Woodspring lose out to St Andrews

IN the Weston Mixed League, Woodspring lost to St Andrews by 13 shots.

IN the Weston Mixed League, Woodspring lost to St Andrews by 13 shots.

The away rink skipped by Martin Brummell had a tight game losing by one shot on the last end. However, the rink skipped by Tony Williams could not get into their stride and went down heavily.

At home, both rinks won, Gordon Russell’s rink by one shot and Rene Bryant’s by three.

Woodspring 48, St Andrews 61 - away: G Tucker, D Hampson, C Hedges, T Williams 5-21; D Urch, M Williams, J Beat, M Brummell 15-16.

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Home: N Urch, J Sansam, R Tasker, G Russell 14-13; G Sansam, P Gaulton, M Tasker, R Bryant 14-11.

In the ladies’ Presidents Trophy, Woodspring lost 26-55 to St Andrews. This was a hard-fought game and St Andrews won on both rinks, one home and one away.

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Scores - away: M Tasker, C Hedges, A Pilgrim, S Weaden 11-30; home: T Miles, R Cleaves, S Lupton, S Cooper 15-22.

ST ANDREWS enjoyed three victories at the weekend, one a decisive win in the Weston Mixed League, beating Woodspring by 13 shots.

They won two of the four rinks, both home rinks skipped by Mike Berry and Jackie Pitman victorious.

The last of the Somerset County League games was played against Victoria Street and Saints won by four shots.

With three rinks finished, Saints were one shot down. Barrie Forse was at Street and was one shot down. On the last end, Richard Venn ran off the opposing woods and Forse drew two shots to win the game.

The third win was for the ladies in the Somerset Presidents Cup, winning on both rinks against Woodspring to put them in the final.

In the Prowash Friday Night Triples, the Chasers consolidated their league win by defeating the Goodwoods. All teams are now looking for a place in the top six to compete in the play-offs, which start on March 25.

St Andrews 61, Woodspring 48: M Cordwell, J Forse, B McCullum, M Berry 21-5; A Cooper, K Dobney, D Carr, J Pitman 16-15; L Woodrow, J Smith, R Roberts, P Villis 13-14; D Stanton, R Smith, I Hicks, E Hooper 11-14.

St Andrews 82, Victoria Street 78: M Simpson, W Ainsworth, T Thomas, P Villis 19-26; A Yeeles, D Carr, A Horsburgh, D Favis 24-12; A Hyde, J Laurent, P Aldus, D Bailey 13-24; K Uglow, R Roberts, R Venn, B Forse 26-16.

St Andrews Ladies 52, Woodspring 26: C Riley, S Priory, J Pitman, J Ware 30-22; M Millard, E Blight, A Powell, A Campbell 22-15.

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