Winscombe suffer first defeat in Over-60s League

Bowls ClarencevVictoria,

Bowls ClarencevVictoria, - Credit: Archant

Winscombe suffered their first defeat in the Weston & District Over-60s League at the hands of Victoria.

VICTORIA provided an upset when they visited Winscombe in the Weston & District Over-60s League, inflicting the first league defeat on their hosts and picking up a welcome 17 points on the way.

It was an overwhelming win with the Saxons losing on just one rink.

Victoria Saxons 115 (17), Winscombe 82 (3): B Pocock, D Hurst, M Stocker 19-13; J Mingo-West, M Manning, K Holland 25-13; P Lunn, C Heal, M Campbell 25-15; H Whyte, R Bromet, A Bray 20-8; T Gatehouse, R Fenwick, D Williams 13-13; R Jacobs, A Barnes, R Rockett 13-20.

Victoria’s second team, the Vikings, could not match the Saxons win and went down by 18 shots against a strong Nailsea team, who are vying for promotion.

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The Vikings picked up four points with wins on the rinks skipped by Mike Milliner and Graham Hodge.

Victoria Vikings 100 (4), Nailsea 118 (16): R Hollier, T Broughton, E Sage 15-29; T Gilbert, J Langridge, G Frost 13-24; B Johnson, C Chudley, A Shattock 18-19; L Kelly, J Turton, W Nicholls 18-21; R Jacobs, D Roberts, M Milliner 16-14; J Griffiths, R Brommit, G Hodge 20-11

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The Premier League clash against Bath in the county league ended with a win for Victoria A, gaining some revenge for their double rink loss a few weeks ago.

The rink of Nathan Stocker, Phil Fisher, Colin Gazzard and skip Mike Cooper carried the team to victory.

Victoria B also enjoyed a fine win with two winning rinks skipped by Malcolm Campbell and Tony Bray. Victoria C travelled to play Yatton B and returned home with just two points from the rink win of Richard Jacobs, Alan Shattock, Dave Williams and Derek Jones.

Victoria D travelled across town to Clarence and beat their B team by eight shots securing a valuable 10 points.

Victoria A 66 (8), Bath A 55 (4): N Stocker, P Fisher, C Gazzard, M Cooper 32-10; H Whyte, H Gibbs, J Newman, M Stocker 11-20; P Wyatt, L Stocker, K Harvey, W Harrison 23-25.

Victoria B 61 (10), Nailsea B 58 (2): J Mingo-West, R Fenwick, K Holland, M Campbell 18-13; P Lunn, B Pocock, J Howell, D Hurst 21-30; R Hollier, C Chudley, D Sealey, A Bray 22-15.

Victoria C 52 (2), Yatton B 73 (10): R Jacobs, A Shattock, D Williams, D Jones 25-21; A Webb, M Milliner, G Hodge 8-29; P Coumis, G Stocker, G Richards, G Frost 19-23.

Victoria played three friendlies, winning both games played at home, but losing in a five-rink match at Banwell.

Victoria won three of the four rinks against Bristol Arrow with the rink of Roy Bromet, Alan Shattock, Mike Milliner and skip Mike Stocker leading the way with a 25-shot victory.

The game against Worcester Brotherhood was a close game with each of the five rinks being within six shots. Top rink for Victoria was Roy Bromet, Alex Waygood, Lee Stocker and John Newman.

In the four-rink game at Banwell, Victoria won one rink and drew two, but the winning rink margin of three shots by Bill Nicholls, Terry Gatehouse, Graham Rain and Derek Hurst was not enough to change the outcome of the match.

Victoria 82, Bristol Arrow 59: R Bromet, A Shattock, M Milliner, M Stocker 36-11; J Mingo-West, E Sage, H Whyte, D Hurst 18-12; P Coumis, M Campbell, R Rockett, J Newman 17-16; L Kelly, J Langridge, B Pocock, D Williams 11-20.

Victoria 76, Banwell 85: W Nicholls, T Gatehouse, G Rain, D Hurst 20-17; P Wyatt, G Richards, R Rockett, P Fisher 21-21; L Kelly, R Bromet, J Langridge, E Sage 15-27; J Mingo-West, M Milliner, A Shattock, M Manning 20-20.

