Vipers held to a draw by Walton

Cleeve and Claverham Vipers earn a draw on their return to the league.

A NEW season and a welcome for a team returning to the league – Cleeve and Claverham Vipers were evenly matched with Walton Wanderers.

Ray Jenkins won all his singles for Wanderers, losing one game to Neil Kirsopp and two to Bill Atkinson. Beth Atkinson got some experience in Division 1 and had close games against Mike Harris and Jenkins

Atkinson and Kirsopp’s doubles win in three over Bill Bruton and Harris gave Vipers the point to level the match 5-5.

Division 2 champions Totterdown Daemons found themselves up against Vets A who were Division 1 runners-up last season.

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It was a good match for Daemons’ Graham Cheeseman with two wins, losing to Vets’ top scorer Peter Butterworth. Jason King narrowly beat Vets’ Ann Sandford and Mike Summers took one game from her. A doubles win by Butterworth and Sandford gave Vets a 7-3 winning score.

Vets A had another 7-3 win, over Winsc Renegades, though top scorer was Renegades’ Paul Hayward with all three singles, losing one game to Vets’ Colin Lewis. Butterworth, Lewis and Roger Crump all won two each.

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Vipers won their second match 6-4 against Winsc Rebels in a tight match with most contests going to four or five games. Andy Greed came through against Mike Baker, Dave Hunt and Rob Hansen, despite three tough sets. Jade Cope gave a good account of herself by beating Mike Baker and taking games from Hunt and Hansen.

Bill Bruton and Mike Harris fought hard for three points each, facing stiff opposition from Daemons’ Jason King and Graham Cheeseman. King beat Dave Grounsell and with Cheeseman took the doubles to give Daemons their two points. Wanderers won 8-2.

In Division 2, it was a good start for Totterdown Flamingos against Winsc Warriors with Nigel Andrews making nine clear points, closely followed by Trevor Williams with two wins and a loss to Anne Baker.

Ann and Pete Joiner’s doubles had the edge over Andrews and Luda Cronin winning 3-1. The match went to Flamingos 22-14.

New team C & C Banwell B acquitted themselves well against experienced Vets C, with Leo Reid taking two games from Tony Chedgy, and Alex Chandler one from Gary Evry.

Jack Brent beat Vets’ new player Len Noble in a close four game set. The doubles was also a hard-fought five game encounter which went to Noble and Chedgy. Vets won 28-8.

Banwell A, with league experience, did well against C & C Cobras with Max Jeremiah winning all his singles with the loss of one game to Cobra’s John Barker. Beth Atkinson beat Simon Thomas in four and John Barker in five, but found Cobras’ Rick Hutchinson just too strong, losing on the fifth 11-5.

Katy Groom made a good start with close games, taking one from Thomas. A 3-2 doubles gave Banwell a 21-18 winning match.

Cobras were out of luck, losing another close fought match 16-21 against Winsc Wayfarers. Jack Brent playing for Cobras beat Pete Joiner and took two games from Rick Parker.

Parker also beat John Barker and Simon Thomas. Wayfarers’ Phil Yates with two wins lost in five to Barker.

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