Victoria secure cup final place after convincing victory

Mike Scoins bowling for Clarence BC.

Mike Scoins bowling for Clarence BC. - Credit: Archant

Victoria convincingly defeated Ashcombe to reach the final of the North Somerset Cup.

Victoria secured their place in the final of the North Somerset Cup against Portishead RBL after a convincing semi-final win against Ashcombe.

Victoria won four rinks with Mike Stocker skipping his rink of Malcolm Campbell, Dave Fairhurst and Tony Bray to a rink win of 18 shots.

Victoria B won their County League match against Ashcombe by just a single shot, with the rink of Paul Coumis, Phil Fisher, Mike Manning and Keith Holland winning by seven shots to snatch victory.

The Vikings achieved a well-deserved victory in the Over-60s League beating Ashcombe Templars by 20 shots and banking 16 points. The triple of Alex Waygood, Beric Saward and John Smart top scored with a win of 11 shots.

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The Saxons have lost their invincible tag having been beaten by Clarence Blues by seven shots, but importantly gaining six points from the winning rinks skipped by Mike Cooper, Mike Stocker and Keith Holland.

Away from league competition, Victoria travelled to Minehead for their annual visit enjoying an excellent day and warm hospitality and to finish the day on a positive note.

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Victoria won the match and four rinks with Keith Holland skipping his rink of Alex Waygood, Graham Richards and Tony Bray to an outstanding rink win of 27 shots.

Victoria 122, Ashcombe 74: D Beard, M Manning, A Yates, M Cooper 24-9; P Lunn, J Newman, D Hurst, P Leadbeater 26-15; P Wyatt, H Whyte, K Harvey, D Jones 14-17; R Bromet, L Stocker, K Holland, C Heal 28-21; M Campbell, D Fairhurst, A Bray, M Stocker 30-12.

Victoria B 48 (8), Ashcombe A 47 (4): R Hollier, H Whyte, A Bray, M Stocker 12-16; M Campbell, P Lunn, H Gibbs, D Hurst 14-16; P Coumis, P Fisher, M Manning, K Holland 22-15.

Victoria Saxons 88 (6), Clarence Blues 95 (14): B Pocock, D Williams, A Yates 15-20; R Rockett, A Shattock, M Cooper 16-12; R Bromet, A Bray, M Stocker 25-11; P Lunn, D Hurst, C Heal 9-17; M Campbell, J Newman, K Harvey 8-23; H Whyte, M Manning, K Holland 15-12.

Victoria Vikings 108 (16), Ashcombe Templars 88 (4): R Hollier, C Chudley, D Jones 13-17; W Nicholls, Carmine, G Hodge 16-19; A Webb, T Gilbert, G Frost 17-15; A Waygood, B, Saward, J Smart 23-12; N Robbins, G Jones, T Broughton 19-15; L Kelly, T Gatehouse, E Sage 20-10.

Victoria 141, Minehead 110: L Kelley, Carmine, P Wyatt, M Stocker 13-28; D Williams, R Bromet, R Rockett, J Newman 26-15; T Gatehouse, D Beard, A Shattock, L Stocker 13-27; J Langridge, M Willetts, M Manning, P Leadbeater 26-18; E Sage, J Smart, G Frost, D Jones 28-14; A Waygood, G Richards, T Bray, K Holland 35-8.

Clarence Blues, third in the Over-60s League, brought Victoria`s unbeaten run to an end with a superb seven-shot win.

With both sides winning on three rinks, skip Roger Burroughs’ side won by an emphatic 15 shots which made the difference between the sides.

Clarence Blues 95, Victoria Saxons 88: T Ward, J Rogers, D Towie 17-9; R Rossitter, D Grier, D Stott 12-15; B Ballinger, B Sweet, R Crawford 11-25; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 23-8; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 12-16; J Loveridge, T Mannion, M Edlin 20-15.

Despite losing on three rinks and drawing on the fourth, Clarence still came through and won by 14 shots against Ashcombe Crusaders. Joint rinks of the day must go to skips Gerry Barlow, winning by 22 shots and Don Towie with a 14 shot-winning margin.

