Winscombe edged out by Nailsea in Wedmore Plate clash

Gerald Barlow bowling for Clarence.

Gerald Barlow bowling for Clarence. - Credit: Archant

Winscombe were edged out by Nailsea in the fifth round of the Wedmore Plate.

WINSCOMBE visited Nailsea again for the fifth round of the Wedmore Plate, having been drawn against them in three knockout trophies.

To date results had been shared with Winscombe winning the Over-60s Cup tie, while Nailsea won the North Somerset Cup match.

After 15 ends, Nailsea led by just one shot across the rinks, but Winscombe did not finish well and although winning on two rinks and losing on two and even winning the extra end, lost the match by 12 shots.

The first leg of the annual tussle with local rivals Banwell for the Parrot Shield was played at Winscombe on a very fast green. The competition for bragging rights was, as usual, fierce with no holds barred. Winscombe won on four of the five rinks, albeit by small margins but lost on the fifth by 11 shots which meant that Banwell have a two-shot advantage at home in the second leg in two weeks time.

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Before the game a spider was held and this together with the proceeds from the raffle was donated in memory of Alan Vickery’s granddaughter to the Lydia Biddlecombe Star Tribute Fund, which is part of the Wallace and Grommit appeal for the cardiac department of the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

At Clevedon Prom in the Clevedon and District Evening League, Winscombe looked like losing on all five rinks until the captain’s rink (Ken Whatling, George Hill, Tony Watts and Mal Dorrington) needing three to draw on the last end in the gathering gloom, had five magnificent woods counting to win the rink by two shots.

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The match result however, was not in doubt. Clevedon Prom had a fine victory and secured eight points to Winscombe’s one.

The Winscombe Greenkeepers two-wood competition took place on a very hot afternoon. Play this year was three games of eight ends with the final being the winners of each section.

This was contested between Reg Birmingham with Bob Weller and Ronnie Wootten with Brian Paul. The winners being Reg and Bob, who had enough shots after eight ends of the 10-end final.

Winscombe 63, Nailsea 75 (Wedmore Plate): R Wootten, L Collier, R Lacy, T Ellis 11-24; M Dorrington, M Hunter, L Baldwin, M Nash 11-30; A Watts, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 25-9; G Lloyd, K Whatling (c), A Dudley, M Adams 17-12.

Winscombe 84, Banwell 86 (Parrot Shield): R Wootten, L Collier, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 16-15; G Neville, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 19-17; R Lowman, J Sprouting, M Dorrington, M Nash 10-21; G Coombe, K Whatling (c), A Watts, R Birmingham 20-18; G Lloyd, M Hunter, A Dudley, M Adams 19-15.

Winscombe 70 (1), Clevedon Prom 117 (8) (Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare League): S Easterby, G Matthews, W Ainsworth, M Adams 14-22; R Sapsford, B Paul, L Collier, R Lacy 12-27; R Fisher, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 9-22; K Whatling, G Hill, A Watts, M Dorrington (c) 23-21; G Coombe, D Johnson, M Nash, A Dudley 12-23.

Winscombe 110, Malden Manor Tourists 107 (friendly): T Darkin, J Smith, E Watts, L Fredersdorff (c) 16-24; M Smith, A Brand, M Adams, A Ainsworth 22-16; M Sprouting, P Heal, B Paul, M Adams 25-11; W Weller, C Hopes, P John, J Sprouting 16-24, J Kimmins, D Rush, P Hopes, R Lacy 18-15; S Caddy, D Beaverstock, J Rush, M Hunt 13-17.

Winners of the Winscombe Greenkeepers competition: Reg Birmingham and Bob Weller.

Winscombe Greenkeepers competition finalists: Bob Weller, Reg Birmingham, Ronnie Wootten and Brian Paul.

VICTORIA Vikings Over-60s team continued their good run by winning at Nailsea on a dry and difficult green.

The Vikings picked up 16 points with four rink wins, the highest winning rink skipped by Graham Hodge and supported by Richard Hollier and John Griffiths.

