Letters to the editor June 2, 2011

PUBLISHED: 11:13 06 June 2011



Bring back the deckchairs

SUNDAY May 29, rain abated, clouds moving eastwards – perfect weather for a pleasant afternoon for music in the beautiful Grove Park.

The Burtle Silver Band assembled in the elegant 19th century bandstand. John, the café owner, who has made these Sunday afternoons possible, is ready with his team to supply 
refreshments. Aah, idyllic? No!

The council, in its wisdom, had decided that the deckchairs it had 
supplied to the park for a few years would be better used on the seafront.

Eighty per cent of these deckchairs in the park were used by tax-paying residents.

Excellent adequate seating areas have been designated on our redesigned promenade, now making it possible, surely, for the few deckchairs supplied by the council to be returned to the park.


The Weind, Worle

Taken away

OFF we went on Sunday to listen to the band in Grove Park. When we got there, where do we sit? No deckchairs.

On asking the owner of the café for deckchairs, we were told that council had taken them away from Grove Park to put on the seafront.

A host of elderly holidaymakers and residents, including us, had to leave the park with the band playing beautiful music that we couldn’t listen to. Why did the council do this?


Locking Road, Weston

No room for complacency

I WAS going to send this letter to
the council but felt I would only be warned as an individual about my complacency.

Writing to the Mercury would be a far better way of sharing this warning to thousands of fellow Westonians.

On Friday morning I awoke and was in my bathroom carrying out my daily routine when my attention was brought to the clattering morning chorus of the lesser spotted green recycling van. ‘My, they are early today’, I thought. I made myself decent and proceeded outside with my recycling. They had passed my abode and were two doors down.

I approached them with recycling bins in hand. A greeting of ‘good morning sir’ was received from the orange-clad young man. Good start, I thought.

I was then informed that the bins had to be out by 7am. The time was 7.17am. There was a momentary pause of a couple of seconds akin to a Mexican stand-off. It then dawned on me that despite the pleasantries afforded me, this fellow wasn’t going to take my recycling. I returned to my abode with full green bins in hand.

Over a cup of tea it occurred to me that 
my previous jolly demeanour had been replaced with stress and a feeling that I had been ‘jobsworthed’ and the victim of 
one-upmanship. Were these not the same chaps who left my rubbish uncollected for five weeks because of a bit of snow?

In order to redress this balance something had to be done. It was then that I had that light bulb moment - the rather marvellous large black receptacle the council had given me. My recycling is now spending the next millennium in a landfill site. Juvenile I know, and 
behaviour I do not condone. However, the 
balance of power had been restored and my day returned to its cheerier beginning.

I will now no longer be complacent with regards to the placing of my waste by the 
kerbside and will make sure it is there before 7am. May I remind readers to do the same? The recyclers may well not normally visit you until 3pm, but one day...


Magdalen Way, Worle

Dreadful waste

A RECENT experience of mine proves that stores are hypocritical in pronouncing that they are assisting the environment by being eco-friendly etc.

I tried to purchase five lettuces in the Co-op in Worle at a reduced price, but was refused as they had the previous day’s date on.

When I questioned the managers I was told policy didn’t allow them to be sold, given away or anything else.

How good for the environment is that and how dreadfully wasteful - and how angry it makes me.

I contacted the area office for Co-op and 
was given the official line that they cannot guarantee an item after the sell-by date. Well, I buy large quantities of veg for my animals and they won’t be checking sell-by dates.

Am I the only one to be incensed by such horrendous waste?


Baytree Road, Weston

Adding to the traffic delays

I UNDERSTAND that in a few weeks’ time 
Walliscote Grove Road will be closed so work can be carried out on the Town Hall.

May I ask North Somerset Council why this work could not have been postponed until after the summer season, as there are bound to be traffic delays in the town centre.

