Winscombe retain their Over-60s title

Winscombe retain their Weston and District Over-60s Knockout Cup title.

WINSCOMBE won the Weston & District Over-60s Knockout Cup for the second successive year, beating St Andrews at Ashcombe Park.

After three ends, Winscombe had a 10 shot lead and built steadily on it to be ahead by 40 shots after 10 ends. Winscombe won by 49 shots, which more than compensated for their loss last week at St Andrews in the league.

President of the Weston & District Over-60s League this year, Wilf Ainsworth, who was the Winscombe winning captain last year, had the honour of presenting the cup to Les Baldwin, this year’s Over-60s captain.

President John Baker, who has not enjoyed the best of health this year, was delighted with the club’s success and sent his congratulations to the team.

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In other matches this week, Winscombe men lost narrowly to a tourist side from Rhiwbina and won in a triples match at Clevedon Prom.

Winscombe ladies played the second leg of the Iris Owen Trophy chasing an eight shot deficit from the first match at St Andrews.

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After 10 ends, Winscombe were 11 shots up and had a winning lead across the two legs. However, captain Mavis Adams and Angela Ainsworths’ rinks lost 26 shots over the last eight ends to hand victory back to St Andrews.

Sarah Lowman with Lorna Whatling and Lesley Fredersdorff were the only Winscombe winning rink by just one shot.

Winscombe 133, St Andrews 84 (Over-60s cup final): G Tofte, G Neville, M Nash 19-17; R Lowman, L Collier, A Watts 27-10; K Whatling, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 27-11; G Lloyd, M Hunt, A Dudley 20-18; M Roberts, R Wootten, T Ellis 26-9; A Kyprianides, L Baldwin, M Adams 14-19.

Winscombe 105, Rhiwbina Tourists 112 (friendly): B Prince, J Vincent, J Sprouting, S Eastment 21-19; R Weller, K Headford, R Lowman, A Dudley 22-11; D Johnson, G Coombe, G Tofte, G Neville 14-16; P Hopes, D Peakall, R Freegard, A Watts 16-22; G Lloyd, A Brand, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 14-22; D Owen, R Hart, A Kyprianides, W Ainsworth 18-22.

Winscombe 95, Clevedon Prom 78 (friendly): J Vincent, G Neville, R Lowman 13-25; D Peakall, J Sprouting, A Watts 19-15; D Beaverstock, A Kyprianides, S Eastment 21-9; D Johnson, P Hopes, W Ainsworth 20-14; R Weller, R Freegard, R Wootten 22-15.

Winscombe Ladies 42, St Andrews 63 (Iris Owen Trophy second leg): S Caddy, T Miles, M Adams 16-17;W Weller, E Watts, A Ainsworth 8-21; L Whatling, L Fredersdorff, S Lowman 18-10.

The greenkeeper’s two-wood club competition took place with 12 pairs of bowlers competing against each other in short eight end games and the winning two pairs fighting it out in a 10-end final.

The winners were Ron Wootten and Paul Hopes, who beat Robin Lowman and late substitute John Vincent by four shots in the final.

Winscombe floodlit tournament results: Congresbury A 22, Wrington A 12; Wrington B 14,Wyrral Park A 13; Nailsea B 14, Congresbury E 19; Wyrral Park B 25, Winscombe F 12; Congresbury D 19, Wells B 17; Nailsea C 15, Victoria B 17; Congresbury C 27, Wedmore A 5; Ashcombe A 13, Banwell A 18; Ashcombe B 25, Congresbury E 9; Clarence C 22, Winscombe B 13; Congresbury H 26, Victoria E 15; Nailsea B 13, Winscombe D 14; Winscombe E 9, Burnham A 21; Mark Moor A 12, Winscombe A 19; Wyrral Park C 15, Clevedon B 28; Victoria C 14, Ardagh B 30; Winscombe G 12, Clarence B 23; Winscombe C 15, Clarence A 13; Winscombe B 10, Wedmore A 21; Ardagh B 27, Winscombe A 6; Clarence B 16, Burnham 17.

ST ANDREWS experienced the ups-and-downs of bowls this week.

After defeating Winscombe in their league meeting just over a week ago, the Saints received a mauling from the same club in the final of the Over-60s Knockout Cup, played at Ashcombe Park.

