Winning start for Winscombe teams

Winscombe Bowls Club got their league season underway with two victories.

BOTH Winscombe league teams won this week. The A team secured the narrowest of victories against Clevedon B at home, winning by just one shot thanks to an excellent win by Mike Adams’ rink.

The B team were away at Yatton where the green played well despite the recent bout of vandalism. Winscombe won by nine shots. In the other games during the week Winscombe won at home to Bristol Arrows, but lost in friendlies at both Bath and Taunton Vivary.

Winscombe 105, Bath 132 (away friendly): G Lloyd, W Ainsworth, M Adams 29-16; R Weller, L Collier, M Nash 11-28; D Peakall, J Smith, R Feltham 23-17; G Tofte, R Wootten, L Baldwin 19-20; G Hill, K Whatling, A Dudley 11-26; R Lowman, A Pye, M Roberts 12-25.

Winscombe 94, Taunton Vivary 119 (away friendly): R Weller, J Smith, K Whatling, M Adams 22-25; G Hill, M Hunter, G Tofte, A Watts 22-19; R Freegard, P John, M Hunt, A Dudley 13-36; M Roberts, A Brand, A Pye, G Neville 21-21; W Ainsworth, J Sprouting, L Collier, M Nash 16-18.

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Winscombe A 64, Clevedon B 63 (SCL North Division 1): W Ainsworth, R Lacy, R Feltham, M Adams 31-17; R Lowman, J Lukins, R Wootten, T Ellis 16-22; M Dorrington, A Dudley, M Nash, S Eastment 17-24.

Winscombe B 73, Yatton B 64 (SCL North Division 2): R Knight, G Tofte, G Neville, M Hunt 20-26; J Smith, M Hunter, K Whatling, L Baldwin 27-20; N Hansford, M Roberts, A Pye, A Watts 26-18.

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Winscombe 94, Bristol Arrow 73 (mixed friendly): A Brand, P Burns, A Ainsworth 10-23; D Peakall, R Keane, A Watts 15-12; T Miles, M Bailey, M Hunter, M Roberts 23-12; R Freegard, J Sprouting, I Tofte 19-17; W Weller, J Kimmens, W Ainsworth 27-9.

Winscombe 117, Royal Household Windsor 161 (mixed friendly): M Smith, D Peakall, P Hopes, R Feltham 6-28; M Adams, C Hopes, R Lacy, M Adams 16-35; M Dorrington, S Nash, L Collier, M Nash 20-14; L Whatling, G Hill, R Freegard, M Roberts 26-16; B Weller, R Keane, J Smith, K Whatling 16-22; S Lowman, K Headford, G Tofte, R Lowman 9-28; M Sprouting, D Beaverstock, J Sprouting, I Tofte 14-18.

CLARENCE A, the Somerset County League North champions last season, won two of the three rinks in their Premier Two Division debut away to Knowle A (Bristol).

Their victories came after closely-fought games on the rinks skipped by Barrie Forse and Roger Burrough. But Andy McMillan’s four lost heavily, resulting in an overall defeat by 11 shots.

Knowle A 63 (8 pts), Clarence A 52 (4 pts): M Edlin, R Crawford, D Stott, R Burrough 17-15; R Flicker, G Cooper, I Barnbrook, B Forse 21-15; D Towie, J Edwards, T Pritchard, A McMillan 14-33.

Victoria D 75 (10 pts), Clarence B 38 (2 pts): G Aldridge, J Norris, G Barlow, I Baker 7-32; T Mannion, J Burgess, J Hicks, B Cornwall 12-29; J Hawkins, J Keay, D Jackman, B Duffy 19-14.

Victoria 130, Clarence Blues 75: G Barlow, T Mannion, G Cooper 15-18; J Keay, D Jackman, P Tubb 12-23; R Rossiter, T Hooper, I Barnbrook 7-27; R Flicker, J Hicks, R Crawford 7-32; M Edlin, T Perry, R Burrough 16-16; J Larvin, T Ward, B Forse 18-14.

