hardwick 19-15; G Dodd, J Parker, T Storm 11-17; A Turley, R Adams, M Withyman 18-11; E Butt, D Goddard, D Blundell 23-13; N Allen, A George, B Topham 14-21.

Yatton 91 Chew Stoke 67 (National Top Club) – two-wood: K Dodd 15-8; singles: T Storm 21-13; pairs: B Topham, D Sweet 19-15; triples: B Foster, P Osborne, W Casey 16-13; fours: L Howe, C Parsons, N Edmonds, G Smith 20-18.

Yatton B, 63 Mark Moor 45 (Somerset County League): M Musgrove, J Knight, N Robinson, T Robinson 18-9; R Mills, W Cole, B Hardwick, C Parsons 17-19; A Woodward, D Goddard, R Bish, K Dodd 28-17.

Yatton C 64, Ashcombe C 61: A Grundy, G Dodd, J Parker, D Blundell 24-13; A George, M Richards, K Lawrence, P Creber 17-25; B Hull, R Adams, E Butt, H Williams 23-23.

Yatton Ladies 66, St Andrews 49: P Goddard, L Manning, P Allen, B Topham 25-11; N Reid, B Parker, A Batson, M Spalding 23-20; A Cheesewright, M Hubbard, A Keating, S Parsons 18-18.

THE highlight of Winscombe’s week was beating Victoria in the North Somerset Bowling Association’s KO Cup.

After eight ends of Rod Feltham’s rink, Victoria had a 10 shot lead, but Winscombe rallied in the second half and the rink was won by 13 shots. Overall, Winscombe won five rinks to one and 23 shots.

Today (Thurs), Winscombe have invited Victoria to a replay of the opening of their green on the same day in 1922. By coincidence Winscombe meet Victoria again on Friday in the Turnbull Cup.

Winscombe have still not had a win in the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League, when Clevedon Prom were the victors, securing nine points to Winscombe’s two.

In the Weston and District Over-60s League, Winscombe are also looking for their first win. Against Ashcombe Knights, they lost by 14 shots. After a good start in the Somerset County Leagues, Winscombe failed to win at both away fixtures.

At Clevedon, the A team had a close match. Winscombe were two shots ahead after Winscombe’s two losing rinks had finished. Feltham’s rink had two ends to play after Rod had killed one. Unfortunately, the rink lost a four on the penultimate end and Victoria scored another shot to win by three shots.

The B team went to Portishead and disaster struck when one of the Winscombe team failed to turn up. Under the Somerset County League rule, the match is awarded to the home team, but rink points are awarded to the winning rinks.

Winscombe won on both the rinks by 20 shots, so scored four points, but the match was awarded to Portishead RBL.

Winscombe 82, Isle of Wedmore 114 (friendly): R Knight, K Headford, B Paul, L Collier 12-23; R Weller, T Moody, J Smith, M Nash 16-28; R Fisher, K Symons, N Hansford, A Kyprianides 17-22; D Owen, D Peakall, K Whatling, M Adams15-17; P John, B Prince, M Hunter, G Neville 18-24.

Winscombe 81 (2), Clevedon Prom 99 (9) (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): D Beaverstock, J Smith, A Kyprianides, M Nash 12-23; M Dorrington, J Lukins, L Baldwin, M Adams 16-13; K Whatling, J Sprouting, W Ainsworth, A Dudley 19-21; B Paul, P Fredersdorff, L Collier, A Watts 22-16; N Hansford, G Hill, R Lacy, R Feltham 12-26.

Winscombe101, Victoria 78 (NSBA KO Cup): K Whatling, J Lukins, L Baldwin, M Adams16-12; N Hansford, B White, R Lacy, R Feltham 27-14; J Smith, A Kyprianides, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 20 -14; M Dorrington, P Hopes, M Nash, G Neville 14-24; W Ainsworth, G Hill, R Wootten, T Ellis 24-15.

Winscombe A 53 (2), Clevedon B 56 (10) (County League): J Smith, M Hunter, R Wootten, T Ellis 11-21; W Ainsworth, L Collier, R Lacy,R Feltham 23-14; K Whatling, G Hill, A Dudley, M Adams 19-21.

Winscombe B 53 (4), Portishead RBL C 33 (8) (County League): P Hopes, A Kyprianides, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 31-16; G Lloyd, M Dorrington, A Watts, G Neville 22-17.

BANWELL A had their first game of the season in Premier One of the Somerset County League.

It was always going to be a tough encounter against Clevedon and although partly through the game there were only a handful of shots difference between the sides, Clevedon finished the stronger and came away with 10 points. Darrell Johnston and his rink picked up a four on the last end to gain two points.

Banwell 53, Clevedon 66: T Burnett, M House, P Owen, J Davies 18-23; H Woodards, A Vickery, J Rickerty, B Taylor 12-25; T Hyde, J Laurent, C Wilson, D Johnston 23-18.

Banwell B had their second game, this time at home to Wedmore A. In another close game, Banwell were unlucky to come away with just two points gained from the rink skipped by Graham Millard.

Banwell B 46, Wedmore A 69: R Smith, P Arlotte, T Byrnes, H Guckian 18-19; D Walker, L Smith, J Amos, G Millard 21-19; M Laycock, E Derham, J Keith, K Burgess 7-31.

Congratulations go to club captain Chris Wilson, who has been selected to represent Somerset against Hereford in the first Middleton Cup game. Banwell would like to wish Chris and all the Somerset players all the best for this season’s campaign.

Newly promoted Banwell B had a close game against Ashcombe A, which could have gone either way. After six ends, they were 36-8 down. Hilary Guckian and his rink went into the last end six shots adrift, but picked up a seven to gain Banwell’s two points.

Banwell B 61 (2), Ashcombe A 69 (10): M Amos, L Smith, J Rickerty, A Vickery 23-30; R Smith, J Amos, M House, K Burgess 17-19; M Laycock, T Byrnes, G Millard, H Guckian 21-20.

The next day Banwell travelled to Burnham for the first game in the Four Dimensions competition. Again another tense match occurred, but this time Banwell triumphed.

President Barry Taylor won his singles game, Alan Vickery and Phil Owen just missed out losing by one shot in the pairs.

The triple of Harry Woodards, Jimmy Laurent and John Davies also won and the rink of Tony Hyde, captain Eric Derham, Kim Burgess and Darrell Johnston drew.

ISLE of Wedmore men had a resounding victory in a friendly match against Winscombe, winning all five rinks with a final score of 114-82.

In the mens Over-60s Triples League, the men beat Ashcombe Templars in a close-fought match.

Wedmore 102, Ashcombe 94: R Dearden, M Green, R Thurkettle 6-21; T.Hamblin, S Newdick, C Panchaud 21-23; K Davey, B Cottrell, K Pettit 15-11; J Runciman, D Barnett, R Newell 14-15; A Reynolds, C Weller, D Wederell 22-12; V Matthews, B Aston, R Hughes 24-12.

Wedmore’s run of good results was arrested in the mixed friendly against Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Only the team led by Keith Burt managed a win (21-15) in the 73-110 defeat.

The weather was so cold and windy for the ladies’ friendly against Clarence that the match was cut to 18 ends and the result was a loss to Wedmore by just three shots.

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