Victoria Vikings 109 (16), Nailsea 94 (4): G Jones, G Thorne, G Frost 21-9; W Nicholls, P Newport, A Shattock 11-24; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 17-15; J Codrington, J Mingo-West, E Sage 25-17; R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 25-9; R Austin, A Waygood, D Avery 10-20.

In the North Somerset KO Cup, Victoria travelled to Banwell and in a close game Victoria just held on to win by three shots. The scorecard reveals the win was courtesy of an outstanding rink win of 24 shots by David Fairhurst, Nick Sell, Paul Leadbeater and skip Colin Gazzard.

Victoria 92, Banwell 89: M Campbell, K Curtis, K Harvey, W Harrison 20-19; P Wyatt, M Manning, D Hurst, M Stocker 14-24; P Lunn, S Evans, A Bray, M Taylor 17-19; D Fairhurst, N Sell, P Leadbeater, C Gazzard 25-11; N Stocker, J Newman, B Stock, M Cooper 16-16.

Victoria played an away friendly at Ashcombe and despite winning on just two rinks of a five-rink match, were victors by seven shots.

The win was achieved by the two rink wins of 23 and 21 shots skipped by Derek Hurst and Terry Gatehouse.

In the club’s other friendly at Cheltenham, a liquid lunch may have contributed to a resounding defeat by 27 shots, losing on five rinks with just the captain’s rink of Steve Angove, Lee Stocker and Cliff Chudley maintaining any respectability.

Victoria 100, Ashcombe 93: J Mingo-West, G Richards, A Shattock, J Howell 9-22; R Austin, R Rockett, K Holland, D Hurst 36-13; W Nicholls, A Barnes, N Sell, M Manning 11-23; M Milliner, M Willetts, M Fletcher, S Evans 14-26; P Wyatt, P Fisher, E Sage, T Gatehouse 30-9.

Victoria 93, Cheltenham 120: P Wyatt, E Longworth, N Stock, M Stocker 11-21; W Nicholls, G Hodge, N Sell, M Fletcher 18-21; T Gilbert, K Curtis, A Uccellini, P Leadbeater 18-21; A Guest, J Newman, K Holland, M Cooper 12-21; M Campbell, J Griffiths, T Gatehouse, M Taylor 18-19; S Angove, L Stocker, C Chudley, M Manning 17-17.

ASHCOMBE Crusaders won on four rinks in their Over-60s game against Burnham and overall by 26 shots, gaining 16 points.

Unfortunately, the Templars only won on two rinks in their league game against Portishead. Ashcombe played the Wedmore Plate against Portishead, but lost by just two shots. In the two men’s friendlies, Ashcombe beat Bristol, but lost to Congresbury.

Crusaders 116, Burnham 90 (Over-60s League): L Day, A Little, DA Williams 15-22; P Sheppard, D Bleasdale, J Whitton 6-25; A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow 17-15; R Powell, G Wilkinson, J Taylor 23-11; T Morgan, B Hadley, J Creasey 34-11; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 21-6.

Templars 73, Portishead 161 (Over-60s League): D Freestone, G Pople, L Cox 10-27; K Davies, M Tripp, E Booth 10-32; M McMahon, M Field, M Badman 7-36; B Noyes, M Brummell, F Bertram 14-10; G Tucker, G Fews, R Simmons 26-1; B Alden, M Paterson, R Tasker 6-38.

Ashcombe 93, Victoria 100 (friendly): B Jones, D Norville, I Baker, DA Williams 22-9; J Marlow, G. Kinsey, B Underhay, E Hooper 13-36; B Benstead, R Counsell, J Price, A Freke 23-11; D Underhay, B Spring, D Bleasdale, J Whitlow 26-14; N Coombes, F Ham, M Parry, R Powell 9-30.

Ashcombe 65, Banwell 80 (friendly): M West, M Paterson, S Hedges, J Taylor 15-26; D Underhay, M Badman, G Kinsey, B Caddick 1-40; B Golding, G Sansam, T Morgan, G Wilkinson 18-19; M Unwin, S Andrews, B Spring, T Cottrell 31-13.

