Organisers challenged for 'honest explanation' after Summer Sets festival cancelled

PUBLISHED: 11:22 01 June 2013 | UPDATED: 11:22 01 June 2013

Crows at T4 On The Beach 2012

Crows at T4 On The Beach 2012


MUSIC fans say they are 'ashamed of Weston' after the decision to scrap the Summer Sets On The Beach festival - with many challenging organisers' 'poor ticket sales' explanation.

The Mercury revealed yesterday that the August 31 ITV2 beach spectacular has been cancelled.

Performers like Professor Green, Stooshe and Gabrielle Aplin had been scheduled to appear at an event arranged to replace T4 On The Beach after it was axed by Channel Four earlier this year.

Summer Sets was heralded as an ‘epic’ music event, and promised to be ‘even bigger and better’ than T4 when it was announced at the beginning of May.

Tickets went on sale on May 23 – and the event was scrapped just eight days later, with production company Done And Dusted blaming poor sales for the decision.

However, that explanation has been challenged by a number of music fans and Weston residents, who have shared their opinions on the Mercury’s website and Facebook page in the wake of the decision.

Stu commented: “Poor ticket sales? Tickets have only been on sale for a week. Did the organisers really expect to sell out in just one week?”

Big Dave said: “I’m not buying the excuse. They still have three whole months to sell tickets.

“I think they realised they have a poor line-up, no brand name and so decided to quit whilst they were behind.”

Anthony Hoskins posted: “Poor ticket sales – it’s a joke. The lines have only been open a week.”

And Kirsty Flinders said: “The organisers blame poor ticket sales, not surprising when they’d only been on sale for a week, with only Pro Green and Stooshe announced.”

Others suggested the real problem may have been the cost of the tickets, which began at £45, or the ‘poor’ line-up.

Liz Chapman said: “What a joke! Went to every T4OTB because of the line-up. Why didn’t they get more top acts, then tickets would have sold?

“As if we’d pay that price for tickets with the line-up announced so far! Ashamed of Weston!”

Amanda Sole commented: “They make it so big that the cost is passed onto the public. Nothing to do with climate, the tickets are too high!”

Vicki Loveridge said: “Overpriced, poor headlines and lack of publicity, such a shame for the tourism of Weston.”

Nick Davis posted: “Why do they expect people to buy tickets without knowing the line-up? Seems like a stupid idea to me, no wonder it’s fallen flat on its face!”

Jo Williams said: “That’s a shame, a lot of effort goes into creating these type of events but maybe they would’ve been better off announcing some bigger acts before the ticket sales opened.”

Some contributors challenged North Somerset Council’s role in the fiasco, after the authority had agreed the deal to bring the event to town.

However, most seemed to believe the blame lies with Done And Dusted, and called for a ‘more honest explanation’ about the cancellation – while others had some grand plans for a replacement event.

Lorraine Young said: “Why does everyone always assume the council is to blame? Should we not be asking the organisers for a more honest explanation?”

Gail Parsons said: “I think North Somerset Council has backed it, to be honest.

“It does seem strange when tickets have only just come out on sale. I’m sure this is down to the company organising it, something’s not right about it.”

GuerrillaMarigolds said: “There’s a couple of reasons why this has fallen down.

“This company may have the experience of putting on the event but they have always relied on Channel 4 to do all the marketing. Every Saturday Channel 4 promoted T4 On The Beach to a couple of million kids.

“The other reason is - there’s no money about. Kids are watching what they spend and a B (or even D) list of ‘celebrities’ won’t cut the mustard.

“Weston needs a promoter who will build an event from small beginnings rather than expect ticket sales off the back of what has gone before.”

Heidi Grffin said: “Very sad. Not that I wanted to go but I feel desperately sad for the local businesses who were banking on the extra revenue.

“I can never understand why the council don’t do more to encourage big acts to Weston.

“If T4 with all those thousands of people could hold a concert on the beach then why not ACDC or Bon Jovi? Think Fatboy Slim or even The Stones on Copacabana beach.”

* What do you think of the cancellation of Summer Sets On The Beach? Who is the blame? Do you accept the ‘poor ticket sales’ explanation? And what type of event would you like to see arranged to fill the gap in Weston’s summer schedule?

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