Clarence 113, Ashcombe Crusaders 99: T Ward, J Rogers, D Towie 22-8; M Cerasoli, B Uderwood, D Stott 9-25; A Gardiner, M Phillips, R Burrough 20-24; J Loveridge, B Sweet, R Crawford 14-16; R Smith, B Duffy, G Barlow 30-8; B Benn, D Grier, M Edlin 18-18.

St Andrews player Barrie Forse was unlucky not to complete a title double at the Clevedon Open Bowls Tournament.

Forse and his indoor clubmates Steve Davies and Darrell Johnston played outstandingly to win the triples championship by 12 shots, helped by a seven on one end of the final.

Then Forse and his partner Sue Latham (Olveston) looked set for victory in a terrific mixed pairs final until a lucky deflection on the last end by their Clevedon Prom opponents Chris and Angie Crees turned a three-shot advantage into a one-shot defeat.

Saints’ hopes of reaching the final of the Weston & District Over-60s KO Cup were dashed when one of their players, having got the date wrong, failed to turn up for the semi-final away to Portishead RBL.

That meant the loss of a rink, plus 10-shot penalty, and they lost the match by a frustrating six shots, including that deduction.

Brian May, skipping for only the second time this season, steered his triple to victory by 12 shots and a six on the first end helped George Webber win by six.

Portishead RBL 91, St Andrews 85: R Wootten, J Keay, B Forse 14-15; T Lay, K Uglow, B May 25-13; M Goddard, T Ware, D Favis 13-17; R Potter, R Brereton, G Webber 20-14; G Sims, B McLeod, B Reeves 13-22.

Cotswold, former club of Saints’ captain Richard Venn, were the visitors for a mixed friendly and, in lovely weather, went home winners by 20 shots.

However, Venn had the satisfaction of skipping the highest-winning home rink, by 16 shots, with 15-year-old Luke Yeates in fine form as they scored a 13th end six. Jim Warren steered his team to victory also.

St Andrews 108, Cotswold 128: Jackie Yeates, Debbie Baker, B Reeves, J Warren 24-13; L Yeates, Judy Forse, Marie McMillan, R Venn 25-9; Claire Lowe, Di Johnston, J Ling, Irene Tofte 15-35; P Smart, T Lay, Jane Smith, Audrey Powell 14-19; Chris Bygrave, R Lee, M Goddard, G Webber 21-27; Carolina Venn, D Reynolds, J Keay, K Curtis 9-25.

Ashcombe’s Templars scored an impressive 14-shot win over Nailsea in the North Somerset Over-60s League, while the Knights went down by 24 against Portishead and the Crusaders lost 99 to 113 against Clarence Blues.

Ashcombe Templars 104, Nailsea 90: R Cole, M Butt, B Miles 16-10; P March, M Badman, E Booth 14-13; G Field, M Unwin, S Andrews 23-11; G Tucker, K Davies, N Coombes 18-20; B Duncan, J McKenzie, G Fews 17-22; B Salt, C Vardon, T Pople 16-14.

Ashcombe Knights 76, Portishead 96: M Field, W Spring, A Freke 10-25; F Bertram, M Bass, K Wheeler 14-15; G Mills, D Wynne, E Hopkins 17-14; D Freestone, R Counsell, B Jones 20-20; G Pople, G Fews, G Sansam 11-22.

Ashcombe Crusaders 99, Clarence Blues 113: G Kinsey, T Bass, L Day 8-22; D Cooper, B Benstead, G Wilkinson 25-9; M Southwood, J Whitlow, J Creasey 24-20; L Cox, G Tottle, R Powell 16-14; S Hedges, A Little, J Taylor 8-30; DA Williams, D Bleasdale, T Cotterell 18-18.

In the North Somerset Knockout Cup, Ashcombe’s men lost heavily against Victoria, going down by 46 shots.