Ashcombe 136, Malden Manor 162 (mixed): M Palmer, M Sell, D Norville, C Hedges 27-11; B Noyes, K Davies, S Andrews, E Hopkins 18-17; S Davies, G Holcombe, B Jones, E Hooper 19-30; G Tucker, J Mathews, S Hedges, D Bleasdale 18-30; D Freestone, M Paterson, B Alden, R Simmons 15-17; L Owens, G Pople, G Sansam, R Tasker 13-22; M Unwin, B Benstead, J Sansam, C Hughes 12-23; D Underhay, M Tripp, G Fews, R Counsell 14-12.

Ashcombe 78, Portishead 80 (Wedmore Plate): R Powell, J Main, G Wilkinson, J Whitton 27-6; N Coombes, A Freke, A Little, DA Williams 14-19; B Underhay, I Baker, B Caddick, J Whitlow 20-22; A Wilmot, M Parry, F Ham, J Taylor 17-33.

Ashcombe 77, Bristol 43 (friendly): M Tripp, B Spring, D Bleasdale, B Webber 25-7; M Bass, M Parry, A Freke, T Bass 13-17; D Freestone, E Booth, T Morgan, J Taylor 18-10; B Golding, R Counsell, J Price, E Hooper 21-9.

Ashcombe 71, Congresbury 88 (friendly): K Davies, B Benstead, C Hughes, J Creasey 15-21; B Noyes, S Andrews, I Baker, J Whitlow 10-26; M Paterson, D Norville, G Wilkinson, D Williams 26-18; D Underhay, K Halton, G Sansam, R Simmons 20-23.

IT WAS another mixed week for St Andrews, winning two cup games to reach two semi-finals, but losing another Over-60s league match, again to near neighbours, Clarence Blues.

In the Knockout Cup, the Saints held on to beat Congresbury after they had come back strongly in the closing stages. In the Over-60s Cup, away to Mark Moor, St Andrews were always comfortable, winning on five of the six rinks.

St Andrews 99 Congresbury 85 (Knockout Cup): K Uglow, G Tofte, A Horsburgh, G Webber 18-19; M Goddard, E Day, B McLeod, D Favis 19-19; R Smith, B Green, B Reeves, G Wride 21-21; P Aldus, G Cooper, S Davies, B Forse 21-12; A Yeeles, R Brereton, R Venn, J Warren (c) 20-14.

St Andrews 152, Mark Moor 79(Over 60s Cup): R Smith, R Venn, A Steer 18-22; G Cooper, B McLeod, G Wride 31-13; K Uglow, G Webber, B Forse 29-14; B Rogers, M Goddard, D Favis 26-7; A Yeeles, A Horsburgh, J Warren (c) 25-12; G Sims, G Tofte, B May 23-11.

St Andrews 90, Clarence Blues 116 (Over-60s League): M Goddard, E Day, D Favis 18-17; A Yeeles, A Horsburgh, J Warren (c) 11-26; R Smith, R Venn, A Steer 19-12; G Tofte, B Reeves, B May 14-20; K Uglow, G Webber, B Forse 18-19; G Cooper, B McLeod, G Wride 10-22.

CLARENCE Blues beat local rivals St Andrews comfortably for the second time this season in Division 1 of the Weston & District Over-60s League.

This time, the margin of victory was a resounding 26 shots, led by Dave Thomson, Harry Sparks and Mick Edlin, who finished 15 clear, helped by a seven on the 13th end.

The other winning home skips were Gerald Barlow, Chris Read and club captain Mike Clay, who beat the redoubtable Barrie Forse, an ex-Clarence player, by one shot with a five on the penultimate end.

Clarence Blues 116 (16), St Andrews 90 (4): T Ward, J Rogers, R Crawford 17-18; D Thomson, H Sparks, M Edlin 26-11; A Bishop, M Adams, R Burrough 12-19; B Underwood, J Keay, G Barlow 20-14; A Gardiner, B Ballinger, M Clay 19-18; I Phipps, T Hooper, C Read 22-10.

