Victoria reach the final of the 4 Dimensions Cup

Dave Sealey bowling for Victoria.

Dave Sealey bowling for Victoria. - Credit: Archant

Victoria comprehensively beat Ashcombe to reach the final of the 4 Dimensions Cup.

VICTORIA reached the final of North Somerset 4 Dimensions Cup after a resounding win over Ashcombe.

In front of a large number of supporters from both sides, together with several St Andrews members, who were checking the form of their final opponents, Victoria made a slow start, but recovered to win all the games and the match 4-0.

Victoria now meet St Andrews at Clevedon in the final.

Victoria 4, Ashcombe 0 - singles: Colin Gazzard 21-18; pairs: J Newman, M Cooper 25-6; triples: D Fairhurst, K Harvey, W Harrison 18-15; fours: N Stocker, A Bray, P Leadbeater, M Stocker 21-18.

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Victoria only had two fixtures in the Somerset County League with the A team travelling to play Frome Park A and winning 65-57, collecting eight points which cements their place at third position in Premier Division 2 with two games to play and high hopes of securing promotion.

Victoria D hosted Clarence B, who were too strong with Victoria unable to pick up any points.

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Victoria A 65 (8), Frome Park A 57 (4).

Victoria D 39 (0), Clarence B 78 (12).

Victoria Vikings entertained Ashcombe Knights in the Weston & District Over-60s League and lost on four rinks, with just Pete Newport and Grahan Hodge skipping their rinks to victory collecting four points.

Victoria Vikings 81 (4), Ashcombe Knights 106 (16): T Gilbert, M Milliner, P Newport 20-13; S Thynne, A Waygood, J Smart 11-15; R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 9-28; L Kelly, J Mingo-West, G Hodge 20-12; R Jacobs, J Turton, G Frost 14-15; J Griffiths, W Nicholls, G Richards 7-23.

Victoria’s friendly squad were delighted to win both their friendlies. A home game against Clarence was won with just one rink defeat and an excellent rink win of eight shots by Mike Willetts, Hugh Gibbs, Tony Barnes and skip Derek Hurst.

Victoria 91, Clarence 79: T Gatehouse, W Nicholls, J Mingo-West, M Stocker 17-13; L Kelly, B Pocock, N Sell, G Hodge 13-15; M Willetts, H Gibbs, A Barnes, D Hurst 20-12; P Wyatt, B Saward, D Sealey, D Jones 22-20; C Santasuosso, M Milliner, G Rain, R Rockett 19-19.

The annual trip to Minehead on a sunny day, ended in a resounding victory for Victoria.

Victoria 154, Minehead 100: C Santasuosso, M Milliner, G Frost, M Stocker 19-19; W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, N Sell, G Hodge 27-10; P Wyatt, C Chudley, A Shattock, D Fairhurst 28-18; J Griffiths, D Williams, G Richards, M Taylor 28-19; L Kelly, K Holland, J Newman, D Jones 25-17; N Stocker, J Smart, M Manning, P Leadbeater 27-17.

CLARENCE A took a big step towards promotion when they collected all 12 points available at home to Burnham A in Division 1 North of the Somerset County League.

The 18-shot victory put Clarence 13 points clear of second-placed West Backwell A, who have played a game less. If Clarence can take 12 points from their last game of the league season, away to third-placed Isle of Wedmore A this Saturday, they will be promoted to Premier Two, for the third time in five years.

Against Burnham, Roger Burrough’s four blazed the trail again, winning by 14 shots. Team captain David Stott’s rink finished one ahead, despite having dropped six shots in the last two ends.

Richard Crawford’s men ensured the full tally of points, coming back from 8-2 down to win by three with seven shots on the always-crucial final four ends.

Clarence A 67 (12), Burnham A 49 (0): M Edlin, T Ward, J Keay, R Crawford 18-15; R Flicker, T Mannion, B Ballinger, D Stott 20-19; A Gardiner, T Pritchard, G Barlow, R Burrough 29-15.

Clarence B are also having a successful season and came away with full points from their visit to Victoria D in Division 3 North of the County League.

Ken Marshall, an unbeaten skip this season in the league, finished 20 shots clear, while John Edwards skipped his men to victory by 17. A two on the last end enabled the four skipped by John Burgess to win by two and complete the clean sweep. Clarence B are fourth in the table, just outside the promotion slots.

