Weston outplayed by Somerton

Weston were outplayed by Somerton in the Somerset Super Darts League.

WESTON travelled to Somerton in the Somerset Super Darts League with hopes of securing another victory to leave them top of the table.

Weston started well with Martin Vanedgemeister (23.07) fighting hard to pull out a 4-2 win, but Somerton were matching Weston, drawing first blood on board two, which was followed with a victory on board one.

The visitors fought back hard with Seamus Slattery (25.17) putting in a stirling performance winning 4-1 and Phil Mitchell pulling out a 4-2 victory.

It was pretty much level pegging at this point, but two victories by Somerton turned the game on its head, forcing Weston to chase hard for victory.

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The charge was led by Clive Strong (23.17) winning 4-2, but with Ian Cope (21.45) the only other victor, the Weston challenge hit a brick wall.

Somerton outplayed Weston and deserved the 35-29 win.

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180s were hit by George Turnbull and Rich Harris. KNC Miner man of the match went to Seamus Slattery.

The next game is away to Frome on November 15, bus leaves at 6.30pm.

THE 49ers played host to Wells for their first home game of the season and Bob Hadley gave them a great start by winning 4-0 with a respectable (23.30 ) average.

This was followed by Dave Sheppard winning 4-1 (21.20), before Wells took the next game 4-2, but Adam McNally took the next 4-1 with a great (26.69).

Wells took the next two games with Steve Thirkettle losing 4-2 with a respectable (23.60) and debutant James Parker narrowly losing 4-3, giving the 49ers a

19-14 lead.

Over on board two, Roger Stansfield won a great match 4-3 (24.58), followed by newcomer Darren Davies winning 4-1 (22.08). Wells took the next three games with Clint Harding narrowly losing 4-3 with a respectable (23.84) and John Anderson and Ian Dunnage losing 4-2.

Wells were 16-15 up with one game left to play which the 49 took 4-2 with a vintage Paul Smith performance (24.97), giving the home side a 38-32 victory.

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