Zone final victory for St Andrews

ST ANDREWS won the zone final of the Egham Trophy against a good North Wiltshire side.

ST ANDREWS won the zone final of the Egham Trophy against a good North Wiltshire side.

The result was always in the balance, never more than five shots in the game. Barry Forse’ rink at Chippenham were always in front, as Tony Steer’s four were finding things difficult.

At home, Don Bailey’s rink had a close game, leading at 15 ends by just two shots and finished with a tied game.

Meanwhile, Andrew Owen’s four were a shot down, but Richard Venn and Owens both held shots, which left Saints to win by one shot.

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The ladies cruised through the next round of the Yetton Trophy against Wellington, winning overall by 37 shots.

At Wellington, Ann Campbell’s rink won by five shots, but Monica Pattenden’s quartet lost by four shots. At home, both rinks had good victories, Jackie Ware’s rink winning by 17 and Audrey Powell’s four won by 19 shots.

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The annual game between Saints and Victoria for the Ron Taylor Cup took place recently, with one rink away and three at home.

Although the away rink found things difficult, the three home rinks all made up for the deficit.

Andrew Owens’ rink won by 17 shot, Don Bailey by 11 shots, with some impressive bowling by Malcolm Goddard, but Phil Villis’ four had a astounding win of 36 shots.

Saints lost out in the Over-60 double rink to Victoria Street, both rinks losing. Don Bailey’s by 11 shots and Barry Forse and his team only played 19 ends as the deficit was too large.

St Andrews ladies had a friendly against Woodspring, winning by 22 shots, with all three rinks victorious.

St Andrews 72, North Wilts 71 (Egham Trophy): J Ware, P Uglow, G Wride, D Bailey 18-18; C Venn, M Pattenden, R Venn, A Owens 22-14; J Pitman, A Campbell, K Uglow, B Forse 22-16; M Wride, A Powell, P Villis, A Steer 10-23.

St Andrews Ladies 102, Wellington 65 (Yetton Trophy): C Venn, N Counsell, S Priory, J Ware 29-12; M Millard, V Senior, B Huggett, A Powell 29-10; M Wride, B Goddard, S Glenville, M Pattenden 19-23; P Uglow, B Pye, J Pitman, A Campbell 25-20.

St Andrews 109, Victoria 54 (Ron Taylor Cup): A Hyde, K Uglow, P Villis 41-5; M Cordwell, B Roberts, A Owens 28-11; B Alden, M Goddard, D Bailey 26-15; R Smith, R Venn, B Forse 14-23.

St Andrews 28, Victoria Street 40 (Over-60 double rink): A Hyde, A Horsburgh, A Steer, D Bailey 13-24; K Uglow, J Laurent, R Venn, B Forse 15-16.

St Andrews Ladies 68, Woodspring 46 (friendly): K Dobney, J Simmons, M Wride, B Huggett 21-13; C Venn, E Reeves, A Greenwood, S Priory 25-18; J Forse, M Cordwell, D Johnston, M Bailey 22-15.

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