Victoria D 39 (0), Clarence B 78 (12): C Tippett, B Cornwall, D Jackman, J Burgess 21-19; A Bishop, A Kermack, B Duffy, K Marshall 28-8; John Hayes, J Hicks, M Skyrme, J Edwards 29-12.

During a quiet week, Clarence’s only other match was an away friendly with local rivals Victoria. The home team won by 12 shots after a most enjoyable evening game, which ended just as the rain started.

Rod Dodson, skipping for the first time in an inter-club match, had the only winning Clarence rink, while Jim Keay’s team picked up three shots on the last two ends for a draw.

The match was notable for another remarkable performance at lead by Clarence’s super-veteran John Stewart, who will be 95 on August 24.

Victoria 91, Clarence 79: N Martin, L Lewis, T Mannion, K Marshall 12-20; J Loveridge, J Kellaway, D Jackman, B Duffy 20-22; R Flicker, M Scoins, T Ward, R Dodson 15-13; H Dunn, A Bishop, M Skyrme, J Keay 19-19; J Stewart, A Kermack, J Burgess, D Stott 13-17.

Clarence Sunday mixed team’s home game with Gloucester City on Sunday was cancelled because of the weather.

BANWELL A moved into the promotion zone of Premier 2, the B team took a step closer to ensure their place in North 2 next season and the club won both its friendly games.

First up was an away match at Ashcombe Park, and after raining all day it was fully expected that the game would have to be cancelled. But fortunately it stopped in time for the game and Banwell won three out of the four rinks.

Banwell 78, Ashcombe 62: C Coffin, A Cockayne, J Rickerty, A Vickery 11-22; J Evans, J Amos, T .Garfield, A Steer 20-13; V McArdell, J Keith, M House, D Towie 28-13; T Hyde, B Keith, M Laycock, P Aldus 19-14.

Next was a home mixed friendly fixture against Chew Stoke, and with some extremely high scoring, Banwell were victorious 133 shots to 35. Special mention to the rink of Vivienne Thompson, Chick Coffin, Trevor Garfield and Darrell Johnston who chalked up the highest score to date this season with a hefty 45-4 win.

Banwell 133, Chew Stoke 35: M Garfield, B Keith, J Amos, H .Guckian 29-7; V Thompson, C Coffin, T Garfield, D Johnston 45-4; T Hyde, G Hollier, M Millard, A Vickery 30-10; J Davies, J Keith, J Laurent, J Davies 29-14.

In the county league, it was crucial that Banwell A won the game at Yeovil with as many points as they could to give them a better chance of staying in the fight for promotion.

Winning on all three rinks the maximum 12 points was attained and with other teams around them dropping points, Banwell moved into one of the promotion places.

Banwell A 66 (12), Yeovil B 47 (0): G Millard, L Smith, C Wilson, D Johnston 23-19; D Towie, P Aldus, A Steer, J Davies 20-11; V McArdell, H Guckian, P Villis, M Davies 23-17.

Banwell B had the tricky task of playing on the all-weather surface at Wrington. Despite the rink skipped by Harry Woodards coming away with a 10-shot win, the game was lost overall by six with Banwell picking up two vital points which should keep them in the North Division 2.

Banwell B 50 (2), Wrington 56 (10): T Hyde, T Thompson, M House, H Woodards 23-13; T Garfield, J Amos, M Laycock, J Laurent 18-21; T Burnett, D Robinson, J Rickerty, A Vickery 9-22.

ST ANDREWS A lost their Somerset League match away to Nailsea A by 20 shots, taking just two points from the match.

St Andrews A 51, Nailsea A 71: B Reeves, A Ware, G Aldridge, B Forse 18-20; M Goddard, G Cooper, G Webber, D Favis 10-37; R Smith, R Venn, D Bailey, S Davies 23-14.

St Andrews playing their North Somerset KO Cup match away against Portishead RBL, lost by 43 shots, winning only one of the five rinks.

St Andrews 77, Portishead RBL 120: P Smart, R Brereton, R McLeod, G Wride 20-17; M Goddard, G Cooper, A Ware, D Favis 13-29; R Smith, R Gill, K Uglow, D Bailey 15-24; C Coffin, D Price, J Warren, K Curtis 19-29; G Tofte, T Allen, A Horsburgh, S Davies 10-21.

St Andrews lost the friendly triple match away to Ashcombe by 15 shots, but shared the rinks at three apiece.

