Winscombe edged out by Madeira in annual meeting

Winscombe Captain Ken Whatling presents the Inkstand to Madeira BC Captain David Moody

Winscombe captain Ken Whatling presents the Marjorie Stewart Inkstand to Madeira BC captain David Moody - Credit: Ken Whatling

Winscombe Bowling Club were beaten by Madeira BC in their annual Marjorie Stewart Inkstand encounter in Exmouth.

The six rinks were shared, with two wins for each side and two draws, but the hosts came out on top overall by 12 shots.

The trophy has been contested since 1950, when a couple from Winscombe moved to Exmouth, and Madeira now lead the head-to-head series 35-34.

Brian Paul led Winscombe to a friendly win against former club Bristol, 85-70, but the club's run in the Turnbull Cup came to an end in the fifth round against Taunton Deane.

The A team lost by two shots to Burnham-on-Sea in the county league, having won on two rinks but lost heavily on the other, while the ladies were beaten by Portishead in the North Somerset Triples League.

Results, Marjorie Stewart Inkstand, Winscombe 112 Madeira 124: M Williamson, G Keenan, M Smart 15-20; R Lowis, G Neville, A Watts 13-28; D Johnson, R Lacy, T Ellis 24-19; D Peakall, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 21-18; M Newing, B Paul, W Ainsworth 20-20; P Cast, K Whatling, M Adams 19-19.

Friendly, Winscombe 85 Bristol 70: D Kibbey, T Poole, M Rolls, M Dorrington 34-11; M Williamson, L Van Haaren, D Johnson, W Ainsworth 15-9; R Lowis, M Bravery, K Webber , C Bryant 15-23; R Fisher, R Bolton, P Fredersdorff, B Paul 21-17.

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Turnbull Cup, Winscombe 72 Taunton Deane 89: G Keenan, B Paul, M Smart, D Brown 12-20; P John, D Kibbey, W Ainsworth, A Watts 22-21; T Rowe, K Whatling, M Adams, T Ellis 21-24; J Sprouting, T Stone, R Lacy, M Dorrington 17-24.

County League Div 1N, Winscombe 59 (4) Burnham-on-Sea 61 (8): G Neville, C Bryant, R Lacy, M Dorrington 21-14; T Rowe, D Peakall, B Paul, M Adams 20-17; C Greenwood, D Brown, B Andrews, G Coombe 18-30.

NSTL, Winscombe 29 Portishead 59: Pauline Pow, Maureen Sprouting, Margaret Howell 8-21; Shelley Carson, Joan Hunt, Angela Ainsworth 9-19; Carol Hopes, Angela Bougourd, Chrissie Bryant 12-19.