Ashcombe 75, Victoria 121: R Powell, G Sansam, T Cotterell, A Little 9-24; M Butt, G Tottle, S Hedges, J Taylor 18-14; G Kinsey, D Wynne, M Southwood, G Wilkinson 15-26; J McKenzie, B Benstead, DA Williams, T Bass 21-28; M Paterson, B Underhay, D Bleasdale, J Whitlow 12-30.

In the Somerset Bowls League, Ashcombe A met Victoria B in a closely-fought match eventually losing by one shot.

Ashcombe 47, Victoria 48: M Paterson, G Fews, J Whitlow, R Powell 16-12; D Bleasdale, T Bass, S Hedges, J Creasey 15-22; D Cooper, M West, L Day, J Taylor 16-14.

Playing a mixed friendly against Ardagh, Ashcombe went down eight shots in a match where the lead changed several times.

Ashcombe 88, Ardagh 96: A Bass, A Tucker, M Bass, K Wheeler 25-21; M Dew, W Spring, B MacGregor, J McInally 23-32; L Owens, D Wynne, G Tottle, E Hopkins 16-25; D Underhay, P Wynne, J Creasey, T Bass 24-18.

In a four-rink mixed friendly match away to local rivals Banwell, Winscombe won on half of the rinks, the shot differences on the losing rinks outweighed those on the winning rinks by a significant margin so that Banwell ran out 82-57 winners.

The club managed to reverse this position in the home fixture of their annual friendly match against Bath, winning by 132 shots to 102, despite sharing the number of winning rinks.

This is an unusual match as it is played over 21 ends, despite being a triples game which is normally played over 18.

In the home leg of the Parrot Shield, Winscombe went into the match 20 shots down from the first leg and, if history is anything to go by, knew they could turn this around.

However, Banwell proved to be too strong again this year and won the second leg 112-98 to comfortably retain the trophy. Club president Rob Lacy presented the shield to Banwell president Barry Taylor.

Winscombe faced Portishead RBL in the Over-60s league. With just one end to go Winscombe were in the lead by one shot. Unfortunately, across the six rinks, Portishead won the last ends by three shots to take the match 115 to 113.

Finally, the Winscombe A team played the Bristol B team in a league match. At the halfway point things looked good, but a strong finish by Bristol saw them secure the tie 51-59, winning on two out of the three rinks.

The floodlights have now been put up in readiness for the Winscombe Floodlit Tournament, which will be played over most evenings for the next four weeks and will feature teams from clubs all over the region as well as teams from the Winscombe itself.

Winscombe 57, Banwell 82: M Sprouting, J Smith, M Fletcher, J Sprouting 14-24; A Griffin,S Lowis, M Dorrington, W Ainsworth 12-20; R Sapsford, J Wiles, S Lowman, R Lowman 19-12; D Brown, R Lowis, L Parfitt, S Caddy 12-26.

Winscombe 98, Banwell 112: G Lloyd, B Paul, G Neville, R Lacy 11-32; R Sapsford, B Kibble, S Easterby, M Dorrington 24-20; M Fletcher, K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 13-25; N Hansford, L Collier, A Dudley, M Adams 28-13; W Ainsworth, B Andrews, R Lowman, T Ellis 22-22.

Winscombe 132, Bath 102: P Hopes, L Collier, R Lacy 29-13; M Newing, G Neville, T Dudley 28-11; M Fletcher, R Lowman, M Adams 18-23; P John, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 17-22; B Andrews, K Whatling, M Dorrington 28-13; B Paul, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 12-20.

Winscombe 113 (8), Portishead RBL 115 12): P John, J Sprouting ,M Adams 12-23; D Brown, M Fletcher, T Ellis 21-20; M Newing, L Collier, R Lacy 16-15; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 27-15; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 23-19; R Sapsford, B Paul, G Neville 14-23.

Winscombe A 51 (2), Bristol B 59 (10).

The British Wheelchair Bowlers Association were hosted by Wedmore again for the Wedmore Pairs Competition.