St Andrews 88, Ashcombe 103: R Brereton, D Price, S Davies 19-9; K Parker, B Green, B Reeves 13-14; P Smart, A Ware, G Wride 17-12; G Sims, J Ling, R Gill 9-26; G Tofte, T Allen, D Bailey 14-12; B Rogers, G Cooper, J Warren 16-30.

St Andrews played a mixed game against touring side Pirrie Park from Southampton and were convincing winners taking all six rinks and by 84 shots.

St Andrews 155, Pirrie Park 71: C Coffin, R Brereton, S Priory, J Warren 20-14; G Sims, J Ling, S Glenville, R Gill 24-18; J Forse, R Flaxman, K Uglow, A Horsburgh 22-10; P Smart, S Sinclair, T Allen, B May 29-10; F Allen, R Lee, M Favis, G Guest 33-11; A Cooper, B Goddard, B Green, G Wride 27-8.

IN THE 4 Dimension Cup, Ashcombe came up against Victoria and lost on all four rinks.

Banwell were the victors in the friendly with Ashcombe, who won only one of the four rinks played.

The Knights were triumphant against Victoria Vikings in the Over-60s League, taking four of the six rinks played, they received 16 of the 20 points on offer.

Ashcombe beat St Andrews in a friendly game. Both teams won three rinks each, but overall Ashcombe won by 15 shots.

Ashcombe A played West Backwell in the County League, winning on one rink and drawing on another, but West Backwell took the match. The B team took on Burnham in Division 3 North, winning on only one rink.

Once again Ashcombe were hosts to a mixed touring team from Pirrie Park, Southampton and were the victors by a small margin.

Ashcombe 57, Victoria 85 (4 Dimension)-singles: I Shannon 18-21; pairs: E Roberts, J Whitton 6-25; triples: R Powell, G Wilkinson, A Yates 15-18; fours: A Wilmot, M West, J Whitlow, DA Williams 18-21.

Ashcombe 66, Banwell 78 (friendly): B Benstead, M West, G Sansam, DA Williams 14-19; D Cooper, D Wynne, S Hedges, E Hooper 15-28; B Miles, L Yates, T Cottrell, T Bass 15-20; G Tucker, R Counsell, M Paterson, G Wilkinson 22-11.

Knights 106, Victoria Vikings 81 (Over-60s): D Cooper, T Cottrell, L Day 13-20; R Tasker, M Parry, I Shannon 15-11; A Wright, G Kinsey, E Hopkins 23-7; N Coombes, D Norville, E Hooper 28-9; B Jones, I Baker, D Carr 15-14; P Gaulton, M Bass, K Wheeler 12-20.

Ashcombe 103, St Andrews 88 (friendly): G Tottle, D Underhay, J Whitlow 26-9 B Duncan, B Underhay, J Taylor 14-13 D Wynne, J Main, DA Williams 30-16; G Tucker, B Golding, G Sansam 12-14 B Miles, D Bleasdale, T Morgan 9-19 K Davies, R Counsell, J Hornett 12-17.

Ashcombe A 55, West Backwell 69 (County League): R Powell, F Ham, G Wilkinson, A Yates 11-30; A Wilmot, E Roberts, T Bass, D Carr 23-18; N Coombes, I Baker, L Day, DA Williams 21-21.

Ashcombe B 50 Burnham 63 (County League): G Pople, M Bass, T Cottrell, E Hopkins 18-21; B Cracknell, B Benstead, M Parry, J Creasey 18-17; P Gaulton, M Paterson, R Tasker, K Wheeler 14-25.

WINSCOMBE got back to winning ways with victory in the Weston & District Over-60s League against Wedmore and then in the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare League against Long Ashton.

In midweek, Winscombe lost at home against Bath by 14 shots This meant the away defeat was not avenged this year. This is a long standing triples match played over 21 ends.

Winscombe followed this next day by managing to win by just one shot against a friendly and competitive mixed touring side from Pirrie Park in Southampton.

In the Somerset County League, Winscombe B won against Congresbury A by 22 shots, winning two of the three rinks and Winscombe C lost their game by two rinks to one and 27 shots.

Winscombe 135 (20), Wedmore 58 (0) (Over-60s): G Lloyd, G Coombe, W Ainsworth 30-10; R Wootten, J Sprouting, M Adams 39-7; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-13; R Kibble, T Uccellini, A Dudley 21-12; A Watts, R Lowman, G Neville 18-16; B Paul, L Collier, T Ellis won (10 shots).

