Victoria knocked out in the semi-final

VICTORIA bowed out of the Turnbull Cup in the semi-final against Taunton by 12 shots.

VICTORIA bowed out of the Turnbull Cup in the semi-final against Taunton by 12 shots.

This is the third time that Taunton has defeated Victoria at this stage of the competition in recent years. Congratulations to Taunton who will travel to Bath to play Bristol in the final.

Victoria 76, Taunton 88: M Campbell, K Harvey, M Cooper, W Harrison 21-21; H Gibbs, A Uccellini, J Howell, D Williams 17-22; J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 19-19; P Lunn, B Stock, E. Mangan, C Gazzard 19-26.

A trip to Yeovil in the County League only produced two points as Yeovil won their first game. The rink skipped by Colin Gazzard was the only winning rink and that was against a former Victoria player.

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Victoria A 51 (2), Yeovil A 66 (10): M Campbell, D Williams, E Mangan, C Gazzard 25-20; J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 11-22; H Whyte, A Uccellini, M Cooper, W Harrison 15-24.

The B team were at home to Ashcombe A and only won on one rink.

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Victoria B 57 (2), Ashcombe A 65 (10): R Fenwick, A Barnes, K Harvey, M Manning 16-21; H Gibbs, M Fletcher, J Howell, B Stock 16-29; P Lunn, T Gatehouse, D Hurst, K Holland 25-17.

The C team also at home, managed to defeat Clevedon Prom C, winning on two rinks.

Victoria 67 (10), Clevedon Prom C 60 (2): R Austin, A Shattock, M Taylor, P Palmer 20-24; M Willetts, W Nicholls, E Sage, S Evans 25-17; T Gilbert, A Waygood, G Hodge, D Sealey 22-17.

The D team travelled to Burnham and the team lost on all three rinks.

Victoria 28 (0), Burnham B 81 (12): W Osborne, M Milliner, R Sleep, J Griffiths 14-23; T Farmer, I Linham, J Downing, G Frost 10-24; D Beard, R Jacobs, R Sparkes, J Kerr 4-34.

Victoria 126, GB Britton 107 (mixed friendly): J Griffiths, P Newport, R Cleeves, M Taylor 16-19; J West, S Newman, E Sage, D Hurst 27-15; M Angove, E Newport, J Palmer, D Williams 20-18; C Willetts, R Jacobs, T Gatehouse, C Gazzard 21-14; C Sage, A Palmer, M Willetts, J Newman 27-13; W Nicholls, R Bailey, R Sleep, E Mangan 15-28.

CLARENCE A just came out on top after an exciting finish to their Somerset County League Premier Two away match against a strong Burnham A side.

With one end left, Clarence were level on two rinks and winning by four on the third. Although the teams skipped by Barrie Forse and Roger Burrough dropped a total of five shots on the final end, Paul Tubb held firm, picking up three to give Clarence victory by two.

Burnham A (4) 58, Clarence A (8) 60: R Flicker, T Perry, D Towie, B Forse 17-20; B Rossiter, J Edwards, R Crawford, P Tubb 24-17; M Clay, G Cooper, T Pritchard, R Burrough 19-21.

Clarence’s teams in the Weston & District Over-60s League notched up two victories on successive days last week.

First, the Golds, who play in Division 2, had a convincing home victory over Yatton, finishing up on four of the six rinks and drawing another.

New bowler Doug Grier impressed again as he helped Chris Read’s team win by 10, the same margin of victory as enjoyed by Terry Cockcroft, while Gerry Phillips finished 11 ahead.

Clarence Golds 112 (17), Yatton 88 (3): D Gilbert, H Dunn, G Kettleborough 15-13; D Bowley, E Turner, M Davies 15-18; L Lakey, I Baker, H Sparks 16-16; D Grier, M Scoins, C Read 24-14; R Dodson, M Skyrme, G Phillips 23-12; J Norris, B Cornwall, T Cockcroft 25-15.

The Blues, who have found it difficult during their first year in Division 1, avenged a one-shot away defeat the previous week at the hands of second-placed Ashcombe Crusaders, beating them by 32 shots.

