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BADMINTON - UPHILL Badminton Club's E team was in league action this week, winning away against Portishead B by five rubbers to four.

UPHILL Badminton Club's E team was in league action this week, winning away against Portishead B by five rubbers to four.

This was a match between two equally matched teams. The Uphill team of junior club members were full of youthful energy and exuberance and consisted of, Rachel Harding, Robin Curry, Kate Robinson, Andrew Potts, Emily Walker and Billy Fear. The Portishead team were older with a great deal more guile and experience. The combination of these two different teams produced a sporting and exciting contest, which was only decided after the last game of the final rubber.

The Uphill team started the evening well by winning both the first and second mixed rubbers. In the first, Rachel and Robin combined well to win 17-21, 12-21, and in the second, Kate and Andrew kept their concentration well to win an amazing rubber against Chris Brooks and Sam Quarmby 23-21, 23-25, 21-23. In the last mixed, Emily and Billy lost the first game 21-10, but then improved to lose the second game 22-20.

In the first ladies' rubber Rachel and Kate lost the first game 21-13, but then played well and changed their game tactically to win the next two games 10-21, 10-21. Portishead ladies won the second comfortably, 21-12, 21-17 and in the third rubber, Kate and Emily lost the first game 24-22, but won the next 16-21 and were leading 18-9 in the third game but then lost their concentration and lost it 21-19.

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Portishead's Steve May and Sam Quarmby then won the first men's rubber 21-14, 21-19, but Robin and Billy won the second for Uphill 21-15, 21-17. This left the match at four rubbers each with just the last men's rubber to be played which proved to be exciting. Andrew and Billy won a close first game 19-21, but in the next game Billy damaged his knee and Sam Quarmby and Clive Thatcher won it 21-16.

It looked all over for the Uphill pair, with Billy hobbling and in obvious pain, but he was not prepared to give up and fought on manfully and with a great effort from Andrew they won an exciting last game 21-23 to win the match. Billy was later treated at the hospital A and E and it is hoped will only be out of action for a few weeks.

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This was a tremendous team effort from all this young team who are now growing in confidence and starting to play some good tactical badminton.

NORTH Somerset Badminton Mixed League, Division 1: Uphill A 9, Pill A 0.

Division 2: Wyvern B 8, Mark 1; CBC@Backwell 3, Uphill B 6.

Division 3: Clevedon Feathers B 9, Portishead A 0; Wyvern C 7, Portishead A 2.

Division 4: Wells City 6, Nailsea and Yatton B 3.

Division 5: Clevedon Feathers C 8, Nailsea and Yatton C 1; Wedmore 4, Redwood Lodge 5; Wyvern D 9, Wedmore 0.

Division 6: Winscombe B 4, Portishead B 5.

Men's League: Nailsea and Backwell 1, Mendipway 5.

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