Worle record some impressive performances

Worle 69 KBI 77 - WORLE made an impressive start against one of the strongest teams in the West of England League.

Worle 69 KBI 77 WORLE made an impressive start against one of the strongest teams in the West of England League. After KBI opened, Worle played a running game and a series of fast breaks combined with accurate passing gave them a 24-8 first quarter lead. Spencer Gilbert, Russ Hayward and Dennis Smilevich provided the cutting edge. From that point, Worle struggled to stay ahead as KBI steadily settled into their game and were allowed a series of three-pointers which closed the gap. Only a late revival spearheaded by Andy Dockrell and Smilevich kept Worle ahead 41-34 at half time.The third quarter followed the same pattern with the gap steadily shrinking. Luke Dvais scored early on but then KBI closed and in spite of another strike by Davis and three-pointers from Tom Hughes and Dom Gorgol, KBI pushed on and Worle had only a one-point lead at 58-57 with one quarter to go. The final period saw both teams playing tighter defence and scoring was accordingly slower. But Worle had the best of it and with just three minutes left had a five point lead at 68-63. Then it went wrong. Gilbert had fouled out and was followed by Dockrell and Smilevich. Eight points from the line put KBI in front and with an unsuccessful search for the three-pointers needed to pull back, Worle finally lost.Smilevich (19) and Dockrell (10) made double figures. Gilbert, Gorgol and Hayward made nine each. Newport 50 Worle 101THIS was Worle's comeback match, as they dominated from the start and soon opened up a gap which steadily increased. After five minutes, they led 12-1 with Gilbert and Gorgol providing the finish to a series of breaks and drives. Smilevich increased the pressure with his powerful inside play and, although Newport began to make some penetration, Worle had a useful 24-14 lead at the first interval. The second period was more of the same, now with James Anderson providing the cutting edge. Three-pointers from Gorgol and Dockrell helped and Davis made the most of a key-side opportunity to keep Worle ahead, 45-27, at half time.The pattern continued in the third period with Worle beginning with a 12-3 spell. Mike Sutherland and Gilbert hit their shots and then points were spread with Hayward sinking a three. Worle began the final period 69-40 up and then had one of their best quarters for years. The defence gave Newport few opportunities and Worle had reached 80 before Newport scored again. Anderson stared things off but it was Worle's overall pace that sank Newport. Three-pointers from Gorgol and Hayward kept things moving in mid-period before Smilevich inside and then a series of drives by Sutherland took Worle's score into three figures for the first time in five seasons.There was an impressive spread of scoring. Gorgol top-scored with 21 while Anderson (19), Smilevich (17), Gilbert (16) and Sutherland (14) made double figures.Worle 81 Stroud A 69WORLE had home advantage in this second round West of England Cup game and once more, it was a good first quarter that set them on their way. The game was quite tight at first, with Stroud refusing to be thrown off. Three-pointers from Gorgol and Dockrell paved the way while Gilbert put away two shots inside.Stroud were also scoring, but more threes from Hayward and Gorgol kept Worle ahead but only just, 19-17 after seven minutes. Then Gorgol's third three was followed by Smilevich inside and drives from Hayward and Sutherland to give them a 31-10 first quarter lead. Overall, the second period was even. Worle began by opening the gap to 16 as Smilevich and Anderson found room inside. Then Stroud pulled back but more inside scores from Smilevich and Marc Hartley kept Worle 48-36 in front at half-time.Worle have often had poor third quarters and this one went to pattern. Gorgol struck early on, but by the time Anderson sank two from the line five minutes later, Worle had fallen behind at 51-50. For a while Anderson's free throws kept Worle in the game before a three from Dockrell and four final points from Gilbert kept them just ahead, 63-59, with one period to play. In the final quarter, Worle kept ahead for the greater part but the gap was never insurmountable. But Worle's defence was the key as it tightened up to hold Stroud to only 10 points in the period. Gilbert did most to keep Worle ahead but as the clock ran down, Stroud strove for the ball and Worle's on-court five processed to the line. Seven from eight in the last two minutes put Worle into the comfort zone and a home quarter-final tie in a month's time.Gilbert's 20 points were his best return for two seasons. Smilevich (17), Gorgol (15) and Anderson (10) made double figures and Dockrell made eight.Nailsea 2 83 Worle 89THIS was Worle's first game in this season's Handicapped Trophy competition and against Nailsea's second team from the Third Division, Worle started with a 0-42 scoreline, so they had to win this game by more than 42 points. Gorgol's early three-pointer was a good start and Smilevich was powerful inside. But some too casual transitions allowed Nailsea to hit back in a way that was to be a bit of a feature of the game. Worle settled, however, and, with all players providing a threat, soon began to make up ground. Sutherland was at the forefront of some breaks and Hayward's three pointer was followed by a near three from Anderson to take Worle to 25-52 at the first interval, having cut the gap from 42 to 27. The progress continued in the second period, though it was less rapid. Dockrell began with a three-pointer but then Nailsea had a burst and opened up the gap to 31 again. Coach Brian Skidmore called a necessary time-out and Worle's game settled. Anderson and Gilbert found the first gaps and then Smilevich and Hartley took the game inside so that at 44-63, Worle were only 19 down at half-time.For once, Worle had a good third quarter. They picked up on their running game and, again, Sutherland was the early spearhead before Gorgol took over. Dockrell hit a three and with Smilevich resting, Hartley and Davis did some inside damage to take Worle to 72-68. It should have been simple from there, but Nailsea refused to roll over and after Gilbert and Hartley had reduced the gap to two, Nailsea hit back again. At 74-81, another time-out was called for and the emphasis put on defence, the points were bound to come for Worle. With three minutes left, patience paid. Gorgol and Dockrell hit three-pointers and Smilevich levelled the scores and then put Worle ahead. A Nailsea time-out had no effect as Worle's defence was impenetrable and they finished with two scores from Gorgol. And with a close result like that, that's how the Trophy is supposed to work.Again Gorgol top-scored with 23 points. Smilevich with 17, Sutherland (14) and Dockrell (12) also made double figures.

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