Calls for station bridge roof to be installed

Yatton Railway Station.

Yatton Railway Station. - Credit: Archant

A roof to cover the bridge at Yatton Railway Station has been named as one of the priorities for the village this year.

Yatton Parish Council's amenities and properties committee has this month met for the first time since May's election and drawn up a list of projects it wishes to see progress, subject to budgetary constraints.

The bridge which connects the platforms has metal supports still in place, but has been without a roof for years.

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Another big project councillors wish to further over the next 12 months is a new cemetery.

The graveyard at St Mary's Church is closed, while the burial ground off Rectory Way is also filling up.

Plans for a new one at Mendip Road have rumbled on for years, with drainage complications and costs a factor.

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Other priorities include providing a path link from Hangstones Pavilion car park to the circular path, a village entrance sign at Moor Road and planting fruit trees.