Victoria 105, Worcester Brotherhood 101: K Allin, B Saward, T Gatehouse, N Stocker 15-21; C Santosuosso, W Nicholls, D Williams, M Stocker 22-18; P Coumis, J Fenn, M Taylor, K Holland 23-18; R Bromet, A Waygood, L Stocker, J Newman 29-23; J Mingo-West, C Chudley, C Heal, C Gazzard 16-21.

ASHCOMBE played Chew Stoke in the North Somerset League and even though they only won on one rink, it was enough to give them the match and eight points.

Ashcombe 62, Chew Stoke 54: G Pople, W Spring, R Tasker, E Roberts 17-21; M Paterson, D Wynne, K Wheeler J Creasey, 17-19; D Freestone, J McKenzie, T Cottrell, B Webber 28-14.

Crusaders were away to Clarence Blues in the Over-60s League, but only managed to win on two rinks.

Crusaders93, Clarence Blues 118: A Wilmot, J Hornett, R Powell 13-20; M Bass, D Bleasdale, J Taylor 7-35; B Benstead, L Day, G Wilkinson 20-19; T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 14-15; D Cooper, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 29-9; G Tottle, G Kinsey, T Bass 10-20.

The Knights came up against Wedmore in the Over-60s Cup match and lost on all rinks.

Ashcombe 81, Wedmore 131: A Freke, S Hedges, E Roberts 17-19; M Paterson, G Mills, E Hopkins 13-29; D Freestone, R Tasker, K Wheeler 7-22; M Field, G Sansam, D Carr 20-23; B Jones, R Counsell, J Main 15-20; R Cole, A Cracknell, DA Williams 9-18.

Crusaders played home against Portishead RBL and were very impressive, winning on all six rinks. The rink of B Benstead, L Day and G Wilkinson won resoundingly 31-9.

Crusaders 125, Portishead RBL 86: M Bass, S Hedges, J Taylor 22-18;T Morgan, M Southwood, J Creasey 19-16; A Wilmot, J Hornett, R Powell 20-13; G Tottle, G Kinsey, T Bass 14-12; D Cooper, T Cottrell, J Whitlow 19-18; B Benstead, L Day, G Wilkinson 31-9.

The Knights once again played Wedmore, this time in the Over-60s League, losing five rinks and drawing one.

Knights 62, Wedmore 125: P Gaulton, G Sansam, DA Williams 10-17; M Field, A Cracknell, E Roberts 12-12; B Jones, R Cousell, J Main 8-26; F Bertram, R Tasker, K Wheeler 12-20; W Spring, G Mills, E Hopkins 9-31; R Cole, J Marlow, A Freke 11-19.

Ashcombe B were home to Portishead RBL in the North Somerset League and won on two rinks, losing the third and taking the match 63-51 and earned 10 points.

Ashcombe B 63, Portishead RBL 51: G Tucker, J McKenzie, E Hopkins, J Creasey 29-12; G Pople, G Fews, R Tasker, E Roberts 18-12; D Wynne, P Gaulton,

K Wheeler, T Cottrell 16-22.

Ashcombe A also played in the North Somerset League, away to Clevedon Prom. They took the lead on two rinks and drew, earning 11 points.

Ashcombe A 63, Clevedon Prom 48: A Wilmot, M Paterson, R Powell, DA Williams 25-14; S Hedges, B Benstead, J Taylor, L Day 20-20; F Ham, D Cooper, M West, J Whitlow 18-14.

PLAYING at home in the North Somerset Knockout Cup against Clevedon Promenade, St Andrews had another nail-biting finish.

They lost on three of the five rinks, but a 13-shot win by Steve Davies kept the Saints in the match. The result went down to the last bowl on the final end of the last rink, but the Clevedon Prom skip just failed to change the score and St Andrews ran out winners by one shot to send them through to the next round.

St Andrews 86 Clevedon Promenade 85: A Yeeles, R Venn, A McMillan, S Davies 27-14; M Goddard, R Potter, D Favis, G Wride 16-17; K Uglow, G Cooper, G Webber, B Reeves 17-11; M Simpson, J Warren, K Curtis, D Bailey 10-19; L Yeates, R Gill, G Guest, B Forse 16-24.

