Revo Glo Golf: "We never expected it to be this good"

Weston-super-Mare mini-golf course a hit with town

Revo Golf's manager has revealed he was "surprised" at how popular the course has become. - Credit: Revo

The manager of Revo Glo Golf has revealed that he has been surprised at how popular the seafront attraction has become in Weston.

The Mercury reported in December 2020 that the abandoned SeaQuarium site would be converted into a special concept restaurant by the owners of the Grand Pier.

In February 2021, it was revealed that this would be a glow-in-the-dark mini-golf complex - which piqued Westonian's interest.

PICTURES: Look inside Weston-super-Mare glow-in-the-dark golf course

The glow-in-the-dark course has nine holes for customers to enjoy. - Credit: Revo

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Revo's manager, Alex Michael, has recapped its first month in operation as better than he had ever hoped.

He said: "The demand and feedback so far has really surprised us, we hoped it would be popular but never expected it would be this good, it has been amazing so far and people seem to really enjoy it.

"We regularly get more than 100 customers per day on the course - and even more on weekends."

Each hole has its own theme - ranging from the Terminator movie to a shipwreck.

Terminator themed golf course in Weston-super-Mare

Each hole on the course has a theme, including Terminator. - Credit: Revo

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Mr Michael added: "It is proving really popular not only during the day with families and youngsters but the support from people especially in the evenings has been incredible.

"They love the chilled atmosphere and combining the activity with a leisurely drink with their friends.

"It is just a great place to be right now."

Weston-super-Mare glo golf course with bar

The Revo Glo Golf course has a bar for punters. - Credit: Revo

Until July 19, Revo will maintain all current social distancing guidelines but its manager has confirmed these 'will be a thing of the past' once the UK enters phase four of the Government's Covid roadmap.

Revo's owner, AGM Holdings Ltd, has told the Mercury that it hopes to introduce fire pits to its outdoor dining by the end of July and that it can offer a takeaway service within three weeks.

The Glo Golf course currently operates from noon to 9.30pm every day and, like the kitchen and terrace, is currently walk-ins only.

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