See Monster has arrived in Weston.

After a long wait, the huge 25-metre high North Sea platform, turned art installation, was delivered by barge in the early hours of this morning (July 13).

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The platform weighs 450 tonnes and will soon be lifted onto the already installed legs at the Tropicana over the course of this week. Once completed, the structure will be 33-metres tall, around the height of the Grand Atlantic Hotel on Weston's seafront.

From 6am onwards, crowds began to form outside the Tropicana to watch the monster get beached, and then rolled along the sand using a self-propelled mobile transporter.

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National television and radio crews from BBC Breakfast and Radio Bristol, and ITV have filmed today to watch its arrival.

The See Monster is a decommissioned gas platform which was in service for 20 years in the North Sea. It will now feature as the main attraction of the Unboxed: Creativity in the UK festival.

On the structure will be a 10-metre waterfall, an amphitheatre, a classroom and even a slide.

Originally hoped to open for 10 weeks in July, See Monster is now expected to open in late August and close at the end of October.

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