Playing at home, the Saints beat Clevedon by 13 shots and took 16 points to their opponents four in the Over-60s Triple League.

St Andrews 106 Clevedon 93: J Bolton, R Venn, B Reeves 18-13; T Allen, D Favis, G Wride 18-14; R Brereton, G Cooper, D Bailey 18-20; C Coffin, A Yeeles, B Forse 15-14; R Potter, D Price, K Curtis 22-15; K Uglow, J Ling, J Warren 16-17.

The Saints had mixed results in the Somerset League, with both teams playing at home. The A side pulled off a good win against Keynsham, taking 10 points from a seven-shot win. The B team lost to Portishead RBL B by six shots and took two points.

St Andrews A 64, Keynsham A 57: K Uglow, R Venn, N Sell, S Davies 21-15; M Goddard, G Cooper, A McMillan, B Forse 24-16; L Yeates, K Curtis, G Webber, D Bailey 19-26.

St Andrews B 53, Portishead RBL B 59: A Cooper, R Brereton, A Yeeles, D Favis 20-12; P Smart, J Ling, I Lamb, J Warren 14-26; M Simpson, R Mcleod, D Price, G Wride 19-21.

St Andrews travelled to Burnham for their Over-60’s KO Cup match and just lost. The match looked over at 15 ends with the Saints trailing by 26 shots, but in the last three ends, they pulled 21 shots to finish five shots short of the home side’s total.

St Andrews 109, Burnham 114:

D Price, R Venn, D Favis 16-21; M Simpson, G Cooper, B Forse 14-20; R Potter, R Gill, D Bailey 9-28; A Yeeles, G Webber, K Curtis 20-14; K Rodgers, R Mcleod, G Wride 26-18; M Goddard, G Guest, B Reeves 24-13.

FOR the second match running in Premier Two of the Somerset County League, Clarence A squeezed home by one shot after a tense finish, this time away to Williton A.

With one rink well in arrears, Clarence were trailing by eight shots going into the last three ends. But Gerald Barlow’s rink, the most successful visitors, picked up six shots, including a close measure for two in their favour on the last, to put Clarence in with a chance.

Roger Burrough’s team had a four on the penultimate end and that, coupled with a 19th end three by Richard Crawford, was just enough to give Clarence victory and ten points. Now in fourth place with 46 points, they should be assured of staying in Premier Two next season.

Williton A 60 (2), Clarence A 61 (10): M Edlin, J Keay, T Pritchard, G Barlow 25-14; B Rossiter, T Mannion, D Stott, R Burrough 23-15; T Ward, A Gardiner, B Ballinger, R Crawford 13-31.

It was not such a successful Saturday for Clarence B, who lost their 100 per cent record and the leadership in Division 3 of the County League, having been beaten at home by local rivals Victoria D.

John Burgess skipped their only winning rink as they slipped to fourth in the table.

Clarence B 52 (2), Victoria D 60 (10): P Lewis, A Bishop, D Grier, P Tubb 19-24; R Smith, M Scoins, M Skyrme, J Burgess 18-16; C Tippett, M Davies, K Marshall, J Edwards 15-20.

Clarence Blues kept up their challenge for the championship in Division One of the Weston & District Over-60s League when they beat Ashcombe Crusaders by 24 shots at home.

The outstanding trio for the home team were Don Towie, Brian Ballinger and Richard Crawford, who had two sevens on successive ends as they won by 28 shots.

Continuing his successful comeback, Roger Burrough skipped his team to victory by six, while captain David Stott had 10 shots to spare and Mick Edlin just one.

Clarence Blues 117 (16), Ashcombe Crusaders 93 (4): T Ward, J Rogers, J Burgess 19-20; B Benn, B Duffy, M Edlin 15-14; R Smith, D Grier, M Phillips 9-29; B Rossiter, T Mannion, D Stott 20-10; D Towie, B Ballinger, R Crawford 35-7; R Flicker, K Marshall, R Burrough 19-13.

Clarence’s annual friendly match away to Banwell produced the usual result – a win for the home team. On a lovely summer’s evening, captain David Stott’s four picked up a shot on each of the last two ends to draw, but the other visiting rinks lost.

