Winscombe retain the Parrot Shield for a fourth year

Parrot Shield.

Parrot Shield. - Credit: Archant

Winscombe retained the Parrot Shield for a fourth year after a narrow victory over Banwell.

WINSCOMBE retained the Parrot Shield for a fourth year with another close game at Banwell.

The home team had secured a two-shot advantage at Winscombe and it came down to the last end of the last rink playing to decide the outcome this year. After 19 ends, Winscombe were one shot ahead on the night, but one shot behind on the two-leg aggregate score.

Ronnie Wootten, Les Baldwin, Paul Fredersdorff and skip Tommy Ellis were the last playing rink and the result hung on the outcome of the last end. Tommy managed to keep the three shots they held, despite two firing shots from Mike Davies and the match was won.

Good wins by Tony Watt’s rink against John Davies, picking up a four on the penultimate end and Reg Birmingham playing a masterful game were highlights, but the whole team played well and made the difference to ensure The Shield returned home for the fourth successive year.

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It was a busy week for Winscombe following the Middleton Cup regional final which was won by Devon against Wiltshire.

The week started with a good win by the mixed team against Prattens. The seven-rink match against the touring Royal County of Berkshire Bowling Association was always going to be a tough fixture and so it proved.

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All rinks lost, but the captain’s rink of Derek Beaverstock, Bob Weller, Wilf Ainsworth and Ken Whatling, who played the president’s rink, lost by one shot on the last end.

In the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League, Winscombe were comprehensively beaten on all rinks. This reversed the Winscombe win earlier in the season at Clevedon.

Winscombe played Victoria Saxons in the quarter-final of the Weston and District Over-60s Cup. The practice Victoria had on the Winscombe green last week must have worked, as they secured a nine-shot win to progress to the semi-final.

The Winscombe green also hosted the semi-final of the Wedmore Plate between Weston (Bath) and Burnham, won decisively by Weston (Bath).

In the Somerset County League, Winscombe had a full six rinks in use for only the second time this year.

The Winscombe A team played a returning Burnham team, who clearly had not learnt too much from the previous evening’s game as they lost on two rinks to one and by 28 shots overall.Winscombe gained a much needed 10 points.

The Winscombe C team were also at home and entertained Congresbury B. They won on two rinks to one also, but lost the match by 11 shots picking up another four points.

Winscombe B were away at unbeaten Portishead RBL. A good win on the rink skipped by Graham Neville with Peter John, Roy Fisher and Paul Hopes, but lost overall by just seven shots.

Winscombe’s youngest player, Sam Easterby, aged 15, gained his Somerset County Colts badge when he skipped a winning rink against Devon’s Under-25 team.

Winscombe 96, Banwell 91 (Parrot Shield): S Easterby, P Hopes, M Nash, A Watts 20-19; R Wootten, L Baldwin, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 23-12; G Coombe, K Whatling (c), W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 19-16; G Lloyd, R Feltham, A Dudley, M Adams 20-22; J Sprouting, G Hill, R Kibble, G Neville 14-22.

Winscombe 117, Berkshire BA 159: R Wootten, M Hunt, R Kibble, T Ellis 16-25; J Sprouting, B Prince, R Lowman, A Watts 14-17; G Coombe, P Hopes, G Hill, M Nash 20-24; D Beaverstock, R Weller, W Ainsworth, K Whatling (c) 19-20; S Easterby, D Owen, M Hunter, R Feltham 16-22; P John, J Smith, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 16-24; B Knight, B White, L Baldwin, J Lukins 16-27.

Winscombe 81, Prattens 67 (mixed friendly): M Sprouting, T Moody, R Sapsford, G Hill 18-10; L Coombe, W Weller, R Weller, R Lowman 18-10; R Hart, K Headford, P Hopes, J Sprouting (c) 16-11; S Lowis, A Hart, D Beaverstock, W Ainsworth 11-19; C Hopes, S Lowman, B Paul, G Coombe 18-13.

Winscombe 80, Clevedon 124 (C&D League): S Easterby, N Hansford, R Feltham, M Adams 15-22; G Coombe, R Kibble, A Dudley, R Birmingham; R Wootten, D Beaverstock, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 14-29; R Sapsford, G Hill, K Whatling, A Watts 12-27; J Swift, P John, M Dorrington (c), M Nash 16-29.