Clarence Golds 91, Ashcombe Knights 106: J Loveridge, D Gilbert, T Cockcroft 24-14; M Phillips, L Medcraft, C Read 11-24; L Lakey, M Peters, I Baker 12-13; J Norris, M Skyrme, G Phillips 16-13; D Urch, M Scoins, B Cornwall 15-13; R Dodson, J Burgess, H Sparks 13-29.

Clarence 117, Norwest 117: I Hicks, N Peters, T Mannion, T Cockcroft 16-24; L Oldham, M Scoins, V Jones, J Hicks 19-20; S Scoins, M Peters, D Jackman, B Duffy 22-23; M Woods, D Urch, J Bishop, D Stott 17-15; J Hawkins, P Phillips, J Duffy, A Bidmead 27-14; J Larvin, P Dunn, M Phillips, P Hawkins 16-21.

Clarence 91, Caerglow 99: S Searle, M Peters, J Duffy, D Towie 16-16; N Peters, G Aldridge, I Baker, A McMillan 17-20; J McMillan, B Duffy, V Jones, B Cornwall 14-29; C Walker, R Dodson, T Pritchard, M Baker 18-22; S Pritchard, L Medcraft, J Burgess, D Stott 26-12.

Clarence 81, Bridgwater VP 58: R Flicker, R Dodson, G Barlow, G Cooper 14-25; T Mannion, B Underwood, I Baker, D Stott 28-8; B Rossiter, M Skyrme, C Read, T Ward 24-9; J Keay, M Peters, T Cockcroft, D Jackman 15-16.

Street 103, Clarence 55: T Mannion, B Underwood, D Jackman, R Crawford 11-23; M Edlin, J Hicks, I Baker, G Cooper 8-29; M Phillips, R Dodson, A Bidmead, A McMillan 15-28; C Beynon, M Scoins, C Read, I Barnbrook 21-23.

THE Somerset Patrons were invited to Ashcombe Park as one of the club’s centenary invitation matches

Ashcombe 124, Somerset Patrons 98: G Tottle, T Bull/T Clarke, E Hooper, S Claxton 15-20; G Fews, D Norville, J Price, J Taylor 19-18; M Adams, A Lewis, L Cox, R Powell 11-20; A Wilmot, R Counsell, J Main, B Webber 25-11; R Lewis, R Williams, P Sheppard, J Hornett 29-8; M Parry, K Hallet, E Roberts, J Whitlow 25-21.

Ashcombe A 55 (8 pts), Chew Stoke A 54 (4 pts): M Adams, D Bleasdale, R Powell, A Yates 15-25; D Stanton, J Main, G Wilkinson, J Whitlow 25-13; P Sheppard, J Horn, I Chesney, J Taylor 15-16.

Ashcombe B 70 (12 pts), Mark Moor 38 (0 pts): G Fews, T Cottrell, E Roberts, J Creasey 27-12; A Freke, P Fisher, R Simmons, L Day 21-10; D Andrews, R Kibble, A Little, B Webber 22-16.

Ashcombe Crusaders 112 (16 pts), Clevedon 73 (4 pts): G Tottle, R Powell, A Yates 22-6; D Stanton, J Main, J Whitlow 14-21; D Andrews, J Price, J Hornett 20-21; A Wright, L Day, B Webber 23-12; S Hedges, M Southwood, J Creasey 16-4; D Bleasdale, I Chesney, J Taylor 17-9.

Ashcombe Knights 106 (14 pts), Clarence Golds 91 (6 pts): D Underhay, T Shearman, E Hooper 14-24; A Morgan, B Underhay, E Roberts 24-11; R Williams, D Norville, I Shannon 13-12; R Perkins, A Cracknell, G Wilkinson 13-16; G Mills, B Golding, E Hopkins 13-15; P Sheppard, R Simmons, R Kibble 29-13.

Ashcombe Templars 102 (14 pts), Yatton 97 (6 pts): G Tucker, K Hallet, L Cox 11-22; M Tripp, G Kinsey, V Bragg 12-24; R Counsell, M Bass, P Gaulton 6-20; B Alden, B Jones, R Ford 34-7; N Coombes, C Winser, T Cottrell 20-14; R Cole, T Bass, M Adams 19-10.

