Bride-to-be is given dream wedding by Grand Pier owner

Hannah Kellow and her partner, Ian Stone.

Hannah Kellow and her partner, Ian Stone. - Credit: Hannah Kellow

Hannah Kellow’s wedding dream became a nightmare when the Grand Atlantic Hotel closed, offering her no new date or refund.

Michelle Michael offered that the Grand Pier pay for all Hannah's wedding costs.

Michelle Michael offered that the Grand Pier pay for all Hannah's wedding costs. - Credit: Submitted

A Weston resident’s wedding plans have gone from being a disaster to a dream over the space of a bank holiday weekend.

The Grand Atlantic Hotel on Weston seafront closed on Friday, following the collapse of the Specialist Leisure Group which owns Bay Hotels.

The couple were not given a refund by the now-closed Grand Atlantic Hotel.

The couple were not given a refund by the now-closed Grand Atlantic Hotel. - Credit: Hannah Kellow

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The news left Hannah Kellow and Ian Stone’s wedding plans in tatters as they were due to get married at the venue in Beach Road in September.

Hannah, who works at Mendip Green Primary School, in Worle, and Ian had paid for their wedding in cash and were told they would not get a refund for the thousands they had spent on their big day.

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Hannah’s friend, Lorraine Young, and Mendip Green headteacher, James Oakley set up a JustGiving page to try to recoup some of the money.

But when word spread, and after Lorraine got in touch with Weston’s Grand Pier, the attraction’s owner Michelle Michael got in touch and offered to give Hannah the wedding of her dreams for free.

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Lorraine said: “I got an email from Michelle Michael to say they would give her the wedding of her dreams at no cost. I am just blown away.

“Now, the JustGiving money that we have raised will now go towards a honeymoon for the couple.

“Whatever money is left will be donated to a worthy cause.”

Hannah’s original wedding was scheduled for April but was postponed until September due to the coronavirus pandemic, before being cancelled.

Lorraine told Hannah about Michelle Michael’s generous offer on Tuesday.

Hannah said: “We are just absolutely overwhelmed and blown away.”

Speaking about the news her wedding had been cancelled, she said: “It was such a shock. We had a feeling we would have to change our wedding date a third time but not for the hotel to close. We were devastated.

“We were in limbo, we did not know what to do, the wedding we worked hard for was taken away in the blink of an eye. It has been a rollercoaster.

“All our friends and family have come together and we are just overjoyed and so thankful.”

Lorraine set up the fundraising page for her friend Hannah whom she says is ‘one in a million’.

She added: “She’s worth it. She would do something for anybody and never ask for anything in return but luck never seems to be on her side.

“When this happened, we just knew we had to step in and help.”

To contribute towards Hannah and Ian’s honeymoon fund, visit

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