Jim Keay, Jim Hicks and Paul Tubb came back from 13-4 down to win by three, while Barrie Forse had 24 shots to spare on his rink and Roger Burrough’s in-form trio finished 18 ahead.

Clarence Blues 123 (14), Ashcombe Crusaders 91 (6): J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 17-14; B Rossiter, T Perry, B Forse 29-5; T Mannion, D Jackman, T Ward 14-23; J Larvin, J Edwards, R Crawford 18-19; B Underwood, G Barlow, G Cooper 17-20; A Bishop, M Clay, R Burrough 28-10.

Despite losing by just one or two shots on three rinks and winning one, Clarence Blues lost by 15 shots away to Portishead RBL in Division 1 of the Over-60s League.

Bob Rossiter, Jim Hicks and skip Brian Ballinger comprised the successful rink, winning by six, while Paul Tubb’s trio dropped two on the last end to go down by one and a couple of other Clarence teams faltered in the final stages, having been in with a chance of victory.

Portishead RBL 103 (18), Clarence Blues 89 (2): B Rossiter, J Hicks, B Ballinger 19-13; A Bishop, M Clay, R Burrough 16-18; J Larvin, J Edwards, P Tubb 14-15; R Flicker, J Keay, R Crawford 15-20; B Underwood, G Barlow, G Cooper 13-15; T Mannion, D Jackman, T Ward 11-22.

Clarence Blues suffered a narrow defeat at Winscombe to go out of the Over-60s League Knockout Cup.

The visitors finished up on only two rinks, John Larvin, Mike Clay and Roger Burrough leading the way with a 16-shot victory. Paul Tubb’s triple, who had been 13 shots ahead, finished six clear, but the five conceded by Barrie Forse on their penultimate end proved crucial as that was Winscombe’s winning margin.

Winscombe 111, Clarence Blues 106: J Larvin, M Clay, R Burrough 27-11; B Rossiter, T Perry, B Forse 18-19; R Flicker, J Edwards, R Crawford 15-27; J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 24-18; B Underwood, G Barlow, G Cooper 10-19; T Mannion, D Jackman, T Ward 12-17.

Clarence’s Sunday mixed team entertained friends from Worcester County Ground, with the visitors taking the honours by 18 shots. Brendan Duffy’s rink starred for Clarence.

Clarence 98, Worcester County Ground 116: J Mannion, J Hicks, J Allard, D Stott 16-18; D Urch, S Scoins, T Cockcroft, J Duffy 9-25; I Hicks, N Peters, M Scoins, D Jackman 14-29; B Difford, S Foster, E Deane, R Cornwall 21-16; M Phelan, D Stevens, J Bishop, B Duffy 21-10; R Dodson, M Woods, M Peters, V Jones 17-18.

Clarence’s Bob Rossiter finished runner-up in his singles group for the second year running in the Bowls England Visually Handicapped Championships at Worthing. He was also runner-up in his pairs category.

After the championship, he travelled to Hastings for a visually handicapped open tournament and won the triples championship, partnered by Somerset colleagues Eric Shackleford and Ian Robertson (both Bridgwater BC).

Barrie Forse, Clarence’s club champion, has reached the last eight of the Somerset Bowls Association Open Championship, sponsored by the Dorset Bowls Resort. He beat Hugh Treloar (Burnham) 21-10 away in the fifth round of the competition, which is open to both men and women club champions.

His opponent in the quarter-finals on August 28 will be Bristol’s R Birmingham.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders 91 (6), Clarence Blues 123 (14) (Over-60s): G Tottle, R Hadley, J Whitlow 14-17; D Stanton, D Bleasdale, J Taylor 5-29; D Carr, I Chesney, A Yates 23-14; R Powell, C Hughes, B Webber 19-18; A Wilmot, J Price, J Hornett 20-17; M Southwood, S Hedges, J Creasey 10-28.

Ashcombe Crusaders 107 (16), Winscombe 95 (4) (Over-60s): A Wilmot, J Price, J Hornett 25-12; R Powell, L Day, J Taylor 20-15; S Hedges, J Whitlow, J Creasey 10-20; R Hadley, D Bleasdale, B Webber 23-18; D Carr, I Chesney, A Yates 18-10; D Stanton, J Main, D A Williams 11-20.