Ashcombe 65, Banwell 88 (friendly): G Tucker, M Bass, Clive Winser, A Yates 9-22; D Underhay, B Benstead, M Southwood, G Wilkinson 14-28; P Sheppard, P Gaulton, D Bleasdale, I Shannon 29-19; B Golding, G Kinsey, T Cottrell, J Taylor 13-19.

Ashcombe 80, Severn Vale 106 (mixed friendly): R Perkins, G Tucker, B Alden, B Macgregor 17-13; S Ash, J Field, M Tasker, R Simmons 13-32; L Owens, A Morgan, N Fowler (guest), A Freke 14-18; B Benstead, N Urch, D Andrews, R Tasker 12-32; L Cox, D Underhay, D Norville, G Finnegan 24-11.

ST ANDREWS achieved a marvellous victory against Bridgwater in the Top Club competition.

Unfortunately, the winning formula couldn’t be reproduced in their other three matches, this week.

St Andrews 4 Bridgwater 1 (Top Club): S Davies 21-14; T Thomas17-15 after extra end; M Goddard, D Favis 19-23; R Smith, R Venn, D Bailey 20-11; A Yeeles, B Reeves, A Horsburgh, G Wride 36-8.

St Andrews Spartans 69, Victoria 126 (Over-60s Triples): R McLeod, T Allen, R Venn 5-33; R Smith, D Whitehouse, D Bailey 15-18; R Reed, T Bell, A Horsburgh 14-15; J Chance, A Yeeles, T Thomas 12-22; M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 8-20; K Parker, J Warren, M Berry 15-18.

St Andrews A 58, Isle of Wedmore A 60 (County League North): R Smith, M Berry, T Thomas, G Wride 13-29; B Reeves, T Bell, R Venn, D Bailey 16-15; M Goddard, A Yeeles, S Davies, D Favis 29-16.

St Andrews B 48, Bristol B 76 (County League North): C Reeves, PG Berry, T Allen, A Horsburgh 11-24; R Reed, F Mudge, R Dunstone, J Warren 21-17; J Chance, A MacNab, D Whitehouse, J Ling 16-35.

IT WAS one of those rare weeks at Victoria when everything seemed to go right, all the league teams won, likewise the Over-60s teams and the Top Club team were also victorious.

The A team came back from Taunton with 10 points with the rink of Andrew Owens, Ken Harvey, Mike Cooper and Ted Mangan leading the way with a 16 shot win.

The B team travelled to West Backwell and also triumphed with a 10 points win. At home, the C team beat Nailsea by 11 shots and an impressive win of 37 shots by the D team against Clarence B enabled Victoria to pocket 10 points.

Victoria beat Portishead 4-1 in the Top Club which is a national competition in which you win by the number of disciplines played. All 11 players representing Victoria contributed to a fine win.

Victoria A 61, Taunton A 45 (Somerset League): A Owens, K Harvey, M Cooper, E Mangan 25-9; J Loughlin, A Uccellini, C Gazzard, W Harrison 16-20; J Newman, P Leadbeater, K Curtis, M Stocker 20-16.

Victoria B 57, West Backwell 50: M Campbell, H Gibbs, D Hurst, B Stock 23-11; M Fletcher, M Manning, D Sealey, D Williams 14-26; P Lunn, H Shepherd, K Holland, J Howell 20-13.

Victoria C 66, Nailsea 55: T Gilbert, R Fenwick, G Thorne, D Jones 20-20; H Whyte, R Austin, T Gatehouse, P Palmer 31-13; M Willetts, G Richards, G Stocker, M Taylor 15-22.

Victoria D 75, Clarence 38: T Farmer, J Downing, I Linham, D Avery 14-19; J West, W Osborne, R Sparkes, J Kerr 32-7; A Waygood, W Nicholls, J Griffiths, G Frost 29-12.

Victoria 4, Portishead 1 (Top Club) – four wood singles: A Owens 21-11; triples: M Fletcher, K Harvey, E Mangan 13-16; four wood pairs: K Curtis, M Stocker 27-17; rink: J Newman, D Williams, M Cooper, W Harrison 19-7; two wood singles: C Gazzard 15-8.

