Weston on top against the students

WATER POLO - Weston-super-Mare 19 Team Bath 15 - WESTON came through a tough game on top against Team Bath at Hutton Moor.

Weston-super-Mare 19

Team Bath 15

WESTON came through a tough game on top against Team Bath at Hutton Moor.

The first quarter Weston started the quicker with goals coming from captain Vincent and L Coles. Bath then responded and kept control of the ball well and scored three to take the lead at the end of the first section.

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In the second quarter Bath kept up their momentum and scored six quick goals which shocked Weston and heads started to drop. Weston then started to respond and play their game and kept control of the ball, this allowed them to get into some fantastic positions and started to find the back of the net. Weston scored seven goals through Vincent with a quality lob from the sidelines, Maloney with a long-range power shot, Etchelles and four quality goals for S Coles. This quarter ended 9-9.

The third quarter was tight with both teams scoring five apiece. Weston goal scorers were S Coles, L Coles scored three trademark bouncers and Forbes showed good maturity to finish a good chance.

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In the fourth quarter the pressure started to get to Bath and they started to make mistakes which Weston capitalised on. Weston dominated possession and was extremely solid at the back. Weston's dominance enabled them to score 5 to Bath's 1. Goals came from Edward who had a quality game, two more for S Coles, L Coles and Maloney.

There were many fine performances, Simmonds started to find his form in the latter part of the game and his distribution was accurate, Morgan showed maturity at times and glimpses of the player he could be, Rhian and Farrence showed much experience in times of trouble and Watkins swam his heart out but the man of the match, sponsored by the Woolpack, goes to S Coles for his goals despite not being able to last the game.

Weston Seniors next game is on this evening (Thursday) at Hutton Moor against Exeter, please come and support.

Training is on Thursday at 9pm for seniors and Sundays at 6pm for all. New players welcome, for more information please visit www.weston-super-mare-swimming-club.co.uk

Team and goal scorers: Vincent (2), Simmonds, Farance, L Coles (5), Stone, Watkins, Edwards (1),

Maloney (2), Rhian, Morgan, Forbes (1), S Coles (7), S Etchells (1).

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