Winscombe 88, Victoria Saxons 97 (Weston Over-60s KO Cup): J Sprouting (c), R Wootten, M Adams 21-12; C Westlake, G Neville, T Ellis 14-12; G Coombe, R Kibble, R Birmingham 7-22; P Hopes, L Baldwin, A Watts 18-15; M Hunt, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 16-16; G Lloyd, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 13-20.

Winscombe A 72 (10), Burnham A 44 (2) (County League): S Easterby, J Lukins, K Whatling (c), W Ainsworth 17-26; G Lloyd, R Feltham, A Dudley, M Adams 33-6; R Wootten, R Kibble, R Lowman, T Ellis 22-12.

Winscombe C 39 (4), Congresbury B (8) (County League): D Beaverstock, B Prince, B Paul, M Hunt (c) 15-13; R Sapsford, B White, D Owen, G Hill 18-14; J Smith, T Moody, R Knight, R Weller 6-23.

Winscombe B 55 (2), Portishead RBL (County League): P John, R Fisher, P Hopes, G Neville won; D Johnson, L Baldwin, M Nash, A Watts lost; J Sprouting, D Peakall, A Pye, M Dorrington (c) lost.

ASHCOMBE played at Taunton and in winning three of the four rinks played, it resulted in a 13-shot win.

The Crusaders came up against Portishead in the Over-60s League and had a resounding win. They took five of the six rinks played which gave them a hefty total of 122 and won them the game by 43 shots and gained 18 points.

The Templars lost their Over-60s game against Nailsea only managing to win on two rinks, drawing on a third and gaining five points.

Ashcombe were hosts to a men’s touring team from Berkshire and were beaten by 25 shots.

The Ashcombe B team played home and lost heavily to Wrington in the County League. The A team played at Wedmore and won on two of the three rinks to win the game by 15 shots.

Ashcombe 81, Taunton 68: L Cox 20-14; D Freestone, M Parry, B Caddick, T Cottrell 18-15; G Tucker, R Simms, M Bass, R Tasker 25-15.

Crusaders 122, Portishead 79 (Over-60s League): A Wilmot, S Hedges, J Whitlow 20-9; A Freke, A Little, DA Williams 24-9; L Day, B Hadley, J Whitton 12-21; R Powell, G Wilkinson, J Taylor 26-18; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 26-11; G Tottle, C Hughes, B Webber 14-11.

Templars 76, Nailsea 104 (Over-60s League): G Tucker, M Paterson, R Tasker 10-25; K Davies, B Alden, E Booth 11-19; D Freestone, S Andrews, L Cox 10-22; M McMahon, G Fews, P Gaulton 16-11; M Field, B Benstead, M Badman 17-15; B Noyes, G Pople, R Simmons 12-12.

Ashcombe 124, Berkshire 149 (friendly): D Freestone, M West, S Hedges, A Little 8-27; G Tucker, R Simmons, L Cox, E Hooper 22-14; B Noyes, D Norville, M Paterson, J Price 15-22; R Counsell, R Tasker, J Whitlow, B Webber 23-16; P Sheppard, A Freke, B Caddick, J Taylor 22-16; D Underhay, G Holcombe, T Morgan, DA Williams 15-34; B Benstead, M Parry, J Hornett, J Creasey 19-20.

Ashcombe B 40, Wrington 74 (County League): J Marlow, W Spring, R Tasker, M Parry 13-32; F Ham, T Roberts, P Gaulton, T Cottrell 14-22; M Paterson, M Bass, I Baker, A Cracknell 13-20.

Ashcombe A 53, Isle of Wedmore 38 (County League): A Wilmot, B Caddick, G Wilkinson, DA Williams 17-20; N Coombes, T Morgan, T Bass, J Whitlow 20-8; R Powell, G Fews, S Hedges, J Taylor 16-10.

ST ANDREWS B side took a crushing blow in their latest encounter, away to table-topping Victoria B, losing on all three rinks.

St Andrews A side also lost their unbeaten start, going down heavily to Yatton A, who won 10-2.

On a brighter note, the Saints have won the first leg of the Ron Taylor Cup at home, in the annual fixture against Victoria. The Saints take a 12-shot lead into the return game.

St Andrews A 43, Yatton A 60 (County League): K Uglow, R Venn, A McMillan, A Steer 13-20; R Smith, G Sims, G Webber, D Bailey 10-26; P Aldus, G Cooper, S Davies, B Forse 20-14.