Victoria 130, Clarence Blues 75 (Weston & District Triples League): T Gatehouse, M Taylor, D Williams 18-15; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 23-12; P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 27-7; R Rockett, H Shepherd, K Harvey 32-7; M Campbell, R Fenwick, D Hurst 16-16; M Fletcher, A Uccellini, E Mangan 14-18.

Victoria 126, St Andrews 69: M Campbell, R Fenwick, D Hurst 33-5; P Lunn, K Curtis, M Stocker 26-8; M Fletcher, A Uccellini. E Mangan 18-15; T Gatehouse, M Taylor, D Williams 22-12; J Newman, M Manning, B Stock 15-14; R Rockett, H Shepherd, K Harvey 18-15.

Victoria 88, Troedyrhiw 96 (mixed friendly): S Lawrence, E Sage, R. Cleeves, M Stocker 17-6; C Sage, W Osborne, M Chudley, M Cooper 23-16; S Newman, A Palmer, J Palmer, C Chudley 14-19; P Osborne, M Willetts, R Bailey, J Newman 13-19; C Willetts, R Sleep, M Hillman, M Taylor 12-17; T Gilbert, E Newport, D Roberts, S Cooper 9-19.

Victoria 126, Clevedon Promenade 63 (mixed friendly): W Nicholls, R Bailey, C Chudley, M Stocker 23-17; A Shattock, A Palmer, M Manning, J Newman 21-12; P Osborne, M Chudley, A Fealey, K Harvey 23-12; W Osborne, E Sage, I Cruse, M Hillman 36-6; C Sage, J Griffiths, R Cleeves, M Campbell 23-16.

THIRTY-TWO Isle of Wedmore members gathered together to raise funds for the Weston Hospice.

The eventual winners were the team skipped by Ron Barron, ably assisted by Eileen Yarde and June Regan, who were presented with bottles of wine by Brian Aston, the organiser and �155 was raised for the Hospice.

Wedmore 123, Clevedon 96: J Runciman, T Keates, C Panchaud 23-11; A Reynolds, K Davey, I Faulkner 23-22; D Trow, I Gallop, R Barron 14-12; R Norris, B Cottrell, K Pettit, 16-15; R Newell, R Hunt, K Burt 32-14; C Wheller, D Barnett, B Ronald 15-22.

Wellington was the venue for a mixed match where Wedmore won three of the four rinks scoring 92-59 overall. The next mixed game was a home three-rink triples game against Porlock. Although each side won two rinks, Wedmore managed a narrow 68-67 victory. Somerton were the next visitors for a match which had been increased from four to six rinks at their request.

This was a friendly game despite the weather becoming a little cold after tea and with close games on all rinks the match ended with a 111-111 draw.

CLARENCE ladies played at home against Nailsea in the Top Club competition, winning three of the four disciplines, which took them through to the second round.

Rebecca McMillan (18), played in the fours team which was her first game with Clarence.

Clarence Ladies 94, Nailsea 61 – singles: P Barnbrook 21-13; pairs: J Colman and M Noddings 13-21; triples: M Woods, M Davison, V Collicott 26-11; fours: S Ellis, R McMillan, C Edlin, M Baker 34-16.

Clarence Ladies 84, Wyrall Park 25 (friendly): S Scoins, V Jones, P Barnbrook 34-7; S Ellis, K Bailey, P Hawkins 26-7; L Oldham, P Burrough, M Noddings 24-11.

Clarence Ladies 49, Nailsea 50 (friendly): S Searle, M Waite, V Senior, P Barnbrook 12-18; L Oldham, P Phillips, P Burrough, C Edlin 21-18; S Scoins, V Jones, P Hawkins, M Baker 16-14.

VICTORIA ladies travelled to Burnham in the first of their Weston & District Triples League games and only came away with two points, thanks to a sole rink win achieved by Sue Newman, Jess Donald and Margaret Hillman.

The Top Club match against Clevedon was tied 2-2, but Clevedon won the game on total shot difference. Margaret Hillman continued her rich vein of form, leading her rink of Pat Osborne, Ellen Newport and Rita Bailey to a six shot win.

Victoria Ladies 35, Burnham (68): S Newman, J Donald, M Hillman 14-13; C Sage, C Willetts, S Cooper 14-18; R Cleeves, R Bailey, M Chudley 7-37.