Clarence notched up another notable local derby win, this time at home to Victoria in the North Somerset 4 Dimensions competition.

They were led to victory by their promising 20-year-old Grant Aldridge, who beat the experienced Mike Cooper by one shot in the singles. At 20-20, Cooper was holding two shots, but Aldridge trailed the jack into the ditch with his last wood to turn the tables.

The Clarence pair of Trevor Pritchard and Don Towie romped home by 17 shots, while the triple finished three shots clear. Their only losers were the four.

Clarence 3 (76), Victoria 1 (63) – singles: G Aldridge 21-20; pairs: T Pritchard/D Towie 25-8; triples: M Edlin, B Ballinger, P Tubb 18-15; fours: M Clay, M Adams, R Crawford, R Burrough 12-22.

The Golds, Clarence’s second team in the Over-60s League, came up against a strong Yatton side at home and lost by 40 shots. The nearest the Golds came to a rink victory was when Mike Davies and his men, 17-8 ahead after 12 of the 18 ends, lost by one.

Clarence Golds 81 (0), Yatton 121 (20): B Difford, M Skyrme, J Edwards 8-19; M Peters, M Scoins, B Duffy 15-24; J Hawkins, A Taylor, B Hanks 18-24; J Norris, K Marshall, M Phillips 9-17; J Stewart, B Cheffers, D Jackman 13-18; D Gilbert, John Hayes, M Davies 18-19.

Surrey tourists Malden Manor visited Clarence for a match involving six men’s/mixed rinks and two ladies. Clarence won the men’s/mixed match by 12 shots, while the Malden ladies were the winners by 22 shots.

Winning skips for Clarence were Carol Edlin (including a six on the 17th end), Ivan Phipps and Maurice Phillips.

Clarence 150, Malden Manor 160: J Hawkins, J Kellaway, M Scoins, Carol Edlin 32-10; Marlene Woods, D Thomson, A Taylor, I Phipps 25-9; M Peters, Shirley Scoins, H Dunn, A Gardiner 12-23; A Newland, Lucy Oldham, B Cheffers, D Jackman 18-22; L Smith, T Hooper, D Bowley, M Phillips 23-16; N Martin, Janet Anning, J Hicks, R Burrough 12-29; Lesley Phipps, Pat Phillips, Pam Hawkins, Veronica Jones 7-27; Pam Fowler, Carol Marshall, Audrey Harris, Pauline Burrough 21-27.

Clarence had another mixed tour match, this time at home to London Parks BA. The visitors won by 30 shots, finishing up on every rink except that skipped by Gerald Barlow, winners by eight.

Clarence 127, London Parks BA 157: Claudine Walker, N Martin, Pauline Burrough, R Crawford 20-23; Carol Marshall, J Kellaway, D Jackman, Joan Duffy 17-20; Joy Palmer, B Cornwall, J Hicks, M Clay 15-18; Elaine Stott, Beryl Wallace, I Phipps, B Duffy 17-24; Irene Hicks, Lesley Phipps, K Marshall, A Gardiner 18-28; J Atkins, L Smith, A Cord, Pat Taylor 13-25; A Newland, Val Gardiner, Pauline Dunn, G Barlow 27-19.

Next tourists to visit Clarence were Welsh team Llanhilleth, for a mixed match. The home team won three of the five rinks and triumphed overall by 15, with Brian Ballinger’s team the biggest winners.

Clarence 108, Llanhilleth 93: Elaine Stott, M Skyrme, M Scoins, R Crawford 25-18; Verlie Edwards/Audrey Powell, B Cornwall, T Mannion, M Clay 24-16; Irene Hicks, J Atkins, M Edlin, B Ballinger 30-13; Ann Crawford, J Kellaway, L Lakey, J Edwards 13-23; A Newland, Sue Bishop, G Barlow (triple) 16-23.