St Andrews 114, Victoria 102 (Ron Taylor Cup): R Brereton, J Ling, B Reeves, G Webber 15-16; G Sims, M Blight, T Ware, A Horsburgh 15-17; K Parker, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 19-20; T Yeeles, T Day, J Warren (c), G Wride 24-19; R Venn, G Burgess, S Davies, A Owens 22-12; K Rodgers, T Allen, B Green, D Bailey 19-18.

Becky and Jenny McMillan will be representing Somerset Under-25s at Leamington Spa in the Amy Rose Trophy.

Their first game will be against Surrey tomorrow (Fri), with Becky leading for England star Steffi Branfield, while Jenny will be one of only two reserves in their opening match.

This is Jennifer’s first taste of national honours and St Andrews wish both girls every success in this prestigious event.

Later in the month on August 11, Becky will again be representing Somerset, this time in the Walker Cup semi-final against Durham. Again, she will be leading for Branfield in this ladies’ two-rink county competition, hoping for a finals match against the winners of Oxfordshire and Leicestershire.

The ladies of St Andrews pulled out all the stops when they hosted Portishead, their only fixture last week.

They achieved success right across the board, keeping the visitors to single figures on all three rinks.

St Andrews Ladies 63, Portishead 19: J McMillan, S Sinclair, M Favis 18-4; K Dobney, D Johnston, I Tofte 27-6; E Reeves, A Greenwood, E Blight 18-9.

GRANT Aldridge, Clarence’s 20-year-old Somerset junior captain, skipped his team into the final of the Club Fours Championship.

They triumphed against a team skipped by the formidable Paul Tubb. Aldridge and his sidekicks Chris Tippett, John Atkins and Brian Difford will all be competing in a final for the first time.

Their opponents will be John Norris, Maurice Phillips, Dick Jackman and skip Brian Ballinger, who had a comfortable victory in their semi-final.

Aldridge could cause a headache for the organisers of Clarence’s finals weekend in September, because he is in the quarter-finals of the Under-70, first-time and handicap singles competitions, as well as the club pairs and looking in ominously good form with his bright-green woods.

In the Somerset County League, Clarence A resumed their Premier Two fixtures after a lengthy break, but fared no better than previously, going down by eight shots at home to Clevedon Prom A.

It was a familiar story, as Clarence built a handy lead and finished up on two of the three rinks. But a heavy defeat on the third proved costly. David Stott and Roger Burrough skipped the winning rinks.

Clarence A 51 (4), Clevedon Prom A 59 (8): B Rossiter, D Towie, G Aldridge, D Stott 22-17; M Edlin, T Pritchard, M Clay, R Burrough 16-14; T Ward, T Mannion, B Ballinger, G Barlow 13-28.

At the same time, also on their home green, Clarence B battled to their second draw of the season, this time at home to local rivals Victoria C.

With Richard Crawford’s rink having won by six and team captain Brendan Duffy’s having scored a five on the last end to lose by two, the result depended on the last four to finish, skipped by John Edwards.

Clarence led by two overall until Edwards and his men dropped a four on the penultimate end. They redeemed themselves somewhat by picking up two on the last and what would have been the match-winning third shot finished just an inch or two short.

Clarence B 62 (5), Victoria C 62 (7): B Underwood, D Jackman, M Adams, R Crawford 23-17; A Bishop, A Kermack, M Scoins, B Duffy 20-22; T Hooper, J Keay, J Burgess, J Edwards 19-23.

Clarence Blues, last year’s runners-up in the Weston & District Over-60s League KO Cup, travelled to Portishead RBL, aiming to reach the semi-finals.

They made an impressive start and, after 10 of the 21 ends, had a 22-shot lead. By the 15th end, that had been trimmed to five and, eventually, the result hinged on the score of the final rink to finish, skipped by Brian Ballinger for Clarence.

He, Tony Hooper and Harry Sparks needed three to force an extra-end decider, but finished just one short. There were hard-luck stories all over the green for Clarence, with Roger Burrough’s trio holding three on the final end until the opposing skip’s last wood deflected in for shot.

Portishead RBL 105, Clarence Blues 104: B Rossiter, M Adams, D Stott 25-9; T Ward, D Grier, M Edlin 16-20; A Bishop, J Keay, R Burrough 21-18; T Hooper, H Sparks, B Ballinger 19-16; B Underwood, R Flicker, R Crawford 14-18; A Gardiner, T Mannion, M Clay 9-24.

