Conservatives on track to win in North Somerset and Weston, polls suggest

John Penrose and Dr Liam Fox.

John Penrose and Dr Liam Fox. - Credit: n/a

Conservative candidates in North Somerset and Weston are on course to retain their seats, according to the latest YouGov poll.

Dr Liam Fox and John Penrose have represented their constituencies for a combined 41 years and that will continue, if the latest estimates prove to be correct.

YouGov's MRP estimates, published on November 27, have Boris Johnson and the Conservatives heading for 359 seats and a majority. It suggests Labour would win 211 seats - a loss of more than 50 - with the Scottish National party being the third largest in Westminster with 43 MPs.

However, opinion polls have never been a cast-iron guarantee showing what will happen on polling day.

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North Somerset has only elected Conservative MPs since the boundaries were redrawn ahead of the General Election in 1950, while in Weston a Conservative MP has been elected every time since 1923, expect when the Liberal Democrats won the seat in 1997 and 2001.

ELECTION: Who are the candidates standing in North Somerset?