Banwell 83, Clarence 57: D Symes, M Scoins, D Jackman, R Burrough 13-23; B Rossiter, A Cord, T Mannion, D Stott 18-18; J Kelloway, A Bishop, J Keay, B Sweet 15-19; B Cheffers, John Hayes, C Read, J Burgess 11-23.

Clarence 106, Chepstow 147 (mixed friendly): Lesley Phipps, M Peters, Shirley Searle, M Scoins 9-23; D Symes, Beryl Deacon, Ros Francombe, R Burrough 21-21; Carol Marshall, G Andrews, A Bishop, J Atkins 14-25; Karol Dibble, D Gilbert, K Marshall, Pauline Dunn 11-22; Brenda Hayes, John Hayes, Irene Hicks, J Edwards 16-18; Kath Bradbury, N Flaskett, I Phipps, B Duffy 16-23; L Lewis, D Jackman, J Hicks, M Edlin 19-15.

THERE was double league success for both Banwell teams in the Somerset League last weekend.

Banwell A played host to Yeovil who were in desperate need for points, so this was always going to be a tough encounter.

Darrell Johnston skipped his rink into an early lead, while the other two rinks were nip and tuck. By the halfway mark, Banwell found themselves ahead on two rinks, but only a few shots ahead.

With Darrell’s rink maintaining their lead to win by nine and the rink skipped by vice-captain Phil Villis edging away to win by six, ensured Banwell took the match overall and the six bonus points.

Banwell 59 (10), Yeovil 48 (2): G Millard, P Aldus, A Steer, M Davies 14-18; T Hyde, M Amos, C Wilson, P Villis 22-16; T Garfield, D Towie, H Guckian, D Johnston 23-14.

Banwell B picked up maximum points away from home with a memorable win in the North 2 Division, against Yatton A.

Fine performances from everyone involved in the side, which included a few first time appearances ensured a 31-shot victory and keeps the B side out of the relegation zone.

Banwell B 83 (12), Yatton A 52 shots (0): J Evans, S White, J Rickerty, H Woodards 28-19; T Burnett, B Dredge, D Robinson, J Laurent 32-13; G Hollier, T Couch, M House, A Vickery 23-20.

Earlier in the week, Banwell played a friendly match at home to Severn Vale. Although pretty balanced at the start, fine results on two of the five rinks ensured a 17-shot victory. One of Banwell’s younger players skipped his rink to the highest winning score of the match.

Banwell 109, Severn Vale 92: J Lane, B Dredge, M House, M Amos, 31-11; D Baker, J Davies, J Evans, J Davies 27-18; G Hollier, C Coffin, J Amos, C Coffin 16-26; M Garfield, S White, T Burnett, T Garfield 17-20; K Smith, B Keith, M Millard, D Johnston 18-17

Also decided at the start of the week was the first trophy of the season. Rinks Day, which is held over one day, was competed on possibly the wettest day of the year.

Six sides played in the rain and after all the games were finished the overall winners of the AN Rowland Cup were Karen Smith (lead), Peter Ackroyd (two and his first season), Graham Millard (three) and Chris Wilson (skip).

ALL three Winscombe teams played in the Somerset County League with both the A and B teams winning against Burnham (at home and away) and gained maximum points.

The C team lost to Chew Stoke, but managed to salvage two points from a winning rink.

In the Weston & District Over-60s League, Winscombe lost for the first time this season to a strong Victoria side.

The annual friendly triples at Wyrral Park was disrupted due to an injury to one of the Wyrral Park skips and resulted in an overall loss.

They also played an important game away at Nailsea in the Clevedon & District Co-operative Funeralcare League. Winscombe needed to win to maintain their table topping position and managed to do so by 14 shots.

Winscombe member Reg Birmingham is president of Barbarians this year and this fixture proved to be a good competitive game, resulting in a win for the visitors by 10 shots with the rinks being shared.

Winscombe 82, Victoria 114 (Over-60s): C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 15-25; B Paul, J Sprouting, M Adams 13-13; M Newing, M Nash, A Watts 13-25; P John, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 13-19; K Whatling, G Coombe, R Birmingham 8-19; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 20-13.

