Contrasting wins for Wessex Ladies, Winscombe bowlers

Elisabeth Williams bowling for Wessex Ladies

Elisabeth Williams bowling for Wessex Ladies - Credit: Archant

Wessex Ladies managed a slender win at Ashcombe, with success on two of the three rinks.

Joan Duffy’s team started well, winning the first five ends by nine shots, before Ashcombe fought back, but were unable to catch up.

Captain Pat Taylor’s team scored steadily throughout their match, with Ashcombe also playing well to level with only three ends left.

Wessex scored four shots at the end to narrowly win an enjoyable match.

Wessex welcomed Portishead in the Weston District Ladies League, but Mary Hawkins' team had a very slow start and went five ends without scoring.

By the 14th end only four shots had been scored, while Portishead had played well and scored 16.

Wessex then scored 12 shots on the final four ends to level as they won a very hard fought match overall, having lost one rink by eight but won by 11 on the other.

Results, Wessex 39 Ashcombe 35: V Edwards, K Dibble, M Hawkins, P Taylor 13-9; P Turner, N Peters, E Williams, B Jones 12-17; J Hartree, C Peart, D Welfare, J Duffy 14-9.
Wessex 49 Portishead 46: V Edwards, E Wade, P Taylor 18-7; J Hartree, D Welfare, B Jones 15-23; P Turner, E Williams, M Hawkins 16-16.

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*Winscombe claimed a convincing 33-shot win at Bath in the first leg of the Sydney Gardens Trophy.

The triples match is played over 21 ends, with Winscombe winning on five of the six rinks ahead of the return leg in August.

The first County League games of the season saw the A team beat Banwell by five shots and the B team defeat Congresbury by 22 shots.

But a friendly at Taunton was lost and Winscombe Ladies went down by 21 shots at Isle of Wedmore in a three-rink friendly, with one losing by two and another by three having been level on the last end.                     

Results, Sydney Gardens Trophy, Bath 94 Winscombe 127: P Cast, D Tape, T Stone 19-17; C Greenwood, P Fredersdorf, T Ellis 17-19; G Keenan, K Whatling, M Adams 18-15; D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe 28-16; T Rowe, W Ainsworth, C Bryant 26-15; M Newing, M Nash, A Watts 19-12.

SCL Div 1, Winscombe 62 (8) Banwell 57 (4): M Newing, C Bryant, D Tape, M Adams 17-20; D Kibbey, D Peakall, M Dorrington, T Ellis 28-18; D Keenan, D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe 17-19.
Div 2 North: Winscombe 70 (10) Congresbury 48 (2): A Rowe, R Lowis, M Nash, J Sprouting 28-18; D Leach, P Cast, R Kibble, A Watts 23-9; C Greenwood, W Ainsworth, M Smart, T Stone 19-21.
Ladies friendly, Wedmore 40 Winscombe 19: L Whatling, T V Haaren, S Nash, M Sprouting 8-11; P Pow, G Webb, J Hunt, C Bryant 8-10; C Hopes, Y Greenwood, B Smart, M Howell 3-19.
Mens Top Club, Congresbury 3 Clevedon Promenade 2: fours: T Lewis, I Beveridge, M Wear, C Shipway 13-21; triples: D Norman, L Beck B Herbison 14-16; pairs: B Baker, R Birmingham 16-6; singles: A Page 21-12; two-wood: G Wilcock 14-11.
Men's friendly, Congresbury 46 Henleaze 48: C Edwards, R Walters, R Annuik, M Wear 25-15; R Stewart, K Cole, G Stenner, R Becker 5-24; M Craig, C Nunn, D Manning, L Beck 16-9.
Mens BWEL, Congresbury 67 West Backwell 87: D Manning, I Beveridge, M Wear, C Shipway 21-8; C Nunn, R Becker, B Baker, D Byett, 9-25; R King, T Rides, A Page, B Herbison 22-13; D Norman, A Knight, T Lewis, L Beck 11-17. J Freemantle, P Hayward, W Lines, J Hathway 4-24.
Mens C&D Over 55s, Congresbury 84 Portishead RBL 133: M Craig, I Morton, R Archer 13-31; P Harris, C Nunn, J Hathaway 9-24; D Manning S Pook, I Beveridge 12-14; D Norman, R King, R Jones 14-17; K Westlake, M Kimmings, T Yearsley 13-30; D Folds, M Wear, L Beck 23-17.
National Two Rink, Congresbury 30 Clevedon 40: D Norman, L Powell, M Wear, L Beck 19-10; I Morton, K Powell, I Beveridge, T Yearsley 11-30.
Ladies Wessex LL, Congresbury 53 Wessex Ladies 47: R Horton, J Birmingham, C Andrews, A Jones 22-7; C Wilcock, V Tomkinson, J Byett, P Baker 14-19; L Storey, S Annuik, B Huggett, K Herbison 17-21.
Ladies WDLL, Congresbury 51 West Backwell 55: N Nunn, L Storey, P Baker 10-18; V Tomkinson, C Andrews, K Hernison 19-18; J Byett, A Jones, B Huggett 22-19.