Weston League triumph

The Weston and District League triumph in a four-way skittles match at Winscombe.

THE Weston and District Skittles League triumphed in the four-way skittles match to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building of Winscombe’s clubhouse.

Weston won with a total score of 423, followed by the Wrington Vale on 407. Winscombe Cricket Club finished the evening with a total of 397 and a team from the Central League ended the night with 391.

The highest scorers in each threeman set, who scooped a bottle of wine each were: Wayne Hinds (Weston) 55, Howard Johns (Weston) 56, Clint Harding (Wrington Vale) 54.

WESTON Mixed Summer Skittles League Division 1: Nutters 527 (D Wilmott 51) 12, Guinness Hero’s 499 (N Blake jnr 46) 2; Predators 482 (C Ager 58) 10, Warreners 427 (G Filer 45) 4; Alleygators 478 (R Dean 44) 12, O’Pees 459 (R Young, D Hoskins 44) 2.

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Division 2: Nuts & Boults 487 (P Phillips 52) 4, Mixers 501 (S John 47) 10; Rejects 469 (B Woodman 53) 11, Harlepins 438 (R Day 48) 3.

Division 3: Walnut Whips 469 (B Collins 54) 12, Dewdrops 447 (R White, A Flint 46) 2; Balmoral Steamers 495 (Ted Dandy 52) 12, Workies Wanderers 483 (J Bobadilla 49) 2.

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