After two days play the winning pair was Mike Diston from Truro and Richard Brown from Wiltshire. Ian Blackmore, president of BWBA thanked the members for their help with catering, setting up and during the competition, making this event a great success.

Wedmore men continued to do well in the Clevedon & District Over-60s with a 26-shot win at Portishead. Ron Barron and his team had the best win of the day 21-11.

Wedmore 110, Portishead 84: C Wheller, I Gallop, R Barron 21-11; J Runciman, R Norris, K Pettit 17-16; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 22-14; B Aston, J Harris, D Stansfield 11-18; D Barnett, R Bull, E Payne 22-15; A Birch, D Trow, R Hughes 17-10.

Wedmore ladies played at home against Mark Moor for the Fear Plate and won by nine shots after a close game. Gill Harvey and her team sealed the win with a score of 23 -12 on their rink.

Wedmore Ladies 59, Mark Moor 50: J Colline, J Hunt, M Trow, E Wederell 19-22; A Hughes, P Beard, M Hordle, E Deverill 17-16; J Collingwood, C Pettit, T Newell, G Harvey 23-12.

Nailsea came to Wedmore for a ladies’ triples league match Wedmore won just one rink and the visitors won overall by 13 shots.

Wedmore Ladies 45, Nailsea 58: B Clark, L Hamblin, S Wederell 13-30; M Green, D Gallop, E Deverill 17-12; M Barron, J Hunt, M Hordle 15-16.

A mixed Wedmore team visited Wellington for a friendly match which Wedmore won handsomely scoring 83 shots to Wellington’s 61. Mike Green and his team had the best of the day winning 25-9.

With the approaching end of the outdoor season, thoughts are turning to the indoor winter competitions. Once again Wedmore is offering a series of taster days on September 17, 24 and 25, from 9.30 until 4pm.

These sessions offer a great opportunity for beginners to try indoor bowling, or for other bowlers looking for a winter venue to visit the club and see the facilities. All sessions are free of charge and equipment is provided.

St Andrews Ladies maintained their good form in the DRT League with a 21-shot home victory over West Backwell.

Monica Pattenden’s rink won 13 of the 18 ends to finish 19 clear, while Jackie Ware and her team, 5-11 down at halfway, picked up 15 shots in the last eight ends to win by six.

St Andrews Ladies 60, West Backwell 39: J Forse, S Sinclair, J Pitman, A Campbell 14-18; F Allen, M Frost, A Powell, J Ware 20-14; C Venn, D Johnson, J Smith, M Pattenden 26-7.

Saints Ladies proved too strong for visitors Wessex in a friendly triples at Thirlmere Road, winning by a thumping 42 shots.

Debbie Baker, Sheila Glenville and skip Sue Sinclair had a six on the 13th end as they won by 18, one less than the victory margin by Jane Smith’s trio, who included first-season bowler Jackie Yeates. Jackie Pitman also notched up a win.

St Andrews Ladies 70, Wessex 28: S Priory, I Tofte, J Pitman 16-11; J Yeates, B Goddard, J Smith 27-8; D Baker, S Glenville, S Sinclair 27-9.

It was a different story in the home friendly against Isle of Wedmore, with two Saints’ rinks going down by a total of 13 shots. Irene Tofte’s five-shot victory was some consolation.

St Andrews Ladies 39, Isle of Wedmore 47: J Webb, D Baker, M Pattenden 11-18; M Barnes, S Priory, M Favis 10-16; B Goddard, M Frost, I Tofte 18-13.

Rebecca McMillan of St Andrews Ladies reached the county semi-final of the national mixed pairs when she and Craig Walker (Victoria) beat Mo Millard (Yatton) and Darrell Johnston (Banwell) 24-6 at Thirlmere Road.

They will play a pair from Fosseway in the semis at Purnell on August 28.

The annual match between the Wessex Ladies captain and president ended in a win for the captain’s team.

President Pat Hanson presented captain Norma Peters with the Stella Ford Trophy, following a delicious American tea.