The Over-60s made a great comeback with good wins against Clevedon Promenade and Isle of Wedmore.

St Andrews Spartans 84, Winscombe 133 (Over-60s Knockout Cup final): M Berry, R Venn, D Bailey 17-19; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 10-27; R Smith, A Yeeles, D Favis 11-27; K Parker, T Allen, B May 18-20; D Nutt, R McLeod, G Wride 9-26; M Leigh, M Goddard, T Thomas 19-14.

St Andrews 72, Clevedon Promenade 58: J Pope, R Dunstone, B Green 17-11; R Smith, R Reed, J Warren 20-11; P O’Connor, J Ling, G Wride 16-19; G Matthews, T Allen, T Bell 19-17.

St Andrews Spartans 97, Isle of Wedmore 89: M Leigh, M Berry, G Wride 16-13; A Yeeles, R McLeod, T Thomas 17-15; D Price, T Bell, A Horsburgh 17-12; M Goddard, A Ware, D Favis 18-10; K Parker, R Venn, D Bailey 6-22; G Berry, B May, J Warren 23-17.

St Andrews 63, Banwell 70: G Matthews, M Laycock, G Berry, D Nutt 23-17; P Smart, A MacNab, T Allen, T Bell 16-14; J Ling, R Reed, R Dunstone, S Davies 8-23; R Smith, A Cooper, M Blight, R Venn 16-16.

St Andrews ladies won both their games this week. Most notably, having won the first leg of the Iris Owen Cup by eight shots in July, they retained the trophy by winning the second leg by 13 more shots at Winscombe.

The rinks of Ann Campbell and Myra Bailey were well down early on, but fought hard to ensure that the Saints have the trophy on display in the clubhouse for another year.

St Andrews Ladies 64, Isle of Wedmore 37: J Forse, J Ware, M Bailey 22-9; M Wride, S Priory, M Favis 25-12; E Blight, A Greenwood, M Pattenden 17-16.

St Andrews Ladies 55, Winscombe 42 (Iris Owen Cup): J Forse, M Pattenden, M Favis 21-8; J Smith, J Pitman, A Campbell 17-16; E Blight, S Priory, M Bailey 17-18.

BARRIE Forse won the first 2011 championship to be decided at Clarence Bowling Club, when he beat Trevor Pritchard in the final of the Under-70 singles.

Forse, winner of an unprecedented eight titles, including the Under-70s last year, was a comfortable winner against his Clarence first-team colleague, by 21-5.

In the club finals weekend, which starts tomorrow (Fri), he features in another four finals.

Although the rinks were shared in Clarence Blues’ home clash with newly-crowned Over-60s league champions Victoria, the visitors were comfortable winners.

Clarence Blues 79 (6), Victoria 110 (14): J Keay, J Hicks, P Tubb 11-22; J Larvin, J Edwards, T Ward 17-12; B Rossiter, T Mannion, R Crawford 14-22; B Underwood, G Barlow, D Jackman 6-29; M Edlin, M Clay, R Burrough 15-11; R Flicker, T Perry, B Forse 16-14.

Norma Peters, first-season bowler John Hayes, Mike Skyrme and Mick Edlin comprised Clarence’s only winning rink as they lost at home in a mixed match against Cambridgeshire tourists Chesterton.

Clarence 78, Chesterton 117: B Jones, M Peters, R Dodson, D Jackman 13-21; N Peters, John Hayes, M Skyrme, M Edlin 17-10; A O’Mara, J Rogers, M Williams, G Kettleborough 15-20; S Phelps, J Loveridge, P Taylor, R Cornwall 7-21; M Waite, A Cord, A Bidmead, P Tubb 12-24; B Hayes, M Phillips, I Baker, C Read 14-21.

Clarence beat Bowlers on Tour by 11 shots in a mixed friendly. Joan Duffy’s triple led the way with a 21-shot victory, including a seven on the 10th end, while the other winning skips were Don Towie, Andy McMillan and David Stott.

Clarence 110, Bowlers on Tour 100: L Woodrow, M Skyrme, T Ward 9-20; M Waite, L Lakey, D Jackman 8-22; B Hayes, T Cockcroft, D Towie 15-9; S Phelps, M Davies, I Baker 11-13; R Rossiter, G Cooper, J Duffy 27-6; I Hicks, T Mannion, A McMillan 19-14; J Larvin, J Bishop, D Stott 22-16.

