Disgraceful state of repair

PUBLISHED: 09:10 25 January 2010 | UPDATED: 11:38 25 May 2010

NOW in my mid-80s I have lived in various parts of the country under councils of differing political persuasions.

NOW in my mid-80s I have lived in various parts of the country under councils of differing political persuasions.

Though I now admit, albeit with some trepidation to leaning towards the Conservatives - less so of late - I am totally appalled at the behaviour, lack of leadership and almost total lack of concern of the present Conservative led council in North Somerset.

Need I mention the Tropicana fiasco, a vital facility for a seaside town which only had a few minutes of muddy water each day for those who chose to bathe? The Tropicana is now in a disgraceful state of disrepair and was securely used as a dumping ground for building material for contractors working further along the seafront.

What an ignominious end to what was once a fine pool in which my family regularly enjoyed themselves. Why is so much money being wasted on the so called development of Pier Square when there was nothing wrong as it was?

Roads and pavements throughout North Somerset are in a disgraceful state and none more so than the Long Ashton by-pass, a load of fast moving traffic and with an ever-increasing problem of potentially dangerous pot holes both in number and size. Do we have to wait for a specified number of accidents, or heaven forbid fatalities, before action is taken?

I have written numerous letters, firstly to the deputy leader of North Somerset Council who unbelievably is in charge of highways, pointing out the shortcoming. Now he refuses to reply to my letters. I then wrote to the leader of the council on the same subject and would you believe, he too now refuses to reply?

I resort to this letter in the local press to inform the people of North Somerset of the contempt in which they are held, so they can then make up their own minds.

I can honestly say I find the present North Somerset Council is by far and away the worst I have ever encountered with a degree of arrogance and self importance quite unacceptable and put before the urgency of needs elsewhere within this unity authority.

Far from wishing it upon them, when the demise of the leader and deputy leader occurs in many years to come, perhaps it will be found that the initials 'NSC' or the words 'Tropicana' or 'failure' to be engraved on their hearts.


Bleadon Hill, Weston

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