The fourth successive tourists to arrive were West Oxford, who played Clarence’s Sunday mixed team. Pam Hawkins skipped the only winning rink for the home team, who went down by 26 shots.

Clarence 102, West Oxford 128: Pam Fowler, Carol Marshall, Jo Mannion, D Jackman 18-22; Lucy Oldham, Janet Anning, K Marshall, Audrey Harris 15-22; Marlene Woods, Verlie Edwards, M Scoins, Veronica Jones 16-22; Shirley Scoins, A Taylor, A Bishop, Pam Hawkins 20-15; J Hawkins, Rita Hinde, Carol Edlin, Pauline Dunn 18-25; N Martin, B Difford, J Larvin, J Edwards 15-22.

BANWELL began a busy week with the first leg of the annual Parrot Shield away at Winscombe.

The weather was perfect as the five rinks played out a closely-fought game. At the end there was only two shots in it. Despite Banwell losing on four of their five rinks, it was Banwell’s longest-serving playing member John Davies who came out smiling, having skipped his rink to a fine 11-shot win.

Winscombe 84, Banwell 86: V Mcardell, S Kedwards, K Burgess, M Davies 18-20; T Burnett, D Robinson, A Vickery, P Owen 15-19; H Woodards, J Amos, G Millard, C Wilson 15-16; T Hyde, J Evans, J Laurent, J Davies 21-10, T Garfield, J Rickerty, M Laycock, P Villis 17-19.

The weather was still hot as Banwell travelled to Ashcombe for a four-rink friendly. Winning three of the four rinks, Banwell won the game, but the rink that deserves all the praise is the rink skipped by that fellow John Davies, who surged to a massive 42-1 victory.

Banwell 100, Ashcombe 65: V McArdell, D Walker, J Rickerty, C Wilson 26-15; T Hyde, J Barron, A Vickery, J Davies 42-1; H Woodards, P Gaulton, J Amos, G Millard 19-18; D Robinson, J Evans, M Laycock, J Laurent 13-31.

Banwell’s only defeat of the week was at the hands of Victoria, who just pipped them in the North Somerset Knockout Cup.

It was nip and tuck throughout the evening and at the vend, one rink were still on the green, needing two to draw and three to win. With Banwell holding the three shots, Will Harrison the Victoria skip had other ideas and trailed the jack to pick up one shot and clinch the match.

Banwell 89, Victoria 92: H Woodards, J Amos, G Millard, C Wilson 19-20; T Burnett, D Robinson, A Vickery, P Owen 24-14; T Garfield, M Laycock, J Rickerty, P Villis 19-17; V Mcardell, S Kedward, K Burgess, M Davies 11-25; T Hyde, H Guckian, J Laurent, J Davies 16-16.

Last but not least, a home game against Severn Vale, on what so far was the hottest day of the year. Banwell had a convincing victory winning on all five rinks.

Banwell 112, Severn Vale 62: V Mcardell, B Lewis, T Garfield, K Burgess 25-14; T Hyde, M Garfield, T Byrnes, C Wilson 20-11; T Burnett, M Millard, J Amos, G Millard 20-9; R Smith, J Davies, L Smith, J Davies 23-15; T Thompson, D Robinson, H Guckian, J Laurent 24-13.

WEDMORE men’s A team played at home to Winscombe B in the County League, winning all three rinks and a final score of 65-40.

Roger Hughes and his team achieved the best differential with a 27-14 win.

Wedmore 65, Winscombe B 40: T Brown, I Gallop, R Thurkettle, R Hughes 27-14; R Bull, K Phillimore, D Wederell, E Payne 20-15; R Newell, K Pettit, D Nicholls, R Barron 18-11.

In another successful match, the men played at home against Wyrall Park in the Mid Somerset League, winning on all four rinks. Ron Barron’s team won on the last end, having been down 17-20 with two ends to go

Wedmore 83, Wyrall Park 62: D Trow, B Andrews, D Wederell, K Burt 21-12; T Counsell, T Simpson, I Gallop, R Barron 21-20; R Bull, J Arthurs, K Phillimore, C Moss 18-16; V Matthews, C Panchaud, T Brown, D Nicholls 23-14.