Forty-eight members of the two Clarence clubs and Wessex and their guests caught the coach for the away match with Torquay.

While seven rinks battled it out on the green, the non-bowlers enjoyed their day on the English Riviera, despite showers, one of which, particularly torrential, brought the match to a premature finish after 16 ends.

The result was declared a draw, with the rinks skipped by Richard Crawford and David Stott winning for Clarence and Tony Mannion’s drawing.

Clarence rinks: A Newland, Sue Bishop, T Cockcroft, T Ward 9-18; J Hawkins, Norma Peters, Ann Crawford, M Phillips 15-24; Carol Marshall, Pam Turner, A Bishop, R Crawford 16-10; Irene Hicks, Audrey Powell, R Stacey, T Mannion 12-12; Elaine Stott, Pauline Dunn, M Peters, Pam Hawkins 14-18; Marlene Woods, Pat Phillips, K Marshall, Veronica Jones 6-24; Lucy Oldham, A Taylor, Ann Ward, D Stott 21-9.

VICTORIA Saxons had a resounding win at Burnham and came away with maximum points as they try and close the gap between the leaders of the division and themselves.

Top rink of the day was Roger Rockett, Tony Barnes and skip Ken Harvey with a 15-shot win.

The Vikings got off to an amazing start and after 10 ends were 42 shots up. However, it seemed that they had a rest and only scored 16 shots over the next five ends as Mark Moor scored 40.

However, mainly thanks to Derek Jones’ trio who scored 12 shots without reply and the triple of John Downing (seven shots without reply) over the last three ends, Victoria’s second team managed a noble win.

Victoria gained revenge for the defeat they received the previous week in the league when they beat Winscombe in the Over-60s Knockout Cup. In a close game which was always in doubt up to the 15th end, swung Victoria’s way when the triple of Mike Stocker fought back from 0-11 down and fine victories by the triples skipped by Keith Holland and Bryan Stock saw Victoria through to the next round.

Victoria Saxons 117 (20), Burnham 85 (0): T Gatehouse, J Newman, K Holland 17-13; R Fenwick, K Curtis, D Hurst 17-15; H Whyte, A Bray, M Taylor 17-12; R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey 26-11; P Lunn, A Uccellini, M Stocker 21-18; M Fletcher, M Manning, B Stock 19-14.

Victoria Vikings 121 (15, Mark Moor 98 (5): R Hollier, J Griffiths, G Hodge 15-19; S Thynne, G Thorne, D Jones 30-15; L Kelly, P Newport, G Frost 16-16; T Gilbert, J Mingo-West, E Sage 19-18; I Linham, T Farmer, J Downing 30-9; R Sleep, C York, A Shattock 11-21.

Victoria 97, Winscombe 89: R Rockett, A Barnes, K Harvey, 12-21; R Fenwick, A Uccellini, M Stocker 12-14; T Gatehouse, A Bray, M Taylor 15-18; H Whyte, J Newman, K Holland 20-13; M Fletcher, K Curtis, B Stock 22-7; M Campbell, M Manning, D Hurst 16-16.

In the first leg away to St Andrews in the Ron Taylor Cup, club captain Mike Manning was content with the narrow defeat as his team take on St Andrews in the second leg back at Victoria.

Victoria 102, St Andrews 114: A Webb, G Hodge, H Gibbs, A Bray 16-15; G Richards, M Willetts, A Barnes, D Hurst 17-15; W Nicholls, E Sage, J Newman, J Howell 20-19; S Thynne, C Chudley, D Sealey, M Manning 19-24; P Wyatt, R Fenwick, P Fisher, K Harvey 12-22; J Mingo-West, R Rockett, N Sell, M Stocker 18-19.

In the Somerset County League, all four teams were in action and pleasingly there was just the one defeat with the D team losing at Yatton.

At last, the A team have won a game and they did it in style, each rink scoring 27 shots as they romped to a 12-0 win. The B team also won 12-0 as they push for promotion.

In a high-scoring game, the rink of Malcolm Campbell, Mike Fletcher, John Howell and skip Derek Hurst excelled with a 13-shot win.

The C team were at Clarence and despite winning on two rinks, had to be content with a draw and seven points. The D team were involved in a match at Yatton where the game was restricted to 12 ends because of heavy rain and lost on all rinks.