Ashcombe Templars 118 (17), Nailsea 103 (3) (Over-60s): G Tucker, P Gaulton, G Kinsey 17-17; M Field, B Jones, R Ford 21-13; N Coombes, Colin Winser, T Cottrell 22-16; M Tripp, V Bragg, M Brummell 11-24; T Pople, E Booth, L Cox 20-19; R Cole, B Alden, M Adams 27-14.

Ashcombe Knights 75, St Andrews 50 (Over-60s friendly): A Lewis, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 17-14; R Counsell, P Sheppard, J Whitton 13-19; R Lewis, A Morgan, E Roberts 19-9; M Parry, D Norville, W Caddick 26-8.

Ashcombe 125, Taunton 116 (friendly): G Tottle, M Brummell, L Cox, J Hornett 18-17; N Coombes, A Morgan, T Cottrell, W Caddick 24-18; D Underhay, S Easterby, J Main, G Wilkinson 21-19; R Tasker, B Alden, A Freke, R Simmons 22-20; G Tucker, A Cracknell, C Hughes, J Taylor 19-23; R Perkins, Colin Winser, P Sheppard, R Kibble 21-19.

FIVE matches in five days failed to yield a victory for the St Andrews this week.

Gordon Wride’s four were the only ones to achieve a rink win in either of the County League games.

St Andrews 105, Victoria 127 (Ron Taylor Cup leg 1): C Reeves, D Nutt, T Allen, S Davies 14-19; B Reeves, A Cooper, R Venn, D Bailey 19-20; M Leigh, F Mudge, J Ling, J Warren 15-30; M Blight, E Day, T Bell, A Horsburgh 30-8; M Goddard, P O’Connor, R Davey, D Favis 20-18; K Rodgers, R Dunstone, B Green, T Thomas 7-32.

St Andrews 50, Ashcombe Park 75 (Over-60s): D Nutt, T Allen, J Warren 14-17; F Mudge, A MacNab, A Horsburgh 19-13; R Smith, R Dunstone, B May 9-19; R Reed, D Whitehouse, B Green 8-26.

St Andrews Spartans 88, Clevedon 104 (Weston Over-60s Triples Division 1): P O’Connor, A Yeeles, G Wride 20-10; R Smith, T Allen, T Thomas 16-13; B Rogers, A Ware, D Favis 19-16; D Price, R Davey, A Horsburgh 10-21; M Leigh, J Ling, J Warren 12-25; K Parker, R Dunstone, R McLeod 11-19.

St Andrews A 47, Portishead RBL B 76 (County League North Division 1): R Smith, B Reeves, R Venn, S Davies 14-20; M Leigh, A Yeeles, T Bell, G Wride 24-18; M Goddard, R Davey, T Thomas, D Favis 9-38.

St Andrews B 39, Banwell B 81 (County League North Division 2): K Rodgers, D Nutt, J Ling, J Warren 9-33; D Whitehouse, A Cooper, E Day, R McLeod 11-28; M Blight, C Reeves, R Dunstone, B May 19-20.

WRINGTON 72, Congresbury 34 (ladies’ league): C Board, C Phillips, D Brown 34-8; L Johnson, J Cowgill, B Lewis 18-14; J Bettesworth, N Ridge, J Clements 20-12.

Wrington 75, Yatton 56 (men’s league): P Johnson, C Brown, F Cowgill, T Moss 29-17; R Bowden, P Bourrel, M Parsons, J Gowar 20-22; R Clements, T Jefferies, P Lewis, S Bohin 75-56.

ISLE of Wedmore Bowls Club hosted Burnham in a six rink mixed friendly match, the home side recorded a 138-106 win, taking four rinks to the visitor’s two.

The ladies were at home to Winscombe in the Wessex Ladies League and won two rinks out of three and gained a useful eight league points.

Isle of Wedmore Ladies 74, Winscombe 56: J Wheller, J Hunt, S Moss, P Cottrell 29-15; M Trow, C Deane, L Hamblin, E Deverill 10-24; B Disbrey, C Pettit, M Perry, G Harvey 35-17.