The men’s Over-60s Triples match away against Clevedon turned into a close battle, with each team winning three rinks. Clevedon won overall with a 93-105 victory. Ron Barron led his team to the best win of the day scoring 23 to 12.

Wedmore ladies played at home against visitors Eastover in the Victoria League and won all three rinks. Pauline Cottrell and her team had the best of the wins with an 18-9 victory

Wedmore Ladies 53, Eastover 41: T Newell, J Wheller, E Deverill 18-17; D Gallop, J Hunt, P Cottrell 18-9; B Clark, L Hamblin, S Wederell 17-15.

The ladies visited Victoria for a Mendip League match which resulted in one rink drawn and two lost. Pauline Cottrell’s team lost on the last end and Shirley Wederell’s team managed a draw on the last end with a score of three.

Wedmore Ladies 48, Victoria 57: J Collins, C Pettit, S Wederell 16-16; R Aston, P Beard, M Ronald 14-22; M Barron, J Wheller, P. Cottrell 18-19.

Wedmore visited Bloomfield for a mixed friendly match winning two rinks, drawing a third and losing one, and a final score of 90 -70. Clive Wheller’s team had the best win of the day with a 28-14 victory.

Street visited Wedmore for a mixed friendly and returned home having won three of the four rinks. Wedmore’s only successful team was led by Stuart Fisher and managed an 18-15 win with the final wood of the match.

WESSEX ladies travelled to Portishead and won round four of the Southey Trophy.

Points were equal, but Wessex won on the shot difference. The next round will be versus The Poppies, Portishead at Clarence Park on July 21.

Wessex 2 (89), Portishead 2 (64) – singles: C Peart 21-18; pairs A Fewings, P Taylor 21-22; triples J Allard, J Duffy, A Ward 13-18; fours B Jones, E Deane, M Davis , J Davis 34-6.

VICTORIA Ladies 57 (9), Wedmore 48 (1) (Mendip League): D Owen, R Bailey, M Hillman 22-14; J Donald, S Newman, M Chudley 19-18; R Cleeves, A Holland, E Newport 16-16.

Victoria Ladies 54, Burnham 58 (Fear Cup): M Angove, S Newman, E Newport, M Chudley 16-15; D Owen, R Cleeves, A Holland, M Hillman 11-32; A Palmer, F Waters, S Harrison, S Cooper 27-11.

Victoria Ladies 24, Cheltenham 46 (friendly): D Owen, M Angove, S Newman, S Cooper 14-24; F Waters, T Ellis, A Holland, M Chudley 10-22.

THE ladies of St Andrews experienced mixed fortunes last week. They won one friendly and lost the other.

They also lost to Street in the latest round of the Fear Cup, but achieved a 3-1 win against Clevedon Promenade in the second round of the Southey Trophy, despite scoring fewer shots than their opposition.

St Andrews Ladies 44, Clevedon 57: K Dobney, E Reeves, E Blight 13-19; B Goddard, A Greenwood, I Tofte 22-17; D Cooper, M Wride, M Favis 9-21.

St Andrews Ladies 36, Portishead 23: E Reeves, B Goddard, M Frost, A Campbell 22-13; K Dobney, A Greenwood, I Tofte, E Blight 14-10.

St Andrews Ladies 57, Street 68 (Fear Cup): J Forse, M Wride, J Ware, M Favis 24-26; C Venn, B Goddard, E Blight, M Pattenden 20-17; P Uglow, J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell 13-25.

St Andrews Ladies 3, Clevedon Promenade 1 (Southey Trophy): C Venn (singles) 10-21; J Ware, M Favis (pairs) 21-18; J Forse, V Buick, M Pattenden (triples) 13-10; P Uglow, J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell (fours) 16-14.

WINSCOMBE ladies’ first match of the week, a friendly, played at home against Nailsea, resulted in a win by one shot for the home team.

