Youngsters enjoy cross-country event at Churchill

OVER 140 young athletes attended the third annual NSAA cross-country relay challenge at Churchill Sports Centre.

OVER 140 young athletes attended the third annual NSAA cross-country relay challenge at Churchill Sports Centre. A colourful afternoon, as many of the athletes wore fancy dress, and enjoyed the light-hearted atmosphere of this fun event. Relay teams are made up from four same-age athletes, each one running a small or large lap of the Churchill field. The event was sponsored by the Club at Cadbury House and Errea, which enabled additional prizes to be offered. The Club at Cadbury House fancy dress prize was won by The Minnie Winnie team of Issy Povey, Sophie Parker, Immy Buck and Ellie Shail. The funniest name prize was awarded to the Ging Gang Golly Golly Ging Gang Goo team of Ellie Skinner, Corey Pollard, Molly Roberts and Phil Butler.Team prizes were presented by Bath University sprinter Ben Coghlan.Year 9-11 boys, 4 x 1.2 miles: Gold: The Cool Runners 32.46mins (Mike Edwards, Alex Griffiths, Steve Ley). Silver: Portishead Nerds 33.46mins (Joe Withers, Adam Grey, Tom Pinder, Emma Hopkins). Bronze: The Future's Bright, The Future's Orange (Jack Book, Sophie Julief, Christian Sadig). Year 9-11 girls, 4 x 1.2 miles: Gold: Don't Mess 44.12mins (Sophie Millard, Emily Hancock, Sophie Coghlan).Year 7-8 boys, 4 x 0.9 miles: Gold: All Stars 29.13mins (Henry Kent, Daniel Jones, Bradley Parker, Zac Sow). Silver: Patch's Heroes 29.26mins (Jimmy Hardiman, Billy Hodder, Michael Beck, Kody Mortimer). Bronze: You've Been Tangoed 29.33mins (Scott Jenkins, Jack Roberts, Adam Thompson, Jack Hughes). Year 7-8 girls, 4 x 0.9 miles: Gold: Fuzzy Duckies 30.00mins (Estella Willis, Eleanor Grey, Katie Grinyer, Elspeth McGowan). Silver: The Funky Four 32.05mins (Ellie Livingston, Lizzie Foley, Annie Hearse, Cecelia Bradley). Bronze: Superstars 33.46mins (Abbie Grey, Chloe Cowell, Shannon Shears, Olivia Grey).Year 5-6 boys, 4 x 0.6 miles: Gold: Academy Aces 16.12mins (Robert Simpson-Davies, Kallum Manning, Lewis Cheetham). Silver: Somerset Rhinos 16.40mins (Aidan Paul, Henry Gibbs, Declan Waites, Archie Ferris). Bronze: Chicken Impossible 17.04mins (Beth Smith, Charlie Lilley, Toby Baxter, Ed Moss). Year 5-6 girls, 4 x 0.6 miles: Gold: Ladies First 16.17mins (Sophie Thomas, Lauren Meredith, Chloe Buck, Jasmin Emery). Silver: Speedy Spongebobs 17.33mins (Alys Withers, Ada'ora Chigbo, Sofie Andersen, Cecelie Andersen). Bronze: Chris' Angels 18.01mins (Hannah Drury, Phoebe Warneford-Thomson, Emma Bridgeman, Angharad Flower.Year 2-4 boys, 4 x 0.3 miles: Gold: No Batteries Required 12.00mins (Harvey Wright, Chandler Hall, Brandon Pollard, Josh Cromack). Silver: The Speedys 12.04mins (Jakub Manning, Sam Chigbo, Jacob Evans, Gabriel Jones). Bronze: The Road Runners 12.46mins (Jay Murray, Billy MacKay, William Mann, Harry Love-Jones). Year 2-4 girls, 4 x 0.3 miles: Gold: The Winners 12.40mins (Catriona Coates, Alice Brett, Oceanne Shears, Ella Murray). Silver: Pink Pussycat Dolls 13.01mins (Jodie Filer, Lauren Filer, Sally-Ann Butler, Kirsty Jenkins). Bronze: The Minnie Winnies 13.41mins (Issy Povey, Sophie Parker, Immy Buck, Ellie Shail).Errea fastest leg prize: Year 9-11 boys (1.2miles), Alex Griffiths 7.36mins; Year 9-11 girls (1.2miles), Sophie Millard 10.09mins; Year 7-8 boys (0.9miles), Zac Sow 6.27mins; Year 7-8 girls (0.9 miles), Katie Grinyer 6.55mins; Year 5-6 Boys (0.6 miles), Oliver George 3.49mins; Year 5-6 girls (0.6miles), Ellie Parker 3.39mins; Year 2-4 boys (0.3miles), Josh Cromack 2.40mins; Year 2-4 girls (0.3 miles), Oceanne Shears 2.58mins.For more information on North Somerset Athletics Academy, please visit

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