Winscombe 92, Wyrral Park 99: M Newing, K Whatling, W Ainsworth 8-14 (13 ends); B Paul, M Nash, A Watts 13-18; R Sapsford, N Hansford, R Lowman 30-9; D Peakall, G Coombe, R Birmingham 8-24; D Johnson, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 12-22; D Brown, L Collier, R Lacy 21-12.

Winscombe 84, Nailsea 70 (C&D): R Lowman, M Nash, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 31-10; K Whatling, M Newing, R Lacy, M Adams 18-27; S Easterby, J Smith, G Coombe, R Birmingham 17-17; W Ainsworth, M Dorrington, S Eastment 18-16 (25% deducted).

Winscombe 112, Barbarians 122: S Easterby, R Lowis, M Nash, A Watts 22-15; R Sapsford, M Newing, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 23-12; P Hopes, D Peakall, L Collier, R Lacy 9-36; R Weller, J Sprouting, G Coombe, S Eastment 25-14; M Newing, D Brown, K Whatling, M Dorrington 16-21; P Cast, R Feltham, W Ainsworth, M Adams 17-24.

Winscombe A 73, Burnham A 50 (County Legaue): S Easterby, M Hunter, R Lacy, T Ellis 22-20; N Hansford, P Cast, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 28-16; K Whatling, C Westlake, S Eastment, M Adams 23-14.

Winscombe B 68, Burnham B 43 (County League) : J Sprouting, D Leach, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 20-14; J Smith, E Kindred, G Coombe, G Neville 23-15; P Hopes, R Sapsford, M Nash, A Watts 25-14.

Winscombe C 41, Chew Stoke B 60 (County League) : D Johnson, T Moody, R Feltham, A Dudley 19-14, A Trapnell, D Brown, B Prince 12-17 (25% deducted); J Davies, K Headford, D Peakall, R Weller 10-29.

WEDMORE men visited Ashcombe Knights for an Over-60s Triples Cup match and came away with an excellent victory.

Wedmore won on all of the six rinks and Colin Moss and his team had the best win with a 29-13 result.

Wedmore 131, Ashcombe 81: B Back, T Bullock, K Pettit 23-20; R Norris, I Gallop, R Hughes 22-7; D Trow, J Harris, M Green 19-9; B Aston, T Brown, R Barron 19-17; V Matthews, D Collins, C Moss 29-13; A Birch, I Faulkner, C Panchaud 20-18.

This was followed by another substantial win in the second match away against Ashcombe Knights in the Weston Over-60s League, with the stars of the day led by Roy Thurkettle, who had a 31-9 win

Wedmore 125, Ashcombe 62: T Counsell, J Harris, K Pettit 17-10; T Collingwood, J Runciman, R Barron 19-11; D Trow, I Gallop, R Thurkettle 31-9; V Matthews, T Bullock, C Panchaud 20-12; B Aston, D Collins, D Stansfield 26-8; A Birch, I Faulkner, C Moss 12-12.

In the MSL, Wedmore hosted visitors Shepton Mallet and, after a close game, won by just three shots. Keith Burt led his team to the best win of the evening 23-17. Wedmore 66, Shepton Mallet 63: J Harvey, D Barnett, T Brown, M Green 14-17; V Matthews, C Panchaud, I Faulkner, K Burt 23-17; J Harris, T Counsell, I Gallop, R Barron 14-13; A Birch, D Skelton, J Runciman, C Moss 15-16.

The men’s B team visited Nailsea and although they won two rinks, they lost overall by just two. Dennis Stansfield’s team had the best win with a 20-17 score.

Wedmore B 64, Nailsea 66: P Smith, R Green, S Fisher, D Stansfield 20-17; A Birch, J Runciman, B Andrews, K Burt 20-18; D Trow, S Newdick, C Panchaud, C Moss 14-21.

Wedmore ladies entered three teams for the Clevedon Prom triples tournament and were delighted that one of them came second out of the 24 teams playing. This Wedmore team consisted of Pam Beard, Chris Mercer and Maureen Hordle.

Wedmore ladies played two Mendip League triples matches. Away at Congresbury they had a good win, with Maureen Hordle and her team having the best win of the day 29-12.