In a close run game, the rinks skipped by Sue Caddy and Lorna Whatling accumulated enough shots to counteract the losing rink.

Their match played away at North Petherton in the Wessex League the day after was cut to 18 ends due to the extremely hot weather conditions. North Petherton won 56-39, despite the efforts of Mavis Adams’ rink which finished 21-12.

The Winscombe return match against Wrington, again shortened for the comfort of the players, gave the Winscombe ladies a 48-34 win. The resounding 24-7 win by the rink skipped by Rowena Keane, supported by Wendy Weller and Lorna Whatling, and a winning second rink skipped by Mavis Adams made up for the shortfall on the other losing rink.

Winscombe Ladies 36, Nailsea 35 (friendly): T Darkin, A Griffin, L Dyer, M Adams (C) 7-17; M Smith, J Wiles, P Heal, S Caddy 17-10; J Rush, P Burns, W Weller, L Whatling 12-8.

Winscombe Ladies 39, North Petherton 56 (Wessex League): J Rush, E Watts, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (c) 8-22; T Miles, A Ainsworth, S Lowman, M Adams 21-12; M Sprouting, W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane 10-22.

Winscombe Ladies 48, Wrington 34 (friendly): T Darkin, M Smith, M Adams 15-12; W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane 24-7; C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (c) 9-15.

WINSCOMBE Bowls Club has been asked to stage the regional final of the Middleton Cup July 20.

The match between Devon and Wiltshire will commence at 2.15pm.

ASHCOMBE Ladies 1, Portishead RBL 3 (Southey Cup)- singles: N Counsell 10-21; pairs: M Tasker, S .Weaden 14-20; triples: M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 24-22; fours: J Sansom, B MacGregor, J Hughes, S Ford-13-23.

Ashcombe Ladies 64, Wyrral Park 49 (Fear Plate): M Main, S Hopkins, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 29-11; S Noyes, M Williams, M Tasker, S Weaden 15-17; N Counsell, B MacGregor, J Hughes, J McInally 20-21.

Ashcombe Ladies 69 (10), Mark Moor 36 (0) (Wessex League): A Cox, A Bryant, N Counsell, B MacGregor 28-9; J Matthews, L Owens, B Groves, A Goacher 23-12; S Noyes, L Paterson, C Hedges, S Hopkins 18-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 62 (8), Clevedon 54 (2): M Tucker, B MacGregor, M Tasker, C Hedges 14-25; S Bayntun, A Bryant, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 29-14; S Noyes, L Paterson, S Hopkins, S Weaden 19-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 57 (8), Clevedon 41 (2) (NST): L Owens, J Wilkinson, S Hopkins 22-10; J Field, N Counsell, J Hughes 14-16; D Norville, M Tasker, S Weaden 21-15.

CLARENCE Ladies 61, Wessex 30: L Oldham, P Burrough, C Edlin 19-10; M Woods, J Bishop, V Collicott 14-13; S Scoins, A Harris, M Noddings 28-7.

Clarence Ladies 61, Portishead 61: J Colman, P Burrough, C Edlin 19-17; S Pritchard, P Phillips, P Hawkins 20-24; A Ballinger, M Davison, V Collicot 22-20.

Clarence Ladies 34, Nailsea 48: P Fowler, P Bidmead, C Cromley, A Harris 15-17; J Mannion, L Phipps, P Phillips, P Dunn 13-14; M Woods, J Anning, A Ballinger, V Jones 6-17.

Clarence Ladies 57, Congresbury 51: S Pritchard, M Davison, P Hawkins 14-22; J Mannion, P Burrough, C Edlin 11-20; S Scoins, V Collicott, M Noddings 32-9.

Clarence Ladies 60, City of Wells 56 (Fear Plate): C Cromey, P Hawkins, V Collicott, C Edlin 13-24; S Scoins, J Mannion, V Jones, P Burrough 25-16; S Ellis, P Phillips, M Baker, M Noddings 22-16.

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