Captain 58, President 36 (captain’s team first): J Hartree, J Davis/N Peters, P Turner, J Duffy 12, V Gardiner, J Gardiner, P Hanson, B Jones 18; J Allard, C Falconbridge, M Hawkins, P Taylor 29, S Hewitt, P Dunn, D Welfare, A Ward 5; V Edwards, M Milford, E Stott, E Wade 17, I Hicks, R Hinde, M Davis, E Williams 13.

Wessex Ladies 52 (2), Mark Moor 60 (8): N Peters, E Wade M Davis, J Duffy 22-9; P Hanson, A Crawford, M Hawkins, E Williams 15-31; P Turner, P Dunn, A Ward, B Jones 15-20.

Winscombe Ladies had two fixtures in the North Somerset Triples League.

At Clevedon they lost on two rinks, but the rink skipped by Sue Caddy with Sarah Lowman and Carol Hopes picked up five shots on the last two ends to win by two shots and gain two points for the visitors.

They entertained Portishead, won on two rinks and narrowly lost on the third to gain all but two points from this match.

Once again, Sue Caddy skipped a winning rink and secured their win by just one shot, by gaining three shots on the last end. Captain Trixie Miles led from the front with Angela Ainsworth and Eve Watts to win on their rink by 10 shots, which proved a decisive margin and secured eight points.

Winscombe Ladies 39, Clevedon 61: M Sprouting, L Whatling, L Fredersdorff 12-24; C Hopes, S Lowman, S Caddy 17-15; I Miles, A Ainsworth, M Adams 10-22.

Winscombe Ladies 49, Portishead 40: J Rush, L Fredersdorff, W Weller 16-18; C Hopes, S Lowman, S Caddy 14-13; I Miles, A Ainsworth, E Watts 19-9. Friendly rink: T Darkin, S Ovenden, S Lowis 8-25.

Clarence Ladies suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Ashcombe in the Fear Cup, going down by 18 shots. They managed a win on one rink skipped by M Noddings. with a five shot margin.

Clarence Ladies 49, Ashcombe 67: P Fowler, P Hawkins, M Davison, M Noddings 19-14; S Pritchard, V Jones, V Collicott 16-31; A Ballinger, S Scoins, J Mannion, C Edlin 14-22.

Once again, Ashcombe brought misery on Clarence, but this time it was a closer affair. But it needed skip M Davison’s massive 24-shot winning margin to keep the final score look respectful.

Clarence Ladies 62, Ashcombe 71: S Scoins, P Hawkins, V Colicottt 3-29; J Colman, B Deacon 17-10; P Fowler, S Pritchard, M Noddings 10-22; M Angove, V Jones, M Davison 32-8.

The end of a bad week for the ladies saw them losing by nine shots to Portishead. Great spirit was shown on the rink skipped by P Hawkins, which gave them a 12-shot win.

Clarence Ladies 41 Portishead 52: M Angove, A Ballinger, M Davison 10-22; B Francombe, S Searle, V Jones 6-22; J Colman, S Pritchard, P Hawkins 20-8.

Victoria Ladies had a quiet week with just one game against Wedmore in the Weston & District Triples League, but took full advantage winning all three rinks with a great team performance, finishing with all 10 points and an overall win of 16 shots.

Victoria Ladies 52 (10), Wedmore 36 (0): H Frye, S Sokol, A Holland 15-11; B Williams, K Wilson, R Cleeves 19-13; G Poolman, C Willetts, M Hillman 18-12.

Ashcombe Ladiues 61 (8), Clarence 45 (2) (NST): M Main, M Tucker, J Wilkinson 31-3; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 8-32; N Counsell, J Hughes, A Goacher 22-10. Friendly rink: J Field, S Bayntun, C Hedges 10-17.

Ashcombe Ladies 52 (2), North Petherton 69 (8) (Wessex League): J Matthews, S Noyes, J Hughes, S Weaden 22-18; L Paterson, J Field, B Macgregory, B Cullen 14-29; P Wynne, D Norville, N Counsell, A Goacher 16-22.

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