Clarence Park’s Sunday mixed team enjoyed a pleasurable day out to Wotton-under-Edge. Despite good wins by Tony Mannion’s and captain David Stott’s rinks, a creditable draw for Dick Jackman’s four and the narrowest of defeats for Bob Cornwall’s team, Clarence lost by three shots.

Wotton-under-Edge 122, Clarence 119: J Larvin, B Hayes, J Mannion, D Jackman 21-21; J Hayes, M Woods, M Scoins, V Jones 19-30; N Peters, J Allard, J O’Mara, A Bidmead 12-22; L Medcraft, E Stott, R Dodson, D Stott 21-14; S Scoins, A O’Mara, M Peters, T Mannion 25-13; B Difford, C Tippett, J Bishop, R Cornwall 21-22.

VICTORIA’S Over-60s final game of the season saw them travel across town to play Clarence Blues, which resulted in a 31 shot win for Victoria.

They extended their winning run to eight consecutive wins and ended Clarence’s own winning streak .Mike Stocker finished his competitive season on a high, skipping his rink of Eric Sage and Ken Curtis to a 23 shot win.

Victoria 110 (14), Clarence Blues 79 (6): H Whyte, M Campbell, D Hurst 22-11; J West, J Newman, B Stock 12-17; R Rockett, P Palmer, K Holland 22-14; E Sage, K Curtis, M Stocker 29-6; G Hodge, T Gatehouse, A Uccellini 14-16; A Barnes, M Taylor, D Williams 11-15.

Victoria hosted three touring teams in the week winning all three. First to visit were Bohemians of Llanelli & District and in a mixed friendly. Mike Stocker continued his excellent form to lead his rink of Pat Osborne, Cliff Chudley and Keith Holland to a 23 shot win to ensure Victoria won the match by 29 shots.

Kingsland Tourists from Herefordshire visited to play a mixed friendly, but despite a strong and enthusiastic following and winning on two rinks, they were soundly beaten largely due to a 29 shot win by the rink of Chris Sage, John West and Ken Curtis.

The final touring team of the week were Bedfordshire Tourists who came across Victoria, still in their fine form of the week and proved too strong for the visitors. Top Victoria rink was Bill Osborne, Ellen Newport and Mike Cooper.

Victoria 131, Bohemians (Llanelli) 102: P Osborne, C Chudley, K Holland, M Stocker 29-9; J Codrington, R Sleep, J Griffiths, M Hillman 30-11; M Milliner, S Cooper, M Campbell, K Harvey 19-18; J West, A Barnes, R Cleeves, D Williams 21-11; W Osborne, A Waygood, S Newman, J Newman 17-24; C Willetts, P Newport, D Jones, M Taylor 15-29.

Victoria 119, Kingsland Tourists (Herefordshire) 73: C Willetts, G Richards, J Newman 21-10; R Jacobs, D Roberts, M Hillman 12-20; R Cleeves, C Chudley, M Campbell 15-8; W Nicholls, S Newman, R Rockett 19-9; E Sage, M Chudley, D Williams 13-16; C Sage, J West, K Curtis 39-10.

Victoria 113, Bedfordshire Tourists 59: M Angove, M Willetts, M Taylor 15-12; P Newport, C Chudley, J Newman 24-10; K Leahy, S Newman, D Jones 13-15; R Jacobs, C Willetts, R Fenwick 21-8; D Beard, T Gilbert, J Griffiths 17-8; W Osborne, E Newport, M Cooper 23-6.

ASHCOMBE hosted a special centenary match, with teams of four players from seven local clubs were invited to play.

Teams were from Banwell, Burnham, Clarence, Mark Moor, St Andrews, Victoria, and Winscombe.