Winscombe 84, Long Ashton 57 (C&D): M Dorrington, M Nash, G Coombe, S Eastment 23-15; W Ainsworth, R Kibble, A Dudley, M Adams 27-3; A Watts, K Whatling, L Collier, R Lacy 15-18; S Easterby, R Knight, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 19-21.

Winscombe 103, Bath 117: K Whatling, R Kibble, G Neville 16-17; J Sprouting, M Nash, R Lacy 16-16; W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 19-21; S Easterby, L Collier, T Ellis 21-15; R Fisher, B Paul, A Dudley 16-21; G Lloyd, T Uccellini, M Adams 15-26.

Winscombe 123, Pirrie Park 122: C. Hopes, J Smith, S Caddy, G Coombe 13-26; P Hopes, T Darkin, L Fredersdorff, R Lowman 20-16; L Coombe, B Prince, M Adams, R Lacy 16-19; P Cast, T Moody, W Weller, P Fredersdorff 15-26; J Sprouting, D Peakall, R Fisher, M Adams 31-16; R Knight, J Rush, M Nash, G Neville 26-19.

Winscombe B 72 (10), Congresbury A 50 (2) (County League): J Sprouting, M Nash, G Coombe, M Dorrington 27-10; K Whatling, G Lloyd, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 32-17; R Sapsford, P Hopes, R Kibble, A Watts 13-23.

Winscombe C 49 (2), Chew Stoke B 76 (10) (County League): D Beaverstock, M Trenchard, R Knight, R Fisher 15-24; P John, D Leach, J Smith, M Hunt 23-20; R Weller, T Moody, B Prince, B Paul 11-32.

WEDMORE was chosen again this year to host the national pairs finals of the British Wheelchair Bowlers Association.

With the remains of a tropical hurricane hitting the West Country, play was moved to the indoor rinks for the second day, adding the additional challenge of playing on both grass and carpet.

The winners of the event were defending champions Tony Lloyd and Ken King from Cullompton, pictured receiving the winners trophy from Wedmore president Brendon Cottrell. Local pair Brian Haggett and Bob Fear from Mark Moor took second place.

Ian Blackmore, chairman of the BWBA, thanked members of the Isle of Wedmore Bowls Club who had made the event such a success, organising, catering and assisting the teams and complimented the club on its wonderful facilities.

The Wedmore men’s B team visited Wrington for a Somerset County League match managing a win by the narrow margin of 63-59. The best result of the afternoon was a decisive 27-17 win by Keith Burt and his team

Wedmore B 63, Wrington 59: V Matthews, P Moxey, C Panchaud, C Moss 20-21; J Runciman, T Hamblin, D Collins, K Burt 27-17; A Birch, P Bean, I Faulkner, D Stansfield 16-21.

On the same afternoon, the A team visited Nailsea and lost overall by just five shots. Roger Hughes and his team had the only win of the day 26-19

Wedmore A 56, Nailsea 61: T Brown, S Newdick, R Newell, R Hughes 26-19; R Bull, B Back, R Thurkettle, E Payne 17-19; D Trow, I Gallop, R Barron, D Nicholls 15-23.

Wedmore men also had a tough fight on their hands when visiting Frome Park for an MSL match.

Wedmore 62, Frome Park 81: J Runciman, A Birch, K Phillimore, C Moss 9-24; T Counsell, M Green, I. Faulkner, K Burt 22-10; V Matthews, C Panchaud, T Brown, D Nicholls 15-25; G Dodd, B Cottrell, I Gallop, R Barron 16-22.

Playing away at Street in the MSL, Wedmore lost by just four shots (77-81) and in a match of big differential scores, Ron Barron and his team had the best result winning their rink 32-12.

The ladies visited Wrington for a Mendip League match and were pleased to win all three rinks. Maureen Hordle and her team had the best differential of 19-12

Wedmore Ladies 64, Wrington 43: M Stansfield, R Aston, M Trow 18-15; C Mercer, M Perry, P Cottrell 17-16; B Clark, A Hughes, M Hordle 19-12.

In another Mendip League Triples match, Wedmore ladies hosted visitors Nailsea with the home side losing 48-58. Wedmore’s one winning rink was led by Doreen Gallop and they managed a dramatic 30-9 scoreline.

In an away match at North Petherton, the Wedmore ladies were pleased to come away with a win. In an afternoon of high scores, Elaine Deverill led her team to a 27-5 victory and this secured the match for Wedmore.