Victoria Ladies 2 (66), Clevedon 2 (79) (Top Club) - pairs: S Newman, S Cooper 19-17; rink: P Osborne, E Newport, R Bailey, M Hillman 18-12; singles: M Chudley 17-22; triples: R Cleeves, A Holland, S Harrison 12-28.

THE ladies of St Andrews did not have their usual success this week, losing both games.

St Andrews Ladies 46, Eastover Park 49: W Allen, A Greenwood, A Campbell 13-21; K Dobney, J Ware, M Bailey 16-17; M Cordwell, S Priory, M Favis 17-11.

St Andrews Ladies 1, Castle Cary 3 (Top Club): C Venn (singles) 14-22; J Ware, M Favis (pairs) 10-28; M Wride, M Pattenden, M Bailey (triples) 26-14; P Uglow, B Goddard, J Pitman, A Campbell (fours) 20-22.

WESSEX ladies played the Isle of Wedmore in both the Mendip League and Victoria Bridgwater League on the same afternoon scoring eight points in the Mendip League and two points in the other.

Wessex Ladies 50, Isle of Wedmore 38 (Mendip League): J Allard, A Fewings, D Forsyth 15-17; M Davis, J Binding, E Williams 18-12; P Tillson, J Duffy, E Deane 17-9.

Wessex Ladies 34, Isle of Wedmore 57 (Victoria Bridgwater League): N Peters, C Webb, C Peart 11-24; D Stenning, B Jones, I Hicks 10-23; E Stott, P Dunn, M McMillan 13-10.

Wessex 64, West Backwell 41: D Stenning, V Ellis, B Jones, I Hicks 12-15; L Woodrow, A Crawford, J Allard, C Peart 28-8; P Tillson, M Davis, P Taylor, A Ward 24-18.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 74, Winscombe 54 (Wessex League): B Cullen, S Hopkins, M Tasker, B Macgregor 22-17; N Counsell, P Chewins, J Hughes, S Ford 22-22; M Main, R Powell, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 30-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 46, Clevedon 60 (North Somerset League): B Groves, N Counsell, A Goacher 15-21; M Main, M Tasker, S Ford 20-17; G Day, S Hopkins, B Macgregor 11-22.

Ashcombe Ladies 53, Clevedon Prom 54 (North Somerset League): A Cox, N Counsell, S Hopkins 14-21; S Noyes, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 23-16; M Tucker, M Tasker, J Hughes 16-17. Friendly rinks: A Kearns, R Powell, C Hedges 16-27; G Day, D Norville, M Main 27-7.

ISLE of Wedmore ladies have had a busy week starting with a friendly game at home against Yatton.

With perfect bowling weather and good company, they won two of the three rinks and ended with a 54-41 win.

Wedmore Ladies 38, Wessex 50 (Mendip League): D Gallop, M Perry, E Deverill 17-15; J Wheller, J Gainey, M Ronald 12-18; M Barron, R Aston, J Masters 9-17.

Wedmore Ladies 57, Wessex 34 (Victoria League): M Trow, A Hughes, M Hordle 10-13; M Green, L Hamblin, G Harvey 24-11; C Pettit, P Cottrell, S Wederell 23-10.

Wedmore Ladies 71, North Petherton 33: T Newell, R Aston, E Deverill 12-11; D Gallop, A Hughes, G Harvey 39-8; J Wheller, J Gainey, M Hordle 20-14.

WINSCOMBE ladies played their first fixture in the Wessex League against Ashcombe and managed to draw on one rink to secure their first point.

The other fixture away at Wrington was also lost.

Winscombe Ladies 55, Wrington 80: L Fredersdorff, L Whatling, S Nash 10-27; M Sprouting, P Heal, S Lowman 11-22; M Smith, M Flay, A Ainsworth 11-17; W Weller, R Keane, J Kimmins 23-14.

Winscombe Ladies 54, Ashcombe 74 (Wessex League): J Kimmins, M Smith, S Lowman, M Adams 15-30; L Whatling, M Sprouting, L Fredersdorff, A Ainsworth 22-22; S Caddy, P Burns, S Nash, I Tofte 17-22.

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