Andy Parsons ready to heal the nation - in Weston

Comedian Andy Parsons

Andy Parsons will be in Weston in March - hopefully - Credit: Andy Hollingworth

Comedian Andy Parsons is poised - finally - to bring his Healing the Nation tour to Weston in March.

The TV favourite has now rescheduled his run of shows, which was postponed due to the pandemic, and will be at the Playhouse on Thursday, March 3.

And the irony of the title has not been lost on the comic, famed for his ad-libbing abilities, as showcased on shows such as Mock The Week.

"I was in the middle of a UK Tour when theatres had to close due to lockdown – and the tour was called Healing The Nation – so that title worked out well," he said. 

"It will turn out to be the longest tour ever, taking three years to complete, and as the tour has gone on there’s been less and less healing and more and more of the opposite. 

"Admittedly, I could have changed the title but it still seems strangely appropriate – and some of the gigs have been rescheduled so it would prove confusing to existing ticketholders if the ticket said ‘HEALING THE NATION’ but the show was now called ‘MY LIFE IN BALLET’.

"So we have the serially rewritten it - ‘HEALING THE NATION TOUR 2019/2020 now EXTENDED INTO 2021/2022 due to POPULAR DEMAND but also mainly lack of OPEN THEATRES. And with NEGATIVE POWERS OF HEALING’.

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"Yet this latest version of the show is my favourite so far."

However, depite the setbacks, Andy is confident that playing to a host of theatres across the UK will undoubtedly mend the myriad divisions this country faces.

The show aims to confront current media tropes which portray each of us as existing in our own social media bubbles, up in arms about everything – be it Brexit/climate change/transgenders/badgers. 

"So come and celebrate what it means to be British in 2021 – freedom of speech, tolerance, tolerance of freedom of speech, freedom of intolerant speech, less freedom with more intolerant speech, but still some tolerance," a spokesperson for the show added.

For more details, and to book tickets, log on to

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