Ashcombe 114, Seven Rinks from Local Clubs 146 (centenary men’s friendly) - local club players in brackets: Banwell (B Taylor, K Burgess, J Davis, D Johnstone), G Fews, R Counsell, L Cox, J Hornett 16-26; Burnham (T Wellaire, E Davies, J Shattock, D Bridges), B Cracknell, S Hedges, R Simmons, D A Williams 13-30; Clarence (R Flicker, J Edwards, I Baker, R Crawford), A Cracknell, B Underhay, R Kibble, J Creasey 21-11; Mark Moor (J Adams, R Allsworth, M Derham, J Harris), B Alden, D Bleasdale, M Southwood, J Taylor 13-27; St Andrews (P Nutt, M Goddard, A Holsborough, D Favis), D Stanton, M Adams, G Wilkinson, S Claxton 22-12; Victoria (J Norman, D Jones, K Holland, D Williams), R Powell, M Badman, A Yates, J Whitlow 19-14; Winscombe (M Roberts, L Collier, T Ellis, M Adams), G Tottle, J Main, J Whitton, B Webber 10-26.

Ashcombe 118, Biggleswade Town 119 (mixed friendly) - match abandoned due to rain, scores taken at 12 ends: R Counsell, B Macgregor, B Webber 6-9; M Palmer, R Ford, E Hopkins 4-11; Doreen Norville, R Kibble, J Whitlow 4-20; G Tucker, S Ford, W Caddick 18-5; L Owens, B Alden, J Whitton 7-9 (10 ends); G Sansam, C Hedges, R Simmons 4-20; Rosemary Powell, M Adams, J Hornett 9-8; R Powell, J Wilkinson, E Hooper 17-3; D Hampson, S Hedges, J Taylor 7-11; M Tucker, J Main, G Wilkinson 9-15; S Ash, B Groves, L Cox 16-3; T Bull, A Freke, J McInally 17-5

Ashcombe 101, Taunton 108 (men’s friendly): G Sansam, M MacMahon, P Gaulton, G Kinsey 9-25; R Counsell, K Hallet, P Sheppard, E Hooper 14-18; N Coombes, R Tasker, J Main, G Wilkinson 25-9; T Bull, D Underhay, C Hughes, A Freke 18-12; G Fews, B Benstead, M Parry, W Caddick 18-26; G Tucker, R Smith, M Southwood, J Price 17-18.

WESSEX Ladies 59, Congresbury 54: P Tillson, B Wallace, M Hawkins, I Hicks 27-8; J Allard, L Woodrow, E Deane, J Davis 11-27; B Jones, V Edwards, C Peart, J Binding 21-19.

Fielding a rink with a player short at Portishead, 25 per cent of the score was deducted resulting in Wessex losing by just one shot.

Wessex Ladies 47, Portishead 48: A Fewings, M Hawkins, I Hicks, E Williams 25-10; P Tillson, C Peart, J Binding 15-14; E Stott, P Turner, J Allard, J Davis 7-24.

Wessex Ladies 52 (3), Isle of Wedmore 58 (7) (Wessex League): P Tillson, M Hawkins, B Jones, E Williams 16-15 P Hanson, P Turner, M Davis, D Forsyth 16-24; J Davis, A Crawford, J Allard, A Ward 19-19.

CLARENCE Ladies 73, Mark Moor 54 (friendly): M Goodwin, S Searle, V Senior 12-19; B Hayes, S Foster, P Burrough 19-13; S Bishop, L Oldham, J Bishop 19-8; J Mannion, S Scoins, P Dunn 23-14.

Clarence Ladies 49, Portishead. 59 (NSL): J Mannion, M Baker, C Edlin 21-11; S Scoins, V Jones, V Collicott 22-27; L Oldham, M Davison, M Noddings 6-21. Friendly: M Goodwin, C Cromey, J Bishop 14-9.

Clarence Ladies 60, Burnham 76 (friendly): S Searle, C Cromey, M Woods 22-15; J Mannion, S Foster, P Barnbrook 12-14; M Waite, L Oldham, M Noddings 13-24; B Hayes, V Jones, V Senior 13-23.

ASHCOMBE Park Ladies 34 (0), Long Ashton 68 (10) (NSL): N Urch, J Wilkinson, C Hedges 11-27; M Tucker, B Groves, S Weadon 12-15; A Cox, S Hopkins, B Macgregor 11-26.

Ashcombe Ladies 49 (8), Portishead 42 (2) (North Somerset League): D Norville, C Hedges, J McInally 20-12; A Fews, D Hampson, S Ford 13-17; M Tucker, S Hopkins, A Goacher 16-13.

Friendly: R Powell, J Beat, B Macgregor 12-16.

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