We are all delighted by the news that a giant ski park will be developed on the old Locking Camp site and this will certainly draw many visitors to the area. I therefore have a second question for the council - will this proposed development mean that urgent attention will be given to the building of junction 21a at the Knightcott Bridge in Banwell?

Congestion around junction 21 is already being addressed but the extra influx to the ski park would make the situation intolerable at this junction. We have a new council - albeit with old heads at the helm - so I hope answers can be provided to my questions.


Clarence Grove Road, Weston

Positive changes

ROBERT Craig implied in a letter, dated May 26, that I wrote in the Mercury, not as a Westonian, but as a Conservative member with a political agenda. What rubbish.

We’ve lived here, in the same house, for more than 50 years. I taught at Broadoak School for 26 years where I ran the Army Cadets. Beside that I was the local councillor for eight years (1995-2003) and I feel that I have every right to comment on local issues.

In fact, I get very fed up with all those who run down Weston.

I’ve seen the town, and area, develop – new schools (Broadoak, Wyvern, Worle and Priory – besides brand new primary ones); a new hospital – remember the one in the Boulevard; a new-design seafront area; the Sovereign Shopping Centre; Knightstone Island 
development. We can’t do anything about the old pier because it is privately owned. I could go on, but these are all positive changes.

During the recent elections, not everyone I spoke to about the Tropicana had the same opinion. There were many who wanted it pulled down and returned to sand.

The council could use its monthly journal to find out exactly what the majority opinion is, cost it out, and report back.

In the meantime let’s all support Weston in its move forward.


Addicott Road, Weston

n EDITOR’S NOTE: This correspondence is now closed.

No picnic

I WRITE with reference to the letters 
headlined ‘Our plight’ (May 19) and 
‘Sympathise’ (May 26).

How easy it is for Allan Taylor, car parking manager, to explain the parking rules. How much more difficult it is for two carers to 
manage 13 elderly and disabled people and their minibus. Has Mr Taylor ever experienced what that entails? It’s no picnic, that’s for sure.

When I found myself in a very similar 
position to Mrs Horscroft I appealed against the parking ticket several times. Eventually, when threatened with prosecution, I sent each of the local councillors a cheque for 50p together with a letter explaining the 
situation and the saga of the appeals. I received an immediate apology and my cheques were never cashed. This was not in Weston, and it happened a number of years ago.

It would be encouraging to think that Mr Taylor is contacting Mrs Horscroft to discuss how Weston’s drop-off and parking facilities for our disabled visitors might be improved upon. Incidentally, should one of the phone numbers have read 01934 634706?


Hawthorn Hill, Weston

Lively debate

I WAS very impressed with the perceptive analysis from Brian Austin in his letter of May 26.

His assertion that the Tories are lobby
fodder for their leadership was certainly born out during my 12 years as a North Somerset councillor. However, the new make up of the town council with Labour as the leading group will mean that Labour will speak up for the people of Weston.

Knowing the personalities of the new and re-elected councillors on both the district and town, I can assure Brian that, with Labour at least, there will be lively debate and no rigid toeing of party lines. I hope the Mercury will give plenty of coverage to what promises to be a very interesting town council.


Beechwood Avenue, Locking

New ideas

ALTHOUGH the bar in the War Memorial Hall in Congresbury has been closed since Jim Redstone left, hopefully, when Phil Haines has his licence, it will soon be open again.

I wish Phil the best of luck in trying to save this lovely old place, but his efforts will be in vain unless the residents of Congresbury get behind him and start using the place.

There is an AGM at 8pm on June 6 so I’m urging everybody to come along. There are several committee members who have worked very, very hard for many years to keep this place going but they are now standing down 
so we will need some new committee 
members to fill their places – people with new ideas and suggestions on what they think will bring people into the club.

It’s up to you, the people of Congresbury. Don’t forget, if there’s no committee, there will be no hall. Surely one hour once a month is not too much to ask. That is all it will take to save this lovely old hall from closing for good.


Chestnut Close, Congresbury

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