Wedmore Ladies 50, North Petherton 46: M Hordle, J Hunt, M Trow, P Cottrell 19-16; J Collins, M Barron, D Gallop, E Deverill 27-5; B Clark, M Fisher, L Hamblin, M Stansfeid 4-25.

Congresbury ladies came to Wedmore for a WDL match and beat Wedmore on two of the three rinks. Final score was 45-56, with Gill Harvey and her team having the only success of the day 15-12.

Finally, in a MSL match played at Wedmore, the visitors won by just one shot 52 to Wedmore’s 51. Keith Burt and his team had the best result with a 16-10 win.

WESSEX ladies had a change of fortune this week and recorded an excellent win.

Wessex 48 (8), West Backwell 36 (2) (Weston & District Ladies League): P Turner, P Hanson, J Duffy 27-5; M Milford, M Hawkins, A Fewings 10-9; E Wade, J Allard, C Peart 11-22.

ASHCOMBE Park Ladies 46 (2), Clevedon Prom 58 (8) (Wessex League): S Davies, D Norville, C Hedges, B MacGregor 14-23; L Paterson, B Cullen, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-15; M Main, D Little, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 16-20.

Ashcombe Ladies 47 (2), North Petherton 57 (8): L Owens, S Davies, M Tasker, S Weaden 16-20; M Main, S Bayntun, B MacGregor, J Hughes 11-22; J Field, J Sansam, C Hedges, J McInally 20-15. Friendly rink: M Sell, S Hopkins 16-27.

Ashcombe Ladies 55 (8), Clarence 29 (2) (North Somerset Triples League): J Field, N Counsell, B MacGregor 11-13; M Tucker, M Tasker, S Weaden 14-12; M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 30-4. Friendly rink: S Noyes, D Norville, S Hopkins 12-18.

IN THEIR only inter-club match during the last two weeks, Clarence ladies registered a fine, four-shot away victory over Congresbury in the Weston & District Triples League.

They finished up on only one rink, but the nine shots that Marysia Angove, Veronica Jones and skip Mary Davison had to spare was enough to make up for the deficit on the other two.

Congresbury Ladies 47, Clarence 51: S Pritchard, A Harris, V Collicott 14-15; M Angove, V Jones, M Davison 20-11; S Searle, J Mannion, P Burrough 17-21.

ST ANDREWS ladies played three friendly matches and remarkably drew two of them and winning the third by 28 shots.

St Andrews Ladies 59, Burnham 31: B Goddard, D Johnstone, J Ware 25-12; J Forse, A Greenwood, M Bailey 10-13; M Wride, J Smith, I Tofte 24-6.

St Andrews Ladies 36, Wedmore 36: K Dodney, B Goddard, S Sinclair 13-11; S Priory, A Greenwood, J Ware 17-10; J Forse, S Glenville, M Pattenden 6-15.

St Andrews Ladies 48 North Petherton 48: F Allen, I Tofte, M Bailey 21-15; K Dobney, a Greenwood, M Pattenden 14-17; J Forse, S Glenville, S Priory 13-16.

VICTORIA Ladies 35 (0), Burnham 51 (10) (Weston & District Triples): C Stevens, C Willetts, S Cooper 12-16; C Sage, R Cleeves, M Chudley 11-19; F Waters, R Bailey, S Newman 12-16.

Victoria Ladies 48, Winscombe 48 (friendly): G Poolman, S Pocock, C Sage, S Newman 15-20; L Richards, C Stevens, C Willetts, E Newport 18-10; H Frye, S Sokol, R Bailey, S Cooper 15-18.

WINSCOMBE ladies drew a friendly game at home against Victoria, winning two out of the three rinks.

The ladies had a good win against Mark Moor played away in the Wessex League, winning on all three rinks. Skips Mavis Adams, Rowena Keane and Angela Ainsworth led the visitors to an overall 67-48 win, claiming a full 10 points towards their league total.

Winscombe Ladies 48, Victoria 48 (friendly): C Hopes, L Whatling, W Weller, R Keane 20-15; D Seaman, T Miles (c), S Lowis, S Caddy 18-15; T Darkin, S Ovenden, P Heal, S Nash 10-18.

Winscombe Ladies 67, Mark Moor 48 (WL): M Sprouting, S Nash, J Rush, M Adams 19-12; T Miles, C Bryant, L Whatling, R Keane (c) 21-15; C Hopes, L Coombe, W Weller, A Ainsworth 27-21.

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