Weston ladies finish strongly

WESTON got off to a rocky start and the first quarter turned out to be a game of possession rather than points, with the first Weston goal finally scored after nearly 10 minutes.

Weston 1 37 TGs 22

WESTON got off to a rocky start and the first quarter turned out to be a game of possession rather than points, with the first Weston goal finally scored after nearly 10 minutes.

The Weston shooters struggled to receive flat ball from the attack, but demonstrated good agility, especially Becky Travers (GA) who managed to catch, turn and score.

Some team changes were made and the second quarter went smoothly with some excellent netball. Attack worked hard gaining back the goals lost from the first quarter with WA (Emma Bewick) feeding some accurate passes into the circle.

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TGs shooters put the pressure on by scoring some great goals from the edge of the circle, but Weston’s defence adjusted well to the pressure and both Jess Preece (GD) and Yvonne Pearson (GK) made some fantastic interceptions, turning over some great ball, which Weston managed to successfully converted into goals.

The third quarter was again rocky for Weston, seeing a 10 goal lead from half-time reduced to only three by the end of the third quarter.

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The TGs defence upped their game, putting extra pressure on shooter (Lucy Holder) and goal attack (Laura Bishop), backed up well by centre (Ruth Lander) and WD (Jennie Burton), who had a fantastic quarter gaining numerous tips and interceptions.

The fourth quarter saw a complete turn around in the Weston squad and finally the team started to play. The shooters had an excellent last quarter, but defensively it was an excellent effort as TGs only managed to score one goal in the.

The TGs player of the match went to Lucy Holder and the Weston player went to Leah Biddel. Weston players’ player went to Jennie Burton.

Weston 2 60 Wyvern 34

Weston 2 34 Crossbow 2 50

WESTON 2s’ WD Becky Lewington had a successful week following two player-of-the-match awards in two matches.

The games were a victory against Wyvern in the Weston League and a hard fought, but eventual loss to division leaders Crossbow 2 in the Avon League.

The first match against Wyvern saw Weston with a different line-up, with the team’s usual centre Rachel Mason moving into GA and Hellen Gilmore, Becky Lewington and Tash Drake playing centre.

The match started off quite close, but Weston 2 soon started to pull away. Some great interceptions by Hellen, Laura Stainer and Becky, and some lovely court play by Tash and Bonnie Beechgood ensured Rachel and GS Jara had plenty of chances to shoot, and they capitalised, scoring 60 goals to win the match 34-60.

The second match of the week saw Weston take on division leaders Crossbow. Having only lost two games all season so far and one of those to Crossbow, Weston knew the game would be tough.

The two teams battled it out, with Weston almost getting the better of Crossbow’s shooters thanks to some fine circle defence by Hellen and Laura and pressure from Becky.

Rachel, Bonnie and Tash had a hard task moving it up the court to Jara and Mel Chilman, who were up against some strong defence. Despite a good fight, and winning the third quarter, Weston didn’t quite have enough, and Crossbow took the game 50-34.

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