Wedmore Ladies 61, Congresbury 42: A Hughes, M Fisher, M Hordle 29-12; T Newell, M Perry, G Harvey 24-10; J Collins, D Gallop, P Beard 8-20.

Away at Nailsea for the second WLT match, the ladies won again, with Maureen Hordle and her team dominated their rink winning 27-4.

Wedmore Ladies 51, Nailsea 39: B Clark, T Newell, G Harvey 7-25; J Collins, P Beard, M Hordle 27-4; J Collingwood, D Gallop, M Trow 17-10.

In the Wedmore president’s day event, Stuart Fisher and his team, Maureen Hordle, Mary Stansfield and Brian Aston had the best score of the day with 28-6, helping to ensure a victory for the president’s team over that of the captain.

To conclude a successful week, Wedmore played away at Paulton in a friendly match winning 81-56 and in another friendly at home against Queen Camel, the home side won by 83 shots to 56.

VICTORIA Ladies started the week well with a victory in the Mendip League and an emphatic win in the Fear Cup.

However, Portishead RBL remains the bogey club as for the second consecutive year the Poppies came away with the spoils.

The Mendip League victory over Wrington earned an excellent seven points with just the one rink defeat and that was just two shots. A good win over Burnham with all three rinks winning, means that Victoria will entertain St Andrews in the next round.

Mendip League:

Victoria 48 (7), Wrington 43 (3): S Milliner, C Willetts, M Chudley 20-13; G Poolman, R Cleeves, M Hillman 12-14; C Sage, E Newport, A Holland 16-16.

Victoria 80, Burnham 45 (Fear Cup): C Sage, S Pocock, R Cleeves, S Cooper 20-17; B Williams, E Newport, S Newman, M Hillman 34-13; H Frye, C Stevens, A Holland, M Chudley 26-15.

Victoria 1, Portishead RBL 3 (Southey Trophy): S Cooper 20-21; S Newman, M Chudley 8-28; H Frye, E Newport, A Holland 21-13; B Williams, S Pocock, C Willetts, M Hillman 11-23.

WINSCOMBE Ladies played two away games and lost both of them.

In the Iris Owen Trophy, which is an annual two-leg match between Winscombe and St Andrews, Winscombe lost on all three rinks and have a deficit of 24 shots to make up on the return home leg.

Winscombe Ladies 33, St Andrews 57: D Seaman, D Sapsford, S Lowis 8-19; I Miles, J Kimmins, M Adams 12-17; C Hopes, J Rush, W Weller 13-21.

The North Somerset Triples League match at Clevedon also ended in defeat by 13 shots, but they had a moral victory winning two rinks to one and picked up four points.

Winscombe Ladies 44, Clevedon 57: I Miles, L Whatling, R Keane 20-18; J Rush, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff 16-12; M Sprouting, S Nash, W Weller 8-27.

ASHCOMBE Ladies played away to Purnells in the Southey Trophy, with the hosts winning all four disciplines.

Scores – singles: J McInally 21-15; pairs: M Tasker, S Weaden 17-13; triples: M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 20-12; rink: N Counsell, M Tucker, B MacGregor, J Hughes 14-13.

Ashcombe Ladies 52 (6), Long Ashton 52 (4) (North Somerset League): M Main, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 24-16; M Tucker, J Hughes, J McInally 17-14; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 11-22.

Ashcombe Ladies 41 (0), Portishead RBL 54 (10): A Cox, J Field, B Cullen 13-21; P Wynne, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 11-15; L Paterson, M Tasker, S Weaden 17-18.

Ashcombe Ladies 70 (9), Winscombe 51 (1) (Wessex League): J Sansam, A Cox, D Norville, J McInally 29-14; M Main, N Counsell, J Wilkinson, A Goacher 22-18; L Paterson, B MacGregor, M Tasker, S Weaden 19-19.

Ashcombe Ladies 57, West Backwell 44 (friendly): J Matthews, M Tucker, C Hedges 19-14; S Appleby, L Owens, L Paterson 20-15; A Cox, S Noyes, M Main 18-15.

Ashcombe Ladies 26, City of Wells 24 (match curtailed due to severe weather): A Cox, S Hopkins, N Counsell, C Hedges 13-5; L Owens, D Norville, J Wilkinson 8-7; P Wynne, M Tucker, J Hughes, J McInally 5-12.

