175th anniversary of Weston Cricket Club book by Roger Webber to shortly be released

Roger Webber

History of Weston Cricket Club 1845-2020 author Roger Webber. - Credit: Roger Webber

To mark the 175th anniversary of Weston Cricket Club, a 268-page book will be released to commemorate the landmark.

It is written by former captain and life member Roger Webber, his first book, and he said he wanted to document Weston’s “fantastic history” and to ensure it was never forgotten.

“I’m so pleased and proud to have done it,” said Webber.

“If the club can bring as much joy to its reader as it has brought to me writing it we are on for a winner.

“This is a permanent history record of the club from 1845 right to the current day for the aim of the 175th anniversary and there is no other book like it.”

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Now 74, Webber has been associated with Weston for a number of years since joining the club in 1956.

He led the team to the Somerset Knockout Cup in 1971, which was the first ever trophy the first team won, and he continued playing with a few gap years until 1984. 

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And after first sitting down to write the book in September 2019, after 14 months of hard work, it is now edited and finished and will be released shortly.

There are a number of contributors who have helped with the book including current captain Chris Davidson, Chris Norton and president John Scott.

“Sport in Weston has always been my love,” added Webber.

“I’ve met so many friends over the years and played with and against famous people.

“My memories have all come back and the club deserves to have available a book of this stature. It’s a permanent record going forward.”

The club is now in a good place with so many youngsters coming through and there are 13 sides now for men, juniors and ladies.

There are two ladies sides, six junior teams, from under-nines to under-19s, and firsts, seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths.

And the many historical moments, all of which are documented in the book, are something Webber feels proves the town has a great cricketing club.

“As I was writing the book and researching I didn’t realise how strong the club is. It’s stronger than I ever thought. It gained strength in my mind," he said.

“When you read the book you will find out there are so many characters, so many fantastic players, so many different people who have played for the club and it tells the history of how the ground was purchased and it goes back all the way to when we started.

“Weston Cricket Club is renowned as one of the top sides in the country. We have proved that, we actually got to the William Younger knockout final at Lords in 1986, which was absolutely fantastic.

“Not many people have done that and I really feel if you read the book you will get so much pleasure out of it and you’ll understand what a great club it has always been and always will be.”

But for Webber writing the book has brought him so much joy and he is delighted to have put something together which will be a permanent reminder of the special landmark the club has reached in unprecedented times.

“I am so proud of what I have done and I hope other people can can share the enjoyment as well as I have writing it," he said.

“It just brought back memories, it tells the whole of Weston how strong the club is and the club is currently in lockdown.

“There is no money coming in because of the pandemic and to be able to continue writing the book through this period is immense to me. I feel very good about it.”

History of Weston Cricket Club 1845-2020 will be available to be collected from various pick-up points and delivered free of charge for anyone in Weston and can be found on the club’s website.

For any further information please contact Webber by his email address reewebber46@gmail.com or by telephone on 01803 328616.

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