Victoria A 81 (12), Bridgwater A 37 (0): N Stocker, P Leadbeater, C Gazzard, M Cooper 27-13; D Beard, D Fairhurst, K Harvey, W Harrison 27-12; P Wyatt, J Newman, A Bray, M Stocker 27-12.

Victoria B 71 (12), St Andrews B 49 (0): H Gibbs, A Uccellini, B Stock 19-18; P Fisher, N Sell, K Curtis, M Taylor 23-15; M Campbell, M Fletcher, J Howell, D Hurst 29-16.

Victoria C 62 (7), Clarence B 62 (5): P Lunn, T Gatehouse, R Fenwick, G Frost 17-23; H Whyte, A Shattock, D Sealey, S Evans 23-19; R Hollier, M Milliner, A Barnes, D Jones 22-20.

Victoria D 18 (0), Yatton 43 (12) - skips only: D Avery 8-14; E Sage 8-11; J Griffiths 2-18.

Victoria’s winning streak continued when they defeated GB Britton in a mixed friendly at home, winning on four of the five rinks with emphatic 13-shot wins by the rinks skipped by Mike Taylor and Mike Cooper, securing a fine win of 25 shots.

Victoria 114, GB Britton (Bristol) 89: W Nicholls, R Cleeves, N Stocker, M Stocker 18-13; C Webb, S Angove, E Newport, E Sage 24-23; F Waters, C Chudley, S Cooper, M Taylor 29-16; T Ellis, C Stevens, T Gatehouse, M Cooper 28-15; L Stocker, R Bailey, M Milliner, J Newman 15-22.

THE annual Parrot Shield contested between Banwell and Winscombe was won by Winscombe by just three shots.

Banwell started the game with a slender lead of two shots and the game swung in favour of both teams throughout the match. At five ends, Banwell were down on all five rinks to the tune of 13 shots on the night, but at the 19th end, it was looking hopeful.

The match was decided on the last end of the last rink playing, with Winscombe picking up three shots to take the spoils. Banwell still lead 26-21 overall, since the fixture began in 1967.

Banwell 93 (including two shot first leg lead), Winscombe 96: T Hyde, M Laycock, J Laurent, J Davies 19-20; V McArdell, T Byrnes, K Burgess, M Davies 12-23, T Burnett, D Robinson, P Villis, P Owen 16-19; R Smith, T Garfield, H Guckian, B Taylor 22-20; H Woodards, J Rickerty, G Millard, C Wilson 22-14.

Banwell A team got back to winning ways despite a rain-soaked day, picking up 11 much needed points. Playing in periods of heavy rain, the team came within a whisker of picking up all the points.

The win takes the A team out of the relegation zone and moves them up to seventh place in the league, but with five games left, it is still tight in Premier One.

Purnells A 49 (1), Banwell A 63 (11): T Hyde, J Laurent, M Davies, J Davies 17-17; V McArdell, G Millard, P Villis, B Taylor 28-18; R Smith, T Garfield, C Wilson, P Owen 18-14.

WEDMORE men managed a good home win over Clevedon Prom in the Over-60s Triples League match, winning four out of six rinks.

This restored Wedmore’s honour after a loss when they played them away. Ian Faulkner led his team to the best result of the day with a 25-10 victory

Wedmore 104, Clevedon Prom 93: P Smith, I Gallop, I Faulkner 25-10; B Keen, R Barron, D Nicholls 9-27; C Wheller, R Norris, R Newell 23-9; T Collingwood, D Collins, R Hughes 17-14; D Trow, B Cottrell, K Pettit 17-12; T Hamblin, S Fisher, T Brown 13-21.

In the County League, Wedmore men’s B team visited Wrington and won two rinks and lost one. Colin Moss and his team had the win of the day with a strong 23-16 victory.

Wedmore 52, Wrington 65: B Back, T Simpson, D Collins, K Burt 18-17; T Collingwood, R Hunt, P Bean, D Stansfield 11-32; V Matthews, T Counsell, C Panchaud, C Moss 23-16.

The B team match against Ashcombe A played at Wedmore in heavy rain proved to be more difficult, with Wedmore losing two of the three rinks and a final score of 38-63.

Wedmore had a good home win in the Mid Somerset League against visitors Norwest winning all four rinks. Ron Barron had the best win of the day with a 29-10 result.

Wedmore 78, Norwest 58: T Counsell, I Gallop, K Burt, R Barron 29-10; R Bull, T Simpson, K Phillimore, C Moss 18-15; J Arthurs, B Andrews, D Wederell, E Payne 18-17; V Matthews, C Panchaud, T Brown, D Nicholls 33-16.