ST ANDREWS Ladies enjoyed two good results in their cup games.

In the first leg of the Iris Owen Cup at home to Winscombe, they won on all three rinks and have a 24-shot advantage to carry forward to the second leg.

Playing Clarence in the Fear Cup at home, a 24-shot win by the rink skipped by Meg Favis saw the Saints safely through to the next round.

St Andrews Ladies 57, Winscombe 33: P Uglow, S Priory, M Pattenden 19-8; C Venn, S Glenville, M Favis 21-13; W Allen, A Greenwood, M Bailey 17-12.

St Andrews 75, Clarence 51: R McMillan, S Sinclair, B Goddard, M Favis 40-16; P Uglow, J Forse, J Ware, M Bailey 18-14; C Venn, W Allen, M McMillan, M Pattenden 17-21.

St Andrews travelled to Bridgwater for their Southey Trophy match and got off to a good start with Caroline Venn winning the singles 21-16.

Imogen Cracknell and Meg Favis narrowly lost the pairs 14-16, while Judy Forse, Jackie Ware and Myra Bailey lost the triples 13-18, which gave the Bridgwater team two disciplines to one and a two-shot lead.

In the fours match, Pat Uglow, Frid Allen, Rebbeca McMillan and Monica Pattenden squared the match, but the 17-16 score left them one shot short at 65-66 to Bridgwater.

WESSEX Ladies suffered narrow defeats when they travelled to Yeovil and Castle Cary to play the Fear Cup and Southey Trophy ties.

Wessex Ladies 61, Yeovil 62 (Fear Cup): C Peart, A Ward, E Williams, P Taylor 19-15; D Welfare, P Dunn, M Davis, J Duffy 25-24; N Peters, M Hawkins, A Fewings, J Davis 17-23.

Wessex Ladies 69, Castle Cary 73 (Southey Trophy) – singles: C Peart 17-21; pairs: V Edwards, A Fewings 20-17; triples: P Turner, M Davis, J Duffy 15-9; fours: N Peters, E Williams, A Ward, P Taylor 8-26.

CLARENCE Ladies, who had won away to Queen Camel at the beginning of the month in the Fear Cup, travelled there again and repeated their victory, this time in the county Southey Trophy.

Margaret Noddings gave them a good start with a two-shot victory in the singles, which lasted 29 ends. Then, though Clarence lost the pairs, they notched up emphatic wins in the triples and fours to go through 3-1.

In the next round, they will be at home to another South Somerset team, Westlands, on August 2.

Scores - singles: M Noddings 21-19; pairs: M Davison, C Edlin 23-30; triples: P Fowler, J Mannion, A Harris 31-9; fours: M Angove, S Pritchard, P Burrough, V Collicott 18-7.

Clarence Ladies had a good victory away to Burnham in the Weston & District Ladies’ League. They won by 17 shots, with Carol Edlin’s rink finishing 18 shots clear and Val Collicott’s nine in front.

Burnham Ladies 40, Clarence 57: P Fowler, J Mannion, C Edlin 25-7; A Ballinger, P Hawkins, V Collicott 21-12; J Colman, P Burrough, M Noddings 11-21.

A heavy defeat on one rink proved costly for the ladies in their away game against Portishead in the North Somerset Triples League.

Audrey Harris’s trio won by six, while Carol Edlin had five shots to spare, but Portishead won by nine shots.

Portishead Ladies 52, Clarence 43: S Scoins, V Jones, A Harris 21-15; P Fowler, P Burrough, V Collicott 7-27; C Marshall, J Mannion, C Edlin 15-10. Friendly triple: L Phipps, S Ellis, S Searle 5-27.

Away once again, this time to Clevedon Prom, Clarence edged home by one shot in the North Somerset Triples League. Sarie Pritchard, captain Jo Mannion and Mary Davison were the match-winners, finishing 14 shots clear.

Clevedon Prom Ladies 43, Clarence 44: S Scoins, P Burrough, V Collicott 10-19; P Fowler, P Hawkins, C Edlin 13-17; S Pritchard, J Mannion, M Davison 21-7. Friendly triple: S Ellis, V Jones, A Harris 21-6.

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