The ladies travelled to Wells where they managed to win a friendly match by just three shots (45-42).

The men travelled to Castle Cary for a Mid Somerset League match, where a strong home side pressurised Wedmore into conceding three of the four rinks. Fortunately, a good win by Ian Faulkner’s quartet gave Wedmore the small consolation of two league points.

Isle of Wedmore 79, Castle Cary 91: T Counsell, C Panchaud, B Treloar, R Hughes 17-23; D Trow, B Cottrell T Brown, I Faulkner 26-10; R Bull, K Davy, M Green, K Burt 18-24; V Matthews, D Barnett, K Phillimore, C Moss 18-34.

In a Victoria League match away to Burnham, the ladies were unfortunate to lose by three shots, with the home side winning two of the three rinks. A win by ladies captain Mary Ronald ensured that Wedmore went home with two league points.

In the two accompanying friendly matches, the ladies were again on the receiving end, going down by 7- 20 and 11-39.

Isle of Wedmore Ladies 41, Burnham 44: P Beard, A Hughes, M Hordle 10-15; C Pettit, M Perry, M Ronald 16-10; T Newell, M Trow, E Deverill 15-19.

A two rinks to one home victory over Mark Moor in the Wessex League gave the ladies a valuable eight league points.

Isle of Wedmore Ladies 69, Mark Moor 53: J Wheller, R Aston, L Hamblin, E Deverill 29-11; M Trow, J Bean, S Moss, P Cottrell 19-15;M Green, C Deane J Hunt, M Ronald 21-27.

For the second time this week, Wedmore travelled to Castle Cary, this time in a Mid Somerset Mixed League match. Wedmore emerged victorious, winning two rinks and drawing one, to take 11 league points and extract some measure of revenge for the midweek defeat.

Isle of Wedmore 65, Castle Cary 51: T Newell, M Perry, B Cotterell, G Harvey 18-18; R Bull, C Phillimore, V Matthews, R Hughes 27-13; A Hughes, K Phillimore, S Newdick, R Newell 20-18.

CONGRATULATIONS to Vicky Buick and Rebecca McMillan who have been selected to play in the Under-31 Amy Rose Trophy at Leamington Spa on August 5.

Clarence 45, Victoria Park 48 (friendly): M Waite, J Mannion, V Jones 19-17; S Searle, B Hayes, P Dunn 17-12; S Scoins, M Prescott, M Woods 9-19.

WESSEX Ladies 62 (9), Eastover 44 (1) (Victoria Bridgwater League): P Tillson, C Peart, A Ward 22-12; D Stenning, J Allard, E Williams 21-13; P Hanson, P Taylor, J Binding 19-19.

Friendly rink: S Davies, A Crawford, B Jones 13-15.

IT was an interesting week for Victoria ladies with two league matches being played.

A loss earlier in the week against Nailsea was immediately followed by a win against Congresbury.

Victoria 37 (2), Nailsea 51 (8) (Mendip League): S Newman, M Brooks, P Smith 15-11; D Owen, C Willetts, M Hillman 6-21; C Sage, R Bailey, S Cooper 16-19.

Victoria Ladies 58 (6), Congresbury 54 (4) (Weston & District Triples League): S Lawrence, S Newman, P Smith 16-20; R Cleeves, R Bailey, S Harrison 12-19; C Willetts, E Newport, S Cooper 30-15.

THE ladies of St Andrews played just two games, this week, winning their fixture against Ashcombe Park.

The game against Portishead resulted in a defeat, despite Meg Favis’ four winning on their rink.

St Andrews Ladies 44, Portishead 61: J Pope, E Reeves, B Goddard, M Favis 19-13; M Wride, K Dobney, M Frost, J Ware 15-21; P Uglow, J Forse, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 10-27.

St Andrews Ladies 57, Ashcombe Park 50: J Forse, M Cordwell, E Reeves, P Uglow 23-14; W Allen, J Reed, A Greenwood, E Blight 13-21; J Pope, B McCollum, D Johnston, S Priory 21-15.

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