Letters to the Editor, December 31, 2014

PUBLISHED: 15:28 02 January 2015 | UPDATED: 15:28 02 January 2015

Help and advice will be offered to serving and ex armed forces members

Help and advice will be offered to serving and ex armed forces members


DON'T let this wonderful, imposing, attractive, beautiful building of the Winter Gardens be taken over.

The college already has a huge building, surely T J Hughes would be a good central use. Students do go on and form their own lives, jobs and homes. I am with Tim Salisbury – why build this square box on top and spoil the whole area?

The top decider hasn’t got a clue. It’s looking very greedy and out of touch to the rest of the town, people - young, old and middle aged. The top brass need to learn consideration for all the local people and visitors, it’s their Winter Gardens, not the council’s or the college’s.

The whole town should be given the vote not the select few.

Fifteen years ago the town also had a beautiful, calm, peaceful, old library to sit and read. All this open plan is awful – tapping away and mobile phones.

Also the dear old museum, was a joy to visit, that wonderful also peaceful waterfall, it was heaven in those days.

Bring it all back.


Walliscote Road, Weston

STEVE Bridges suggested last week that I ‘get my head out of the sand and join the real world’.

In a lengthy attack, he pointed out (as if we didn’t already know) the many shortcomings of North Somerset Council (NSC). It’s easy to criticise other individuals and organisations and we all know that NSC is far from perfect. But what was notably absent from Mr Bridges’ letter were any solutions to the problems he outlined. If he hopes to get elected, he’ll have to do better than that.

He also urged us to ‘get party politics out of the council chamber’ in favour of ‘a team of independents who will drive the council as required by the community and not the party’. Again, such empty rhetoric might impress some, but we all know that North Somerset 1st is not independent, but a party headed by Derek Mead. In a September Mercury article reporting the party’s launch, Cllr Mead said: “We will build our policies and aims as we progress. Basically we want to get more momentum in North Somerset”. But, more revealingly, the same piece said that North Somerset 1st refused to answer questions over its funding, list of members, registration or policies.

Why the secrecy? What have they got to hide? Until the voters see some workable policies from Mr Bridges and his colleagues, all the rest is just hot air.


Church Road, Winscombe

I WOULD like to thank you as I was lucky enough to win one of the family tickets to see Night At The Museum: Secrets Of The Tomb and a fantastic goodie bag.

What a lovely prize to win before Christmas, so I am taking my best friend Erin Hale to watch this with me.

Thank you for having these great competitions.

I would like to wish everyone at the Weston Mercury a very happy New Year.


(Age 10)

Worle Village Primary School, Weston

IT WAS good to read in last week’s Weston Mercury how Ben Doolan went on one knee dressed as a pirate to propose to his girlfriend, Aisha Davies on stage at Weston’s Playhouse pantomime Peter Pan.

This year’s production at The Playhouse theatre is an old favourite with a great cast of stars, as well as a supporting cast of theatre staff, volunteers and backstage technicians.

The Playhouse has a name for being the most friendly theatre in the land. Encore, the magazine for people in the trade, did a survey and it came out as the most hospitable theatre in the country, according to the artistes and visiting technicians.

It is the Friends of The Playhouse, a vital support group which provides volunteer staff and fundraising.


Victoria Park, Weston

LAST year the Office For National Statistics announced that the UK is the loneliest place to live.

And there are considerably more single people living alone than ever before.

We as people put more value on celebrity status, treating them like demigods when in reality they are a product of the media and you and me. You will not see celebrities and politicians and businessmen lonely this Christmas, their wealth and celebrity status dictates that they can do pretty much what they like when they like.

The majority of problems are created by other forces such as politicians, etc, like the bedroom tax that has created a large group of lonely people. Having your Jobseekers Allowance sanction for being one minute late for your signing interview.

Could you survive on nothing?

When the Government announces a reduction in out-of-work figures, the numbers have been massaged. For instance when you are 62 you go on to pension credit not a Jobseeker, when you are in any part-time work you are not a Jobseeker, when you are in any type of education whether it’s part-time or full-time you are not a Jobseeker, and the list goes on.

There will be more NHS cutbacks, there will be more police/fire cutbacks, there will be more cutbacks to social services, roads, schools, etc.

In the meantime the Government has announced a car and fuel prices reduction in the cost of living and money to fix potholes. These are all good election presents if they actually materialise.


Hannah More Close, Wrington

HOW arrogant of Cllr Roger Bailey to say ‘why should we give something for free’ when debating the debacle of the toilets in Weston’s parks.

Most of these toilet blocks are in areas where the main users are local residents enjoying some of the open areas and parks and not necessarily tourists.

This is the grotesque attitude of someone so clearly out of touch with those who are providing the money for him to spend wisely and provide some very basic amenities in our town.

A toilet block in, or close, to a park is a necessity, not a luxury, for all parents, guardians or carers of young and old who spend so many hours enjoying these parks. The attitude of these councillors drive you to despair every time they open their mouths, no wonder the town is in such a state when they cannot even organise a set of toilets for their residents.

Can’t wait to see what gems they come up with for Dolphin Square.


Totterdown Road, Weston

I SHOULD like to applaud the NHS and GP practice in Locking Road.

On Sunday I rang 111 due to pains in my side. I was directed to a GP who diagnosed a possible kidney stone passage.

The treatment given was compassionate and caring.

Whilst some complain about our NHS, I cannot fault them.


Windwhistle Circle, Weston

SO STEVE Bridges wants to bring his standard of democratic debate to North Somerset Council.

I can think of three meetings in 2014 where Steve shouted at those he disagreed with and then left the meetings before debate had concluded. The last occasion was a parish council meeting when Steve harangued the chairman for several minutes then, when the chairman rightly stood his ground Steve left the meeting and resigned, thus taking himself out of the democratic process.

I can think of two other members of his ‘independent’ party who also have problems with their behaviour at meetings.

I admire Steve for the way in which he has dealt with serious illness and the consequences of it but his behaviour at meetings is not acceptable.


Greenhill Road, Sandford

HERE’S an ‘Eco’ suggestion. Don’t send your Christmas cards for recycling. Instead, put them away for future Christmases, send e-greetings and ask your friends and family to do likewise. Of course, I’m well aware that many people are not online so can neither send nor receive emails or e-cards. This is a bit of a national disgrace since the ‘digital divide’ (see wikipedia) means that many people are becoming increasingly disadvantaged in so many ways. Does anyone care? My particular concern is for older people who live alone, housebound and lonely. It’s not necessary. They could be enjoying an interesting and fulfilling online life with loneliness a thing of the past. Can we do anything about it in Weston?


Hawthorn Hill, Weston

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