Who is appearing at Weston Air Festival this year

Red Arrows have been a popular attraction at the air festival for a number of years. Picture: Mark A

Red Arrows have been a popular attraction at the air festival for a number of years. Picture: Mark Anstee - Credit: mark anstee

This weekend will see some of the best pilots in the world in stunning aircrafts take to the sky over Weston and the Mercury can give you a rundown of who to expect at this year’s air festival.

RAF Chinook.

RAF Chinook. - Credit: Air festival organisers

Great War Display Team

The Great War Display Team is flying in with its group of highly experienced pilots and Pyrotechnics to put on a replica display of a low level dog fight routine. It will replicate the aircraft flights which took place during the Great War, and as the first team authorised to fly only 75 metres from the crowd, the experience will be unforgettable.

Sea Fury

Rich Goodwin Musce Biplane.

Rich Goodwin Musce Biplane. - Credit: Air festival organisers

The Sea Fury T20 is the last propeller-driven fighter to serve with the Royal Navy and this masterpiece of power and performance generates great interest and excitement as its due to fly in for the weekend.

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Rich Goodwin

Rich Goodwin performs high energy aerobatic manoeuvres in his highly-modified Pitts Special S2S, his Muscle Biplane. As an ex-RAF Tornado pilot, Rich can perform double-hammerheads, high-alpha knife-edge flypasts and the amazing 'tower to power' to complete torque rolls.

T67 Firefly

T67 Firefly - Credit: Air festival organisers

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RAF Chinook

The Chinook is an American twin-engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter which can be seen conquering manoeuvres considered impossible for its size.

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Calidus Autogyro

The innovative Calidus is ground-breaking in design and engineering. It is prepared for the most diverse demands and weather conditions, easily proving air is its element.

T67 Firefly

The T67 Firefly was produced as the Fournier RF-6 and is a two-seat aerobatic training aircraft, used by the RAF and the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force, and is still used by the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

RAF Red Arrows

The Red Arrows is one of the world's premier aerobatic display teams and this year is flying into Weston with its distinctive red Hawk fast-jets to demonstrate the finest display the RAF has to offer.

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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight honours those who have fallen in service of the country with a display of some of their finest aircrafts. The iconic Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire will join us in representing the RAF's finest hour.

Gazelle Squadron

The Gazelle Squadron is flying in with a two-ship helicopter flying display and bringing along a static aircraft to give visitors a real sense of what it is like to be a part of the squadron.


The BAC Strikemaster is a British jet-powered attack aircraft developed from the Hunting Jet Provost trainer, which itself was a development of the 1950s Percival Provost.

Team Raven

Team Raven is a formation aerobatic display team which has been flying together for the past six years. Made up of five good friends who share the same professionalism, drive, enthusiasm and passion for aviation and display flying - it knows how to manoeuvre its way around an excellent display.

Corinne Dennis

Corinne Dennis is an experienced aerobatic pilot and for many years was the top female contestant in the country. Flying a single-seat Pitts Special she built herself, you can see her roll, dive and loop the loop, all enhanced by a trail of aerobatic smoke.

RAF Tutor

First flown in 1985 as an aerobatic sports plane, the RAF Tutor is now a training aircraft, due to its simple to fly, manoeuvrability. Smooth and precise handling by the pilot provides a skilful and challenging display.

Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers

The Aerosuperbatics Wingwalkers were founded in 1984, and has performed in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The pair of professional wingwalkers perform breathtaking acrobatics while strapped to the wings of the beautiful 1940s Boeing Stearman biplanes.

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