Winscombe ladies came to Wedmore for a Wessex Ladies League match and the home team managed a win on all three rinks. The outstanding result came from Sandra Moss and her team who won their rink 21-10.

Wedmore Ladies 52, Winscombe 36: C Mercer, B Clark, L Hamblin, G Harvey 16-13, D Gallop, T Newell, J Wheller, M Trow 15-13; M Hordle, M Barron, M Fisher, S Moss 21-10.

Wedmore enjoyed a good win in an away Mid Somerset Mixed League match at Wyral Park with a final score of 64-39.

Burnham visited Wedmore for a mixed friendly and Wedmore won on five of the six rinks. Final score was 159-72. In a high-scoring match, Ron Barron’s team managed a dramatic 35-5 victory.

CLARENCE Ladies 50, Clevedon Prom 27: M Moore, C Edlin, P Hawkins 16-11; B Hayes, P Phillips, V Collicott 11-8; S Scoins, S Pritchard, M Noddings 23-8.

VICTORIA ladies managed to complete the double over top of the table Nailsea and the win makes Victoria serious contenders for the Mendip League title.

Victoria Ladies 56 (8), Nailsea 44 (2): R Cleeves, S Newman, S Cooper 23-14; D Owen, A Holland, M Chudley 13-19; C Webb, E Newport, M Hillman 20-11.

Another league victory, but this time in the Weston & District Triples League, probably keeps Victoria in the top two.

Victoria Ladies 58 (8), Congresbury 50 (2): S Newman, E Newport, M Hillman 14-17; C Webb, A Holland, S Cooper 27-18; C Willetts, S Harrison, M Chudley 17-15.

WESSEX Ladies 67 (8), Mark Moor 45 (2) (Wessex League): J Allard, E Stott, J Duffy, M Williams 33-13; P Hanson, V Gardiner, C Peart, A Powell 18-15; V Edwards, M Hawkins, P Dunn, A Fewings 16-17.

Wessex Ladies 45 (4), Congresbury 53 (6) (Weston & District League): E Stott, A Crawford, A Ward 15-14; S Bishop, P Hanson, E Deane 11-25; C Walker, J Allard, J Duffy 19-14.

WINSCOMBE ladies played just two matches this week, the first at the Isle of Wedmore and the second against Clevedon played at home.

Winscombe went down on all three rinks at Isle of Wedmore in the Wessex League, losing 36-52. Angela Ainsworth’s rink had been leading all the way until their opponents levelled at 13-all on the 17th end. Wedmore gained two shots on the last end to win.

Mavis Adams’ rink had been gradually catching up, but were finally defeated by three shots. Despite their best efforts, Eve Watts and her team struggled after giving away five shots on the sixth end.

Their match against Clevedon in the NSTL resulted in a win for Clevedon on shot difference. Winscombe won on two rinks and came away with four points to add to their league total, but Clevedon won 56-50 overall and gained six points.

Both Angela Ainsworth and Eve Watts’ rinks held on to their slender lead, but after captain Lesley Fredersdorff and her team dropped five shots on the fifth end, they were out of contention for the rest of the game.

Winscombe Ladies 36, Isle of Wedmore 52 (Wessex League): T Miles (c), L Parfitt, L Whatling, M Adams 13-16; T Darkin, L Coombe, J Kimmins, A Ainsworth 13-15, C Hope, P Heal, W Weller, E Watts 10-21.

Winscombe Ladies 50, Clevedon 56 (NST League): M Sprouting, W Weller, L Fredersdorff (c) 10-21; C Hopes, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 14-13; T Miles, S Caddy, E Watts 26-22.

CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Sheppard, who recently became a fully qualified regional umpire.

Peter joined Ashcombe Park Bowling Club in 2005 and quickly became an accomplished bowler and valued club member. He enjoys the finer points of bowls and soon decided to become a qualified coach.

Now the rules of the game became a fascination and many hours were spent preparing for his new qualification.

To book Peter’s umpiring services, please ring direct on 07885 157568.

ASHCOMBE Bowls Club will play host to the first Somerset Bowls Under-18s mixed singles competition.

Twenty-five young competitors will battle through a round robin stage hoping to reach the quarter-final knockout stage. Group matches start at 10am, with the final at about 4pm.

Ashcombe players